How Can an Employee Update the Date of Exit in EPF in UAN Himself Without an Employer?

How Can an Employee Update the Date of Exit in EPF in UAN Himself Without an Employer?: EPF has introduced a new feature from January 2020 on the Universal Account Number (UAN) website for employees. According to this, an EPF member can update his date of exit (DOE) on the UAN website without the help of an employer after two months of leaving the job. The date of departure gets upgraded instantly. For this, employer approval, EPFO approval is not mandatory. Have a look at the Terms and conditions before you mark the date of departure.

Employee Update the Date of Exit in EPF in UAN

How Can an Employee Mark the Date of Exit on the UAN Website?

Step 1: Login into your UAN member portal. Click on the menu Manage and select Mark Exit.

Step 2: Select your Employment, which is your latest Member ID.

Step 3: Select your exit date in two places, but the exact date might not be needed. You can keep the date within 15 days after the date of leaving of job.

Check the last contribution month on the page (shown by the red box in the image) or download your passbook and find the latest Provident Fund contribution month.

Select the exit date as the last date of last month’s contribution month.

Check that the last contribution month in the passbook is the same as shown on the page.

Step 4: Select the specific reason for the exit from the reasons listed below. Generally, one would choose Cessation (Short Service)

  • Retirement- When the employee takes voluntary retirement
  • Superannuation- After completing 58 years of age
  • Permanent Disablement- When permanent disablement happens to an EPF member.
  • Cessation (Short Service)- When you resign from your job.

Step 5: Click on the Request OTP option, after which a one-time password (OTP)will be sent to the registered mobile number on the website. Provide this OTP as received on your number.

Step 6: Click on the checkbox for Terms and Conditions after reading and understanding the provided terms and conditions given below.  After that, you can click on the date of exit.

Errors that occur while updating the Date of Exit in EPF

Errors might occur while trying to update the date of exit in EPF. Such errors can be listed below:

Processing your request, please wait: This is a new feature on the UAN website. It is a technical glitch in the UAN portal itself, which implies that the server is busy, and the individual can try after few minutes.

The exit date can Only be Updated After 2 Months of the Last Contribution Made by the Employer: According to the EPFO rules, the employees can withdraw their PF amount only two months from their last working date. You will get an error if two months have not been completed.

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