EPF Balance SMS Check | Service Number, ER, EE, EPF Calculation

EPF Balance SMS Check: Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation which is popularly known as EPFO is a legal body outset by the Indian government officials. The main objective of EPFO is to encourage individual employees to save some money after retirement. As per the PF Act, any organization having more than 20 individuals and drawing Rs.15,000 per month even on a contract basis must mandatorily register and contribute money towards the EPF account. Therefore some amount of money is automatically debited and credited to the individual’s EPF account by the employers from time to time. Whenever the  EPF amount is credited to the employee, the funds will be updated in the employee’s EPF account. And any individual can check their PF balance to know how much they have saved to date.

To help you on checking with EPF Balance through SMS here is a detailed article on how to check EPF balance through SMS, what is EE & ER in PF balance, and withdrawal limit. Also in the below section, we have provided how EPF is calculated and credited to an individual’s account. Read on to find more.

How To Check EPF Balance by SMS?

There are many ways to check EPF balance such as online, through mobile number, etc., Any individual who wants to check PF balance without a UAN number can check EPF balance via SMS. The steps to check EPF passbook balance through SMS has been given below:

EPF SMS Balance Check Number 7738299899
EPF Balance SMS Service Available 24/7
EPF Balance SMS Languages Supported English, Hindi, Telugu, Punjabi, Gujarati, Marathi, Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada, and Bengali

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How To Send SMS To Check EPF Balance?

The steps to check EPF Balance through SMS with example has been provided below:

  1. Firstly the individual who needs to check the balance must have the mobile number under which the UAN is registered.
  2. Now the users should open the SMS application on their mobile phone and type “EPFOHO UAN ENG”. (ENG stands for English).
  3. Upon sending the message, the individuals will shortly receive their EPF balance on their mobile phones.

EPF SMS Balance Checking | Regional Languages

Also, EPF users can check their balance in 10 regional languages. Users willing to check their balance through their regional languages must replace ENG with any of the supported languages from the following table.

Code Language Supported
BEN Bengali
ENG English
GUJ Gujarati
HIN Hindi
MAL Malayalam
MAR Marathi
PUN Punjabi
PUN Punjabi
TAM Tamil
TEL Telugu

EPF Balance SMS Received Message

Once you send an SMS to check your EPF balance, the officials of EPF will shortly notify your balance which indicates the following things:

  1. PF Account Holder Name
  2. Date of Birth of Account Holder
  3. Last Contribution made by Employee
  4. Last Contribution made by Employer
  5. Available balance

Decoding EPF SMS Balance Details

The EPF officials will not exactly mention the details in the format which is specified above. They just simply send you that “EPF Balance in A/C No.XXXXXXXX  is EE Amt: Rs. 67009, ER Amt: Rs. 47000 as on 27-04-21 (Accounts updated upto 31-03-2021)-EPFO.” They use the terms EE, ER etc., and to  understand what is EE and ER, check the section below:

  1. A/C No is nothing but your EPF account number.
  2. EE Amt: EE amount indicates Employee contribution. The total contribution which you have made to your EPF account is known as the EE amount.
  3. ER Amt: ER amount indicates Employer contribution. The total contribution which has been made by your employer to your account is known as ER amount.
  4. As On: As on indicates the last date when the EPF account was updated.
  5. Accounts Updated: Usually, the account gets updated by the end of the financial year.

EPF Balance Through SMS | Points To Be Noted

  1. EE Amt i.e., an employee contribution will be always more than the ER Amt.
  2. ER Amt or Employer contribution will be always less since it is divided into two halves such as Pension Fund  (EPS) and Provident Fund (PF).
  3. SMS will not show the information about Pension Fund (EPS) but the EPF passbook will show the balance of EPS.

EPF Balance Checking SMS | Basics of EPFO

Now you understood how to check EPF online balance check through SMS. Now let’s understand how the EPF amount is calculated and credited to the individuals’ accounts.

  1. EPF account actually consists of Provident Fund (PF) and Pension Scheme (EPS).
  2. Generally, 12% of basic salary and DA (if available) is contributed to the EPF account by both employee and employer.
  3. And this entire 12% of the employee contribution is directly added to PF account.
  4. Now again the 12% of contribution in the EPF account is divided into two parts: EPS/Pension scheme takes a share of 8.33% whereas Provident Fund/PF takes a share of 3.67%.
  5. For the EPF funds whichever you have in your account, the officials will provide the interest and this interest rate is decided annually by the Central Board of Trustees. For the year 2020-21, the interest rate is decided as 8.5%. At the beginning of the financial year, your PF balance is calculated using the following formula
Old Balance + Monthly Contribution + Interest

Note: The interest rate is not applicable for EPS since it is a pension scheme.

EPF SMS Balance Check | EPF Calculation Example

  • Let’s assume an employee’s basic salary and dearness allowance equal to Rs. 14,000
  • EPF contribution by employee =  12%  X 14,000 = Rs.1680
  • EPF contribution by employer = 3.67% X 14,000 = Rs. 514
  • EPS Contribution by employer = 8.33% X 14,00 = Rs. 1166
  • So now the total contribution made by employee and employer to EPF account is Rs.1680 + Rs.514 + Rs.1166 = Rs.2194
  • Monthly interest calculated as 8.5% divided by 12 = 0.70833%.
  • So, the EPF contribution is = Monthly contribution X 0.70833%.

FAQ’s On EPF SMS Balance Check

The frequently asked questions on EPF SMS balance check are given below:

Question 1.
How can I check my EPF balance?

The EPF balance can be checked in 4 ways and they are the following:

  • Though Umang App
  • EPFO Online Portal
  • Sending SMS For EPF Balance
  • Through Miss Call Service

Question 2.
How can I check my PF account balance on mobile?

Any individual can check the PF account balance on mobile by simply sending SMS to 7738299899 in the format of EPFOHO UAN.

Question 3.
How can I check my EPF balance without a UAN number?

By sending SMS through a registered UAN mobile number, individuals will be able to check the EPF balance.

We hope this detailed article on EPF Balance checking through SMS is helpful to you. If you have any queries on this article or in general about EPF Balance checking SMS, ping us through the comment box below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.