How to Find your Employer’s EPFO Office, EPFO Office Phone Numbers, Exemption Status

How to Find your Employer’s EPFO Office, EPFO Office Phone Numbers, Exemption Status: To get the EPFO details, we need to find the address of our regional EPFO office or the exemption status of EPF. The EPFO details for informational purposes, approval or verification status of our KYC and submission status of EPF withdrawal form offline are also required. For such a purpose, we need to visit the Regional EPF office. The following article clarifies how to find whether EPF is exempted or unexempted, your regional EPFO office, and shares the contact number (not verified) of the Regional EPFO office.

How to Find the EPF Office?

  • Visit the website:
  • Go to Our Services> Employers.
  • Click on Establishment Search
  • You can enter the specific Establishment code or even the name of the office.
  • Verify the Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart (Captcha)
  • Enter Search

How to Find your Employer’s EPFO Office, EPFO Office Phone Numbers, Exemption Status

Finding the EPFO Office Fill in Establishment Code

The individual willing to verify his/her PAN can search details through part of establishment name and establishment code number (only seven digits)

Enter Name of Establishment or seven-digit establishment code

You can obtain a code number from your PF number, which follows the given pattern.

EPFO Office Code/Establishment Code (Max. 7 Digits)/Extension (Max. 3 digits)/Account Number (Max 7 digit)

Example: BG/BNG/1567124//0001789

In the above example, 1567124 is the code number or the establishment code.

Finding the EPFO Office Fill in Establishment Name

  • Enter the name of the establishment.
  • Enter Captcha (in the image below, it’s TXY32).
  • Click on Search

Getting Employer Details with Regional EPFO Office

A list of Establishments will be displayed, such as follows for the establishment code. It is possible as the exact number is given, but they are in different states, so various EPFO offices such as KNSHG004847500 is in Shimgo, Karnataka, while WBCAL004847500 is in Kolkata, West Bengal.

You will get a List of Establishments. You can search, download the info as excel

and check the establishment by selecting Previous/Next.

Click View Details on the company.

You will see Validity Status and Establishment Status.

EPFO Validity Status

With View Payment Details info which the Employee can use to find when organization paid for Employees, the name of employees and other details.

EPFO Exemption Status

If Exemption Status is unexempted, then your EPF contributions are with the Regional EPFO office. If the status is exempted, then the EPFO is maintained by a private trust.

Establishment Details which gives the name of the Regional EPFO office and address and payment details of EPF. When you click on View Payment Details in Validity Status, it will show when your office had made payment to EPFO and how many employees.

On clicking on the Number of Employees, you will get details of the employees for which the employer-paid PF for that month.

Email, Phone Number of EPFO Offices

EPFO is divided into zones that an Additional Central Provident Fund Commissioner heads. Currently, there are 10 Zones across the country.

Further below, the states have either one or more than one Regional Offices

Headed by Regional Provident Fund Commissioners (RPFC) (Grade I), which are again sub-divided into Sub-Regions led by Regional Provident Fund Commissioners (Grade II).

Assistant Provident Fund Commissioners assist them by looking after the implementation of the Act and Schemes.

Many districts in India have district offices where an assistant provident fund commissioner is stationed to implement the scheme and attend to grievances.

Once you know the Regional office, visit the EPF site

Click on the tab: Contact Us.

A page with names of Head office and Regional Zonal offices will open. Select the Zonal office according to your respective EPFO by clicking on Zonal office (in blue), and then it will show which EPFO offices fall under that particular zone.

Phone Numbers of Regional EPFO office

There is a number of respective EPF offices given on the EPF website itself.

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