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Indias Largest Tax and Financial Services Online Platform is an eminent platform and a one-stop destination for GST and ITR Filing Services provided in India. If you are about to begin a business and looking for what kind of entity to register we have covered all of them on our page.

Be it Private Limited Company, Partnership Firm, One Person Company, Limited Liability Partnership each one of them has its own pros and cons. You can contact us for any advice needed and our experts will provide you with the right service you need. With our solutions provided you need not worry about complying with latest regulations as we does it all for you.

Private Limited Company Registration

A Private Limited Company Registration is for those who want to begin a Company that lies somewhere in between Partnership Firm and a Publicly Owned Company. It provides legal protection to all its stakeholders. 

  • Separate Legal Entity
  • Easy Fund Raising and Investments
  • Limited Liability
  • More Credibility

LLP Registration

Limited Liability Partnership provides the flexibilities of a partnership firm and has limited liability company advantages on the same hand. LLP Registration suits both small and medium-sized businesses. 

  • No Minimum Capital Requirement
  • No Mandatory Tax Audit
  • Exemptions from Various Taxes
  • Easy Transfer of Interests

One Person Company Registration

One Person Company Registration promotes micro-businesses and encourages the dreams of entrepreneurs who don’t have partners. OPC’s eliminate the limitations of Sole Proprietorship. The liability of the owner is limited to the shares held by him.

  • Separate Legal Entity
  • Perpetual Legal Succession
  • Builds Credibility
  • Suits Only Small Business Structures

Proprietorship Registration

Proprietorship Registration is the most common form of registration that most business people tend to do in the absence of partners.  Individual Owner is responsible for managing any kind of business operations & transactions in Proprietorship Firms.

  • Single Owner of Business
  • Complete Control
  • Minimal Compliances
  • Easy to Start and Close

Partnership Firm Registration

Partnership Firm Registration is needed if you want to begin a firm between two or more people signing a formal agreement with an aim to earn profits. Partners in the Company can share profits/losses as per their partnership deed ratio.

  • Easy to Incorporate
  • Less Compliances
  • Quick Decision
  • Unlimited Liability

GST Registration

GST is the biggest reform bought in the country and improved the ease of doing business. GST Registration is a single system that reduces all the Tax Complexities and is mandatory if you cross a minimum turnover. 

  • Claim Input Tax Credits
  • Can Bid Government Projects
  • Trust and Brand Value among Customers
  • Purchase/Sell Goods and Services at National Level

GST Return Filing

GST is a combined tax levied upon the goods and services and replaces all other taxes. GST Return Filing includes details of Income/Expense/Purchase that a taxpayer needs to pay to concerned authorities.

  • Simple and Common Form of Taxes
  • Eliminates Cascading Effect of Taxes
  • Higher Threshold Benefits
  • Regulations and Accountability

MSME Registration

Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises play a vital role in the economic development of the country. Small Businesses go for MSME Registration to boost the economy. 

  • International and National Trade Affairs Benefits
  • Exemption from Registration Charges and Stamp Duties
  • 50% Patent Registration Fee Waive Off
  • Easy Bank Loans

Import Export Code IEC Registration

Directorate General of Foreign Trade does the Import Export Code IEC Registration for Import Export Companies. Expand your business over the international market using this Import Export Code. 

  • Global Market Reach
  • Quick Processing
  • Compliance Free
  • Lifetime Validity

FSSAI Registration

FSSAI is an autonomous organization established by the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India. FSSAI Registration ensures all the food-related businesses meet the guidelines as per the FSSAI ACT 2006. 

  • Builds Goodwill
  • Ensures Food Safety
  • Creates Consumer Awareness
  • Legal Benefits

Gumasta License Registration

You can apply Gumasta License Registration Mumbai to regulate the benefits of employees and to do business in Maharashtra and is a mandatory requirement for banks. 

  • Tax Subsidies in Maharashtra
  • Legal Entity Proof
  • Business Bank Account

ISO Certification in India

ISO Certification India enhances the reputation of a service/product in the country. International Organization for Standardisation is an autonomous body that promotes worldwide industrial and commercial standards. 

  • International Credibility
  • Functional Efficiency
  • Product Quality meets International Standards 
  • Bid Government Tenders easily

Income Tax eFiling

Income Tax eFiling is the process of submitting the tax returns online via a Tax Preparation Software given by Concerned Tax Authorities. Income Tax Slab Rates vary depending on the income gained by an individual. E-Filing Income Tax Returns depend on the taxpayer.

  • Easy Visa Processing
  • Bid Government Tenders
  • Easy Refund Claims
  • Buy Life Insurance Policies

LLP Annual Filings Online

LLP Annual Filing is a simple process of providing the information of an organization to the Registrar. The government made the annual filing process mandatory in order to have transparency in the business. 

  • Transparency
  • Good Governance
  • Statement of Account and Solvency
  • Annual Return

ROC Filing

Registrar of Companies (ROC) is an official office that manages and administers a wide range of companies under the Companies Act 1956, Companies Act 2013. ROC Filing is necessary for each and every company as per the Government Guidelines.

  • Evaluate the Financial Position of the Company
  • Proof of Existence of Company
  • Protection Against a Penalty

Patent Registration in India

Patent  Registration is a process that needs to be done before enlisting under Patent Act. Government Officials grants patent to a person and excludes others from making, selling patented products without prior intimation.

  • Encouragement for Inventions
  • Protects from misuse
  • Enhances Brand Perception
  • Controls Invention for over 20 Years

Trademark Registration Online

Trademark Registration permits you to sue others if they try to copy, make any similar trademark registered by you. You will get the necessary security for the brand depending on the trademark class. 

  • Enhances Trustworthiness of a Business
  • Protects Unique Identity of a Brand
  • Works as PR for the Company
  • Global Protection of Brand