CS Professional Advanced Tax Laws Study Material

CS Professional Advanced Tax Laws Study Material Important Questions Notes Pdf

CS Professional Advanced Tax Laws Notes Study Material Important Questions

CS Professional Advanced Tax Laws Study Material Important Questions Notes

CS Professional Advanced Tax Laws Syllabus

CS Professional Advanced Tax Laws Syllabus

CS Professional Advanced Tax Laws Chapter Wise Weightage

CS Professional Advanced Tax Laws Chapter Wise Weightage
CS Professional Advanced Tax Laws Chapter Wise Weightage 1

Professional Programme Module 1 Paper 2
Advanced Tax Laws (Max Marks 100)

Part I: To acquire expert subject knowledge, interpretational skills, and practical application of Customs and GST Laws.
Part II: To acquire expert knowledge on the practical application of Corporate taxation including International Taxation.

Detailed Contents
Indirect Taxes (70 Marks)
Part I: GST and Customs Laws

Goods and Services Tax ‘GST’ (60 Marks)
1. An Overview on Goods and Services Tax “GST”: Introduction; Constitutional Aspects & Administration; GST models; Levy and collection of CGST and IGST; Composition scheme & Reverse Charge, Exemptions.
2. Supply: Meaning & scope, types of supply (composite/mixed inter/intra); Time, Place and Value of Taxable Supply; Import and Export of Goods or Services under GST, Classification of Goods and Services; Job work provisions, agency contracts, e-commerce & TCS.
3. Input Tax Credit & Computation of GST liability: Input tax credit; Computation of GST liability.
4. Procedural Compliance under GST: Registration; Tax Invoice, Debit & Credit Note, Account and Record, Electronic Way Bill, Payment of Tax, TDS, Returns & Refund, Valuation, Audit & Scrutiny; Assessment.
5. Assessment, Audit, Scrutiny, Demand and Recovery, Advance Ruling, Appeals and Revision.
6. Inspection, search, seizure, offences & penalties.
7. GST practitioners, authorised representatives, and professional opportunities.
8. Integrated Goods and Services Tax (IGST).
9. Union Territory Goods and Services Tax (UTGST).
10. GST Compensation to States.
11. Industry/Sector Specific Analysis.

Customs Law (10 Marks)
12. Basic Concepts of Customs law: Introduction; Levy and collection of customs duties; Taxable Events; Custom duties.
13. Valuation & Assessment of Imported and export Goods & Procedural Aspects: Classification and Valuation of Import and Export Goods; Assessment; Abatement and Remission of Duty; Exemptions;
Refund and recovery.
14. Arrival or Departure and Clearance of Goods, Warehousing, Duty Drawback, Baggage and Miscellaneous Provisions: Arrival and departure of goods; Clearance of Import and Export Goods & Goods in Transit; Transportation and Warehousing provisions; Duty Drawback provisions, Baggage Rules & provision related to prohibited goods, notified goods, specified goods, illegal importation/exportation of goods.
15. Advance Ruling, Settlement Commission, Appellate Procedure, Offences and Penalties: Advance Ruling; Appeal and Revision; Offences and Penalties; Prosecution; Settlement of Cases.
16. Foreign Trade Policy (FTP): Export promotion scheme under FTP; Salient features, administration & Other miscellaneous provisions.
Case laws, Case Studies & Practical Aspects.

Part II: Direct Tax & International Taxation (30 Marks)
17. Corporate Tax Planning & Tax Management: Tax Planning, Tax Management; Tax Avoidance v/s Tax Evasion; Areas of Corporate Tax Planning; Tax Planning Management Cell.
18. Taxation of Companies, LLP and Non-resident: Tax incidence on Companies including foreign company; Minimum Alternate Tax ‘MAT ’; Dividend Distribution Tax; Alternate Minimum Tax ‘AMT’; Tax incidence on LLP; Taxation of Non-resident Entities.
19. General Anti Avoidance Rules ‘GAAR’: Basic concept of GAAR; Impermissible avoidance arrangement; Arrangement to lack commercial substance; Application of GAAR Rule; GAAR v/s SAAR.
20. Basics of International Taxation
(i) Transfer Pricing: Introduction & Concept of Arm’s Length Price; International and Specified Domestic Transaction; Transfer Pricing Methods; Advance Pricing Agreement & Roll Back Provision; Documentation and Return. (ii) Place of Effective Management (POeM): Concept of POEM; Guidelines of determining POEM.
21. Tax Treaties.
22. Income Tax Implication on specified transactions: Slump Sale; Restructuring; Buy Back of shares; Redemption of Preference shares; Issue of shares at Premium; Transfer of shares; Reduction of share Capital; Gifts, cash credits, unexplained money, investments, etc.
Case laws, Case Studies & Practical Aspects.

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