Letter Writing – BCR CA Foundation Study Material

Letter Writing – BCR CA Foundation Study Material

This Letter Writing – BCR CA Foundation Study Material is designed strictly as per the latest syllabus and exam pattern.

Letter Writing – BCR CA Foundation Study Material

Question 1.
Write a letter requesting a Stationery supplier to send their price list and catalogue.


10 January 2018

Messrs Neelgagan Stationery Co.
10, Park Street, Kolkata
Dear Sirs,
We are interested in making bulk purchases of stationery.
Kindly send us your latest price list and catalogue.

Yours faithfully
Shive Kumar

Letter Writing – BCR CA Foundation Study Material

Question 2.
Reply to the above enquiry.


13 January 2018

M/s Fine Stationery Mart
71 D, Kamla Nagar,
Dear Sir,
Thank you for your enquiry of 10th January. We are glad to enclose our latest price list and illustrated catalogue.

Our stationery is made of high-quality paper.
Our normal trade discount is 15% and 5% extra for bulk orders exceeding ₹ 50,000.
If you need any further details or assistance in meeting your special requirements, kindly feel free to write to us.
Yours sincerely,
For Neelgagan Stationery Co.
M.N. Kapoor
Sales Manager
Enel.: 1. Price List
2. Catalogue

Question 3.
Draft a letter for collection of sums due from your customer in respect of their overdue account.

D-7, Kamla Nagar, Delhi-110007

March 7, 2007
Goel & Sons
105, Cloth Market Jind.
Dear Sir,
We invite your attention to our letter dated February 21, 2007, requesting for the payment of ₹ 30,500 only at the earliest. However, we have yet to receive the same.
We are sure, your credit account with us has been of great convenience to you. However, your prompt payments are necessary in order that us continue to extend this service.

You must be aware that credit accounts lock up working capital and increase financial burden. Delay in the settlement of long-standing dues brings business to a virtual standstill and all of us suffer.

We earnestly wish to offer you our continued service. But we may have to suspend operations of your account, reluctantly unless you promptly settle your account.
Please mail your cheque by return post so that you continue to keep your credit. Hope you will comply with our request.
Ram Lai Accountant

Letter Writing – BCR CA Foundation Study Material

Question 4.
Draft a letter of Complaint about the delay in supplying an order

15, South Extension, Part-1
New Delhi

20th December 2001
The Sales Manager
Nagpur Industries Ltd.
Ramdas Peth, Nagpur
Dear Sir,
On 1st December 2001, we placed our order No. DS-11 with you for fifty dozen ball pens. So far we have not received this shipment and have not heard from you.

All these ball pens are required by a customer for their forthcoming conference. Your delay is causing a great inconvenience to him and a loss of considerable goodwill to us.

Please expedite the dispatch of goods ensuring that we receive them not later than 25th December 2001.

Yours Sincerely,
S.K. Bhatia

Question 5.
Write circular addressing to the employees regarding office timings.

Tenacious Ltd.
43, Excellence Tower,
Faridabad, Noida – 121101.

Circular No. – 24

(Dt.: 21st May 2019)

Circular for Office Timings

This is an official confirmation with respect to the office timings to be abided by all the employees. The working hours/timings approved by the management are as follows –
10:00 am to 6:00 pm. or alternatively
11:00 am to 7:00 pm.
Sunday will be a holiday for all the employees. Additionally, a weekly off shall be granted to employees subject to a week’s notice to be served by them to their departmental head for approval.

You are advised to comply with the abovementioned regulations and strict action shall be taken in the event of non-compliance. For any query kindly contact your respective departmental heads.

Mr. Karan Thapar
HR Manager
Tenacious Ltd.

Question 6.
Write a memo letter informing the employees of all branches about the suspension order of Mr. Z, cashier, on a charge of misappropriation of funds of the same office.

CWP Private Ltd.
Omaxe Towers Sector – 24
Noida, Uttar Pradesh


No.: IO/M15/2019/0810
To : Employees of all branches
From : Mr. Sarabjeet Ahuja, General Manager
Date : 8th October 2019
Subject: Suspension Order of Mr. Z

This is to inform you that Mr. Z, the cashier of CWP Private Ltd. Noida branch, has been suspended, on the charge of misappropriation of funds, w.e.f. 7th October 2019. An enquiry has been initiated in respect of the said misappropriation by Mr. Z and his suspension shall remain effective until further notice. All concerned are hereby directed, to refrain from carrying on any transactions in relation to the business of the company with Mr. Z, henceforth Please comply with the said direction to avoid consequential liabilities.

Sarabjeet Ahuja
General Manager
CPW Pvt. Ltd. (Noida)

Letter Writing – BCR CA Foundation Study Material

Question 7.
Write a circular addressing the employees regarding re-organisation of manpower &. their responsibility in the finance department of the company.

Perseverance Ltd.
24/65 Block No. – 22
Tilak Nagar, New Delhi – 110018.

Circular No. – 12

Dt. 15th Oct. 2019

Officer Circular

On account of critical work-related requirements in the finance department, the employees named below, are hereby shifted to the said department for the time being, w.e.f. 23rd Nov. 2019.

Name Designation Department Responsibility in Finance Dept.
Mr. Ashish Head Clerk Accounts Head Clerk
Mr. Jay ant Accounts Manager Accounts Management Accountant
Ms. Sunita Accounts Supervisor Accounts Financial Accountant
Mr. Raj Senior Accountant Accounts Accounts Manager
Ms. Sana Office Assistant Marketing Assistant
Mr. Manoj Network Engineer Information Technology Technical Support Head

The said employees are hereby directed to report to Mr. Santosh Sivan at 9:00 am on 22nd Nov. 2019, for a briefing. Sunday will be a holiday. Additionally, a weekly off shall be granted to the employee provided he gives 3 days prior notice to the department head.

Mr. Charles Daniels
Chief Manager, HR.

Letter Writing – BCR CA Foundation Study Material


1. Write a letter to a manufacturer asking for the price list quotation for the products manufactured by him.
2. Draft a tactful reply to a dealer who has requested a further discount of 5% over and above 12.5% you have already offered on a bulk order, showing your inability to accede to his demand.
3. One of your customers has defaulted on payments and yet has placed a fresh order. Write a letter to him reminding him of the payments due, and firmly letting him know that as per the trade practice of the company, fresh orders would be executed only after the previous dues are cleared.
4. You have recently purchased a CD player from a local dealer. You are not satisfied with its performance. Write a letter :

  • Complaining about the defect.
  • A letter from the manufacturer granting your claim.
  • A letter from the manufacturer refusing your claim.

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