E-Mail Writing – BCR CA Foundation Study Material

E-Mail Writing – BCR CA Foundation Study Material

This E-Mail Writing – BCR CA Foundation Study Material is designed strictly as per the latest syllabus and exam pattern.

E-Mail Writing – BCR CA Foundation Study Material

Question 1.

From: updates@jp.jetairways.com
To: gupta_chanderbhan@vsnl.net
Subject: Your JP Account PIN
Date: Tuesday, August 31, 2004. 3:05 pm

Dear Mr. Gupta,

Come and discover Jet Privilege program now completely online at www.jet airways. com. It’s convenient. It’s easy. And it’s just a mouse-click away.

Not only can you read all about the new Jet Privilege program, but you can also manage your JP Account online as well. All you need is the unique Personal Identification Number (PIN) we have assigned to you. By using your PIN, you will be able to activate your JP Account online and access your account information anytime, anywhere.

Your Temporary PIN is: 76067

To use your PIN and access your exclusive JP Account, you need to log on to www. jetairways.com and register through the Jet Privilege Members’ Login section. Use your JP membership number as your login name and your PIN as your first-time login password.

With your online JP Account, you will be able to:

  • Update your personal account details
  • Purchase Jet Airways tickets
  • Check your JP Miles or qualification status
  • Redeem JP Miles for travel
  • Update missing JP Miles in your account
  • Get customized offers, based on your preferences
  • Request for information or contact us
To ensure complete account security, you will need to change your PIN to a password of your choice, the first time you log in.

We look forward to welcoming you online soon.

Yours sincerely,

Jet Privilege

PS: This is a post-only mailing from Jet Privilege and will not be responded to. Please address any queries you may have to jetprivilege@jetairways.com

Business Meeting – BCR CA Foundation Study Material

Question 2.
Write a formal e-mail. The mail is written by the Manager to the employees about the changed dress code for the Republic Day function including the time and venue of the function.
From: kumarsantosh@sky.com
To: Mridulsingh@gmail.com
CC: A; B; C ………………………………..
BCC : X; Y; Z; ……………………………….
Subject: Special Dress Code for Republic Day Celebration on 26th January 2019
Dear Sir/Madam,

This is to inform you that on the occasion of Republic Day, Tuesday, 26th Jan 2019, the company shall be holding a flag hoisting ceremony which shall be proceeded by a cultural program and lunch.

The function shall commence at 8:00 am sharp. The flag hoisting shall be held at the main lawn within the company premises, whereas the cultural programs lunch is scheduled to be held in the auditorium in Wing – B, building.

The mandatory dress code for the occasion is as follows – For Men – White Kurta – Pajama/Dhoti
For Women – Sarees only [preferred colors – white/green/saffron]
The dress code is to be mandatorily complied with, by all attendees.
Looking forward to your kind presence on the stated day, time & place, in the prescribed dress code.
Thanks & Regards
Sd/- [Santosh Kumar]
Sky Ltd.

Business Meeting – BCR CA Foundation Study Material

Question 1.
As the organizer of the inter-college cultural festival of your college, prepare a formal e-mail to be sent to prospective sponsors.
Question 2.
After the introduction of GST, your company has revised the prices of your products. As the marketing manager of the company, write a formal e-mail announcing a change in prices.
Question 3.
Your company plans to recruit suitable management trainees from the Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs). As the Recruitment manager of the company, prepare a formal e-mail to be sent to the IIMs.

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