How To Download Pre-filled XML to Filled ITR2, ITR3 in Java Utility or Excel

How To Download Pre-filled XML to Filled ITR2, ITR3 in Java Utility or Excel

How To Download Pre-filled XML to Filled ITR2, ITR3 in Java Utility or Excel: A pre-filled XML is a file with many details that are already filled in from the various sources of data filed against an individual’s PAN provided by the Income Tax Department from Jul 2019. By using this feature of ITR, one can use this XML file in JavaUtility/Excel.

The individual can download the XML file from the e-filing website and imported it into the Java utility/Excel of the relevant ITR form. As there are fewer data to be filled in, filing ITR will be simple, especially for ITR2, ITR3. One can change their details if required by verifying the details available on the portal. The portal will display vital features of an individual like personal details, TDS, and interest income from Form 26AS, bank details (from earlier filed ITR, profile at Income Tax site), allowances, the Form 24Q, which mention’s the details of deduction, etc.

Prefilled XML for FY 2018-19/AY 2019-20 is available for ITR 1, 2, 3, and 4. This article will provide detail about pre-filled XML, details that are available in Prefilled XML, the information should be pre-filled, the process to download it, and how one can make use of the XML file in the Excel/Java utility.

What is Prefilled XML Data in ITR?

XML is just a file format. It is easier to upload the information one has recorded in the offline form when converted to an XML file. Upon uploading the XML file, the data will easily be categorized onto the online depository of the income tax department.

Let us look at it in detail in the data that is populated in ITR.

What are Incomplete Income Details and Pre-filled XML in ITR?

While after importing, the Prefilled XML in Excel provides the details of exempted allowances and professional taxes, but the break up of salary shall not be filled.

Please note that ITRs need to exhibit the break-up of the gross salary of the salaried taxpayers as per section 17(1), profit in lieu of salary as per section 17(3), and the value of perquisites as per section 17(2). In the ITR Form 24Q, this break up is not provided; hence it is not displayed in Prefilled XML. One needs to enter the break up from their Form 16 manually.

The details of the employer are shown here, such as the Name of the employer and TAN. There are four entries of the corresponding data. But there should be only one entry, and the other rows should be deleted.

If one has switched jobs, then there would be information about other employers too! Now in the financial year, one has to report all the income from all the employers.

For the Annual Year 2019-20, one can claim the standard deduction amount of Rs 40,000(the standard deduction is Rs 50,000 for Annual Year 2020-21). The standard deduction is not pre-filled.

One is required to fill in the break up of their salary details from Form 16.

Form 16A | The Data of Pre-filled XML and TDS

It shows the TDS by others which are provided from Form 16A. This information one has to get from Form 26AS. In the Column:2 of the form, one needs to add Self or Other people. If it is the case for others, the person needs to provide the PAN number. In cases such as Fixed Deposit in the name of wife, this excellent feature in ITR becomes really useful.

Pre-filled XML and Relation with Self Assessment and Advance Tax

The details should be shown with all Self Assessment Tax and Advance Tax attributes, such as Date of Deposit, BSR Code, etc. All of this information is gathered from Form 26AS.

Pre-filled XML and Relation with Income From Other Sources

The interest from FD as Income from other sources is shown here. All of this information is collected from Form 26AS. Now one would be able to report the interest on FD. One won’t be able to avoid it, and most importantly, one should never ignore Interest from FD in ITR.

Pre-filled XML and the Relation With Deductions (80C,80D) under Chapter VI-A

The deductions under Chapter VI-A are displayed here, which were submitted to the employer. All of this information is collected from Form 24Q submitted by the employer for TDS. If one has made more deductions, they must claim them.

What is Form 24Q?

Form 24Q is a Quarterly statement that contains the details of the tax deducted from the employees submitted by the employer to the income tax department. TDS on salary are required to be deducted as per the income tax slab. The employer has to consider all investments and deductions of the employee (if evidence of such investments is submitted).

As the information required to input in ITR will become less, the Pre-filled XML is an excellent step by the Income Tax Department. But one should always verify all their information.

What is ITR Online Filing?

Individuals can file their tax returns either by filling the details in the java utility downloaded/excel from the e-filing website. They must upload the same file on the e-filing website or by using the online platform on the e-filing website that is It is actually considered to be a better option for ITR1, ITR4, or for filing ITR online through Quick File as it also has pre-filled data.

How to Download the Pre-filled XML File From The E-Filing Website?

To download the pre-filled XML file from the e-filing website, please follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Log in to individual’s registered account on

Step 2: Click on the ‘My Account’ tab and then select the option for ‘Download Pre-fill XML.’

Step 3: Select the specific assessment year for the filed income tax return. For Income between 1 April 2018 to 31 Mar 2020; 2019-20(FY is 2018-19) is considered the Annual Year. Select the ITR-form for which one wishes to download pre-filled XML. And then click on ‘Continue.’

Step 4: Select the bank account/s for which the individual wants to be pre-filled in the ITR form. Also, the person needs to select the pre-validated bank account in which they wish to receive the tax refund if any.

(Remember, from this year, the tax department will issue e-refunds to those bank accounts in which are pre-validated on the e-filing website and which PAN is linked.)

Step 5: Click on the ‘Download XML’ buttonA Prefill Consent will then be asked so that the individual doesn’t blame the Income Tax website for any input mishap.

If one agrees to that, only then the XML file will be downloaded. The Name of the XML file will be basically the date of downloading with a timestamp and PAN number.

For example 2019-07-22-18-54-55-918_AAJPS0600F_2019_.xml.

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