List of Documents Required Incorporating Company

List of Documents Required while Incorporating a Company

List of Documents Required Incorporating Company: While establishing a company or a business in India, one needs the Directors or Founders to stay engaged in the ‘legal game’. The first and foremost measure one should seek to establish their Company is to ensure documents needed for company registration in India. Any error in documents needed for new company registration in India will establish all the struggles in vain. There are a number of legal formalities essential to be performed for the registration of a company. It has been already discussed the most important documents in this article that will help an individual during the process of company registration in India.

What does the Structure of a Business Mean?

The Process of SPICe Private Limited Company Incorporation Filing is an integrated individual point application for Allotment of DIN for Directors and Incorporation, Reservation of Company Name of a New Company along with allotment of Tax Collection and Deduction Account Number (TAN) and Permanent Account Number (PAN) to the New Company.

One must pick the proper company structure for their business before declaring the documents needed for company registration in India. The owner of the business should sensibly pick the company structure as it will enable the Company to perform efficiently as well as meet the fancied targets for profitability. One can definitely choose any of these business structures for starting a company in India:

What are Different Types of Business Structures?

  • OPC-One Person Company: If there is only one owner/founder of the business, an OPC probably is an ideal option for the registration of the Company. Registering for OPC will allow the sole owner to be a member of the corporate framework and bring on their work further. The registration of a Person Company needs documents such as DSC, address proof, ID proof of both Director and shareholder, PAN Card, and DIN accompanying with rent agreement (if any) and address proof of the company.
  • Sole Proprietorship: A business structure that is under the control of a single owner is known as a Sole Proprietorship. This business structure is ideal for businesses with limited investment or small businesses. The owner of an individual proprietorship business structure themself owns all the property and assets. A Sole Proprietorship registration may claim documents such as PAN Card, Aadhar Card, bank account details and registered office proof.
  • Partnership: A partnership means a business structure that has two or more owners. The owners of such a business structure are acknowledged as partners. The business profits are shared among the partners based on a written agreement. The documents needed for Partnership formation include address proof of partners and firm, Partnership Deed, GST registration, bank account details, and, most importantly, a PAN Card.
  • Private Limited Company: From the core founders, the law holds a company as a separate legal entity. After a company becomes registered, it will have company stakeholders/shareholders and officers/directors. Each person in a Private Limited Company grows and is regarded as the Company’s employee. The documents wanted for registering a Private Limited Company include DSC, PAN Card, address proof, residence proof, DIN, Articles of Association and Memorandum of Association.
  • PLC- Public Limited Company: PLC- Public Limited Company is a type of business that has a voluntary association of members under company law. A PLC has a distinct legal existence. The liability is restricted to the shares they own for the members of a PLC. The documents for registering a PLC-Public Limited Company include address proof, PAN Card of all Directors and shareholders, identity proof, DIN, DSC, Utility Bill, NOC from the landlord, Articles of Association and Memorandum of Association.
  • LLP- Limited Liability Partnership: A business structure formed for providing limited liability to its partners is popularly known as a Limited Liability Partnership. The law acknowledges this business structure as a corporate organisation. Such business structures got granted the right to manage their own affairs by the Act of 2008. The documents demanded registering an LLP incorporate address proof of partners and office, ID proof of partners and DSC.

What are the Documents Needed for Registration?

Under the process of SPICe, the following are the documents needed for the Incorporation of a Private Limited Company.

Documents from Shareholders and Directors:

  1. Identity Proof
    1. PAN- Permanent Account Number Card
    2. Passport / Voter Identity Card / Driving License / Aadhaar Card
  2. Address Proof
    1. Mobile Bill / Telephone Bill
    2. Water Bill / Electricity Bill
    3. Bank Passbook / Bank Statement with the latest transaction (Anybody of the Documents not older than two months)
  3. Photographs of Passport size – 3 each


  • The applicant must Self Attest all the Copies of documents.
  • Mobile Bill/Electricity Bill / Bank Account Statement / Telephone Bill must be in the name of the applicant, which should not be older than two months.
  • If the provided documents are not in English, then all of them should be translated into English.

Documents that must be Signed by DIRECTORS:

  • Form DIR-2: Consent to Act as Director
  • Details required for DIN
  • Declaration of DIN (If DIN is assigned already)

Documents that must be Signed by SHAREHOLDERS:

  • Application for DSC- Digital Signature Certificate
  • INC-9: Declaration by Director & Subscribers

Documents from Trademark Owner / Company / LLP, if any:

  • Trademark / Formal authorisation for use of Name / Board Resolution
  • Authorisation for accomplishment Documents from LLP / Company

Note:- These shall be confirmed by the concerned on their Letterhead

Registered Office – Address

  • A letter of No-Objection from the Owner of Address to utilise the registered address of the office of the Company.
  • Address Proof – must be in the name of the Owner
  • Telephone Bill (Fixed Line Only), Water Bill or Gas Bill (Not older than two months), Electricity Bill; – To be approved by the of the Owner of Premises


Tax Paid Copy or Receipt Registered Sale Deed- To be approved by the provider of the Shared Office Service.

Note: If the Address facility is availed from a provider of Shared Office Service, a copy of the Tax Receipt / Electricity Bill with a copy of Lease Agreement with specific powers to issue or sublease NOC letters for the use of premise under Companies Act as Registered Office address is also required.

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