Report Writing – BCR CA Foundation Study Material

Report Writing – BCR CA Foundation Study Material

This Report Writing – BCR CA Foundation Study Material is designed strictly as per the latest syllabus and exam pattern.

Report Writing – BCR CA Foundation Study Material

Question 1.
Write a report after an investigation into the reasons for declining sales and suggestions to improve the same.

11, Sansad Marg, New Delhi-110001

December 31, 2011

The Managing Director
Sub.: Declining Sales
Dear Sir,

As desired by you in your letter No ……………………… dated…………………………….. I have investigated the decline in the sales of our company during the last year. I wish to report as under:
1. The sales of our readymade shirts have declined from 60,000 shirts in 2008 to 40,000 in 2009.
2. During the last year there has been a spurt of new brands of readymade shirts in the market. Highly reputed companies like Reliance, Grasim, Bombay Dyeing, Raymonds, etc., have introduced readymade shirts. These companies have made a considerable dent in our sales.
3. Our competitors have a better marketing distribution network and advertising system.
4. These competitors produce shirts with a greater variety of designs and colours.
5. The competition is growing rapidly and one must take immediate remedial steps to prevent further decline in sales.
6. The following steps may be taken to improve our sales :

  • We should introduce new designs in plain, stripes and checks.
  • Our packing also needs improvement keeping in view the modern packing systems.
  • We should undertake a regular advertising campaign on radio and television. At present we have no publicity except an occasional advertisement in the local newspaper.
  • We should increase the number of our dealers, particularly in the suburbs.

I am quite confident that the above measures will enable us to meet the challenge of growing competition and to improve our sales.
Yours faithfully
Sales Manager

Report Writing – BCR CA Foundation Study Material

Question 2.
Write a report on the Investigation carried on in respect of labour unrest in the factory/plant.

C-5, Connaught Place, New Delhi-110 001

To: Mr. S.C. Jain, Managing Director
From: The Labour Unrest Investigation Committee


To investigate the workers’ unrest and make recommendations to restore peace.


The committee met the manager of the Nagda Plant twice and detailed discussions were held. Subsequently, two meetings were held with the foremen. Ten workers selected at random were interviewed personally. The President and the Secretary of the labour union in the plant were also consulted.

Finding and Conclusions

  • The unrest is widespread involving all sections of the factory. The unrest was observed in March 2011 for the Erst time. In the beginning, there were occasional outbursts of ill-temper. Later groups of workers discussed the problems. In December 2011 a meeting of the plant union was held and a memorandum was submitted to the plant manager. The plant manager sent a report to the General Manager without enclosing the memorandum of the plant union. Most of the foremen felt that unless immediate remedial action was taken, the situation might get out of hand with the possibility of a total strike.
  • Workers made the following complaints:
    1. The plant canteen does not provide wholesome refreshments and the prices charged are high;
    2. There was no suitable bus service from the railway station to the factory;
    3. The plant manager behaved like a dictator.


  • The canteen contractor should be asked to improve the quality of re¬freshments and reduce the rates.
  • Bus service should be introduced between the factory and the railway station, to be run four times daily to coincide with the two shifts.
  • The plant manager should be advised to be more humane in dealing with workers and union leaders.

M.C. Goel
Chairman of the Committee

Question 3.
Write a newspaper report on the topic – ‘Daughter of Grander Tops Board Exams.’
Fighting against all odds, daughter of a Gardner tops Board Exams

28th June 2019/HT Staff Correspondent New Delhi

Crying happy tears and surrounded by frenzied relatives, Asma Sheikh is all smiles. The gathering crammed up inside the small tenement was in a celebratory mood – Asma, the youngest in the Sheikh family has emerged as the topper in Class 12 Board examination 2019, held by the Central Board of Secondary Education. She has scored 99.25% in the exams in the Science stream and has made her family and teachers very proud. Despite the financial struggles and lack of resources, Asma, through her perseverance and unrelenting discipline accomplished this remarkable feat. ‘Youngest of the 4 siblings she has always been a sharp and industrious student’, remarked her father Mr. Ahmad Sheikh, who is a Gardner by occupation and works on a private basis.

The teachers of her school – Navodaya Vidyalaya, Sardar Patel Marg, are elated at their protegee’s exceptional performance. ‘We are proud of Asma & she has indeed brought a lot of name & fame to the school. She has set a new milestone and is an inspiration for not only children coming from humble backgrounds but has also reaffirmed our faith in the value of hard work & merit,’ added one of her teachers.

The star of the occasion on being questioned about her secret of success humbly said. ‘I have studied hard for the exams & expect to fare well in them but becoming the country’s topper is Allah’s gift to me. Consistency in efforts, following a disciplined lifestyle and the guidance and blessings of my parents, teachers & love & support from my siblings made this accomplishment possible.’ Asma’s mother, Shaukat Bano was serving halwa & could not stop beaming and kept thanking Allah and everyone present there for their support & blessings.

Asma plans to pursue her dream to become a doctor and is preparing for the NEET exams scheduled for next year. She not only wishes to serve others and fulfil her family’s dream but also wishes to engage in humanitarian activities when she becomes self-reliant. The spark in her eyes and the firmness in her voice surely leave no doubt that she will be able to accomplish her dreams.

Report Writing – BCR CA Foundation Study Material

Question 4.
Draft Newspaper Report on ‘Six lane highway connecting two states inaugurated’ to be published in a National Newspaper.
‘Road to development’ – Six Lane Highway Inaugurated

T, 0,1/Staff Correspondent
May 27, 2018.

The honourable Prime Minister Shri XY, inaugurated the Eastern Peripheral Expressway, which is the country’s first 6 lane expressway connecting 2 states, with 8 service lanes additionally. The 84 km long highway connects the state of Uttar Pradesh and Haryana. The Highway has been completed by NHA in a record period of 21 months at a cost of 5142.17 crores.

The Prime Minister in his inaugural speech said, “the highway shall not only reduce the vehicle influx in New Delhi, thereby decongesting the national capital but at the same time, will also pave the path for the development of marginal towns & localities along the highway. This is in the true sense, the road to development.”
The Prime Minister appreciated the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways for their efforts in the success of the project. The Minister of Road Transport and Highways was present on the occasion & said, “The completion of such an ambitious project is a result of teamwork on part of the personnel in the Ministry and NHA. I would also like to thank the local people who have cooperated in this project and have contributed to the development of the country.”

The Expressway Connects Kundli to Palwal in Haryana via Ghaziabad in Uttar Pradesh and has been equipped with high-end CCTV cameras, speed limit indicators, auto challans, vehicle identification systems etc. The Expressway has solar-powered energy-saving LED lighting across its entire length to ensure better visibility. ‘Weigh-in-motion’ devices have been installed to screen out over-loaded vehicles. The Six Lane Expressway shall not only reduce the movement of commercial vehicles between the two states via Delhi and provide relief to the national capital groaning under the high traffic load but shall also foster trade and commercial relations between the two states on account of the ease and convenience of transport.

Question: Draft a report on the following topics.

  1. There was a minor fire in the office building of your company. As the Administrative of her of your company, you have been asked to prepare a report giving your recommendations to prevent fire in future. Prepare the report.
  2. Write a report about the need to computerise the activities in your office.
  3. Write a report from the General Manager (Personnel) to the Managing Director of the company regarding revision of pay scales and allowances of management cadre employees.
  4. You are the administrative officer of your organization. Your employer is considering purchasing some new items of office equipment. Write a report recommending the equipment that you think will be suitable.

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