CA Foundation BCR Notes Pdf CA Foundation Business Correspondence and Reporting Notes

CA Foundation BCR Notes Pdf | CA Foundation Business Correspondence and Reporting Notes

CA Foundation BCR Notes: CA is one of the most difficult courses. CA Foundation is an entry-level course. Students who are appearing for the CA Business Correspondence & Reporting Exam can download the BCR CA Foundation Course Notes and Study Material PDF here. In the provided notes, you will get the part-wise topics content and unit-wise topics of Business Correspondence and Reporting. With the help of the CA Foundation Business Correspondence and Reporting Notes, you will get clarity on the important topics to prepare.

On this page, we have given the detailed ICAI CA Foundation BCR Notes, Study Material, last year’s question paper, and chapter-wise marks weightage.

BCR CA Foundation Notes | BCR Notes CA Foundation

The Business Correspondence and Reporting paper at the Chartered Accountancy Foundation level course is focused on imparting knowledge on how various kinds of correspondence and reporting are done in business. All the topics are related to the business only. Some of the topics included in the course are communication, word power comprehensive passage, and the development writing skills. Interested students who are pursuing ICAI BCR CA Foundation course, have to refer to the mentioned CA Foundation BCR Notes PDF and begin the exam preparation.

Scoring good marks in the BCR CA Foundation Exam is mandatory to promote to the next level course. So, everyone has to make the best preparation plan, collect the syllabus, CA Foundation BCR Study Material and preparation as per it. The CA Foundation Business Correspondence and Reporting Weightage also play a vital role in obtaining the best marks.

ICAI CA Foundation Business Correspondence and Reporting Notes | CA Foundation BCR Notes Pdf

Unit-wise CA Foundation Business Correspondence and Reporting Study Notes are included here. Each unit covers a list of topics about business correspondence and reporting. Try to prepare all the topics and obtain the highest marks without fail.

CA Foundation Communication Notes Part 1 Communication

CA Foundation BCR Notes Pdf Part 2 Sentence Types and Word Power

BCR Notes CA Foundation Part 3 Comprehension Passages and Note Making

BCR CA Foundation Notes Part 4 Developing Writing Skills

BCR CA Foundation Study Material

CA Foundation BCR Study Material contains the list of topics included in the Business Correspondence and Reporting paper. Download the unit wise CA BCR Foundation Study Material and begin your test preparation.

CA Foundation Communication Notes Unit 1 Communication

BCR Notes CA Foundation Unit 2 Sentence Types & Word Power

Along with the Foundation ICAI CA Business Correspondence and Reporting BCR Notes, CA Foundation Business Correspondence and Reporting Question Paper plays a major role in identifying the important topics. By preparing those important topics you can easily clear the exam with 40% score.

CA Foundation Business Correspondence and Reporting BCR Chapter Wise Weightage

BCR Foundation CA Unit Wise Weightage is given here. The tabulated weightage contains the topics and marks the weightage of every topic in different academic year annual exams. By looking at the ICAI BCR Foundation CA Weightage, you will get an idea on what are the important topics you have to concentrate more. Follow this weightage and CA Foundation BCR Previous Question Papers and mark the topics that have more importance and prepare them.

Chapter Name May 2018 November
May 2019 November
Part A: Business Laws
Unit 1: Indian Contract Act, 1872
1. Nature of Contract
2. Offer & Acceptance 8
3. Capacity to Contract 2
4. Consideration 5 3 4 7 2
5. Free Consent 5 12 5 7
6. Legality of Object & Consideration
7. Void Agreements 2 9
8. Contingent & Quasi Contracts 7 4
9. Performance of a Contract 4 6 6
10. Discharge of a Contract 6 4 6 2
Unit 2: Sale of Goods Act, 1930
1. Formation of Contract of Sale 4 4
2. Conditions & Warranties 6 10 6
3. Transfer of Ownership 6 6 6 4 16
4. Unpaid Seller 6 6
Unit 3: Indian Partnership Act, 1932
1. General Nature of Partnership 4 2
2. Relations of Partners 6 14 14 14 12
3. Registration of a Firm & Dissolution of a Firm 6 4 4 4 4
Unit 4: Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008
1. Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008 5 5 5 5 5
Unit 5: Companies Act, 2013
1. Companies Act, 2013 13 13 13 13 13
Part B: BCR CA Foundation Notes Business Correspondence & Reporting
Unit 1: Communication
1. Communication 10 10 10 10 10
Unit 2: Sentence Types & Word Power
2. Sentence Types 5 5 6 6 6
3. Vocabulary 7 7 7 7 7
4. Comprehension Passage 5 5 5 5 5
5. Note-Making 3 3 3 3 3
6. Precis Writing 7 7 7 7 7
7. Article Writing 5 5 5 5
8. Report Writing 5 5 5 5
9. Letter Writing 10 5 4 4
10. E-Mail Writing 4
11. Resume Writing 5
12. Business Meeting
Total marks greater than 100 (Compulsory + Optional Questions) 126 126 126 126 130

Benefits of Having CA Foundation BCR Study Notes

There are several advantages of Chartered Accountancy Foundation BCR Study Notes as it covers all the chapters along with the important questions. CA Foundation Notes PDF also explains the individual concepts. The benefits are as listed here:

  • ICAI CA Foundation BCR Study Material and Notes gives the unit-wise topics that individuals have to focus on.
  • Candidates can get to know the concept-wise weightage, and old question papers by checking the CA Foundation BCR Notes.
  • It also helps in solving various doubts regarding the topics of the ICAI CA BCR Syllabus.

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FAQs on BCR ICAI CA Foundation Notes

1. What is the full form of BCR in the CA Foundation?

The full form of BCR in the CA Foundation course is Business Correspondence and Reporting.

2. How to score good marks in CA Foundation BCR?

Candidates have to follow the below tips to score good marks in CA Foundation BCR.

  • Read all the topics thoroughly, and practice previous year question papers.
  • Present the exam neatly as the theory paper looks for presentation skills.
  • Prepare and revise the topics.
  • Write your answers without grammar mistakes.

3. What is the best BCR book for CA Foundation?

The best book BCR book for the CA foundation in Business Laws and Business Correspondence and Reporting by S.K Agarwal.

4. What are the passing marks for CA Foundation BCR?

The passing mark for the CA Foundation BCR paper is 40% in this paper. Students have to score 55% aggregate in 4 papers of the CA Foundation course to qualify for the exam.


We are hoping that the details covered here about CA Foundation BCR Notes and Study Material are useful for the aspirants. Candidates are advised to download the ICAI Foundation BCR CA Study Notes PDF and prepare well for the exam. Bookmark our site to know more details like preparation strategy, and previous papers.

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