CS Professional Drafting, Pleadings and Appearances Study Material

CS Professional Drafting, Pleadings and Appearances Study Material Important Questions Notes Pdf

CS Professional Drafting, Pleadings and Appearances Notes Study Material Important Questions

CS Professional Drafting, Pleadings and Appearances Study Material Important Questions Notes

CS Professional Drafting, Pleadings and Appearances Syllabus

CS Professional Drafting Pleadings and Appearances Syllabus

CS Professional Drafting Pleadings and Appearances Chapter Wise Weightage

CS Professional Drafting Pleadings and Appearances Chapter Wise Weightage

Professional Programme Module 1 – Paper 3
Drafting, Pleadings and Appearances (Max Marks 100)

To provide expert knowledge of drafting, documentation and advocacy techniques.

Detailed Contents
1. Judicial & Administrative framework: Procedure; Jurisdiction and Review; Revisions; Reference; Appellate forum.

2. General Principles of Drafting and Relevant Substantive Rules: Drafting, Concept, General Principles and relevant substantive rules thereof; Drafting in simple language, nuances of drafting, common errors and its consequences like litigation, liability. Drafting policies, codes of conduct, guidance note, waivers, releases, disclaimers, Basic Components of Deeds, Endorsements and Supplemental Deeds, Aids to Clarity and Accuracy, Legal Requirements and Implications; Supreme Court Rules, and other guiding principles for drafting.

3. Secretarial Practices & Drafting: Principles relating to Drafting of various resolutions; Drafting of notices & Explanatory Statements; Preparation of Agendas for meetings; Drafting and recording of minutes.

4. Drafting and Conveyancing Relating to Various Deeds and Agreements: Conveyancing in General, Object of Conveyancing- Drafting of Conveyancing agreements, wills, encumbrances, and gift deeds.

5. Drafting of Agreements, Documents and Deeds: Drafting of various Commercial Agreements, Guarantees, Counter Guarantees, Bank Guarantees, Outsourcing Agreements, Service Agreements, E-Contracts, Legal License, IPR Agreements; General and Special Power of Attorney; Pre-incorporation Contracts; Share Purchase Agreement; Shareholders Agreements and Other Agreements under the Companies Act, 2013; Drafting of Memorandum of Association and Articles of Associations; Drafting of Provisions for Entrenchment of Specified Provision of Articles; Joint Venture and Foreign Collaboration Agreement, Nondisclosure Agreements ; Drafting of Limited Liability Partnership Agreement, Drafting of Bye Laws for Societies; Drafting Replies to Regulatory Show Cause Notices; Review of critical business documents and press releases; Responding to proxy Advisory Reports, Drafting Response to Media Reports; Drafting and review of crisis communications, presenting complex legal subjects to simple business oriented language.

6. Pleadings: Pleadings in General; Object of Pleadings; Fundamental Rules of Pleadings; Civil: Plaint Structure; Description of Parties; Written Statements, Interlocutory Applications, Original Petition, Affidavit, Execution Petition and Memorandum of Appeal and Revision, Petition under Articles 226 and 32 of Constitution of India, Special Leave Petition; Criminal: Complaints, Criminal Miscellaneous Petition, Bail Application and Memorandum of Appeal and Revision; Drafting of Affidavit in Evidence; Arguments on Preliminary Submissions; Arguments on Merits; Legal Pleadings and Written Submissions, Application, Petitions, Revision Petitions, Notice of Motion, Witness, Improper Admission, Rejection, Appeal, Review, Suits, Undertakings, Indemnity Bonds, Writs, Legal Notices, Response to Legal Notices.

7. Art of Writing Opinions: Understanding facts of the case; the case for opinion writing, Application of relevant Legal Provisions to the facts; Research on relevant case Laws; Discussion and Opinion writing.

8. Appearances & Art of Advocacy: Requisites for entering appearances; Appearing before Tribunals/ Quasi-judicial Bodies such as NCLT/ NCLAT/ / CCI/ TRAI/ Tax Authorities and Appellate Tribunals/ and authorities such as ROC/ RD/ RBI/ ED/Stock Exchange/ SEBI/ RERA; Art of advocacy.
Case laws, Case studies & Practical Aspects

CS Professional Study Material

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