GHMC Property Tax | Responsibilities, Calculations, Rates, How To Pay Online and Offline?

GHMC Property Tax | Responsibilities, Calculations, Rates, How To Pay Online and Offline?

GHMC Property Tax: After they become stable financially and mentally, every person aims to own land, build a house or any asset, and give space to their family. However, when a person chooses to buy land or property, it just does not end up with the money and signature; there are tons of other legal matters to be taken care of by them.

Some expenses have to be worn by the property owners of Hyderabad. The amount taken is used for the maintenance and other state development works like the infrastructure, roads etc. In addition, some taxes have to be filled from which Telangana House tax is something they have to worry about.

The state to Hyderabad landowners pays their taxes to GHMC, details of which will be discussed below. One can even do the GHMC property tax payment online. This article will do a thorough discussion about the GHMC property tax search and GHMC property tax payment and cover all the required areas.

GHMC Property Tax Online

About GHMC Property tax

GHMC is the Greater Hyderabad municipal corporation that is responsible for the administration infrastructure properties of the city. It was inaction from April 2007 by bringing together 100 wards, 12 municipalities of neighbouring districts of the municipal corporation of Hyderabad.

GHMC is one of the biggest municipal corporations of India that covers almost 8 million people spread in a particular area. This civil body is responsible for collecting house taxes in property taxes from the landowners of Hyderabad.

The main motive of collecting these taxes is to give a potion effect to the state government, and the left is used to improve the living conditions, facilities and maintenance of the area.

Any property owned in Hyderabad, whether news lives there or is on rent, you have to tax the state government annually through g h m c property tax. The amount of tax can vary based on the type of land or property, be it for personal use or commercial purpose.

Responsibilities under GHMC tax

The tax taken from the property owners is used by the state government as revenue and is also used for maintenance purposes in itself. However, a few responsibilities come under the municipal corporation of Hyderabad once the taxes are fulfilled by the owners, which is given below.

  • Repairing potholes and drainage
  • Disposal of garbage and street cleanliness
  • Maintenance of streets, roads, footpaths or any other means of transport.
  • Maintenance of open spaces like parks
  • Development of infrastructure
  • Street lighting
  • We are registering births and deaths in the area.

Calculation of GHMC property tax

The GHMC takes taxes on annual rental system residential and commercial lands. Depending on the value of the owned property tax rate is applied. Therefore, the annual rental system for the calculation of property taxes is different for residential and commercial buildings.

The tax is applicable even if the building is not on any rent; the commission of the municipal body imposes tax based on the potential to generate the rent of that particular property. The tax is generally given based on a few criteria.

  1. The plinth area is the area of the land built under construction, including apartments, parking lot, balcony, etc.
  2. The annual value is divided into parts that are the land value and the building value; thus, it is responsible for the tax payment of the building and the land.
  3. For commercial properties, the monthly rent per square foot has to be taken from the GHMC to pay the exact rental tax.

To talk about taking out the tax percentage, you have to give it to the GHMC, and the procedure is below.

  • For residential property- PA×MRV ×(0.17-0.30) in square feet, this depends on the monthly rental value that is 10% depreciation with 8% library cess.
  • For commercial property- 3.5× PA ×MRV in square feet

Rates of GHMC property tax

The tax rates are different based on the property. The tax rate can be exclusively different.

  1. Rs 50- no tax rate
  2. Rs 51-100- 17% tax rate
  3. Rs 101-200- 19% tax rate
  4. Rs 201- 300- 22% tax rate
  5. More than 300- 30 % tax rate

The rates vary based on residential property and commercial properties

  • The minimum rent per square foot for commercial properties like hospitals are rupees 8 and rupees 10.
  • The maximum rent monthly per square foot for commercial areas like ATM towers is rs 50 and rs 70.

To give you an idea of the tax that has to be, given by you annually, here is an example.

If we take home as a 600 square feet place, then if we take the value per square feet as rupees 5, the monthly value becomes Rs.3,000.

Now, as we will be paying the tax on an annual value of the property, thus the monthly amount of 3,000 multiplied by 12 gives 36,000. So, the annual tax that has to be paid to the GHMC tax collector is Rs 36,000.

Now, if we talk about the age rebate, the charges on the building are-

  • 10% tax for 0 to 25 years of building
  • 20% as for 26 to 40 years of building
  • 30% for more than 40 years of building

For example, if we assume that a 15-year-old building is at 10% depreciation, the amount becomes Rs. 15,000+ Rs. 13,500, which makes the property owner pay 28,000 annually.

Ways to pay GHMC tax offline

The tax can be paid offline by the below-mentioned methods. to pay the tax offline, the owner has to carry a few documents so that the owner can initiate the payment they are-

  1. Sale deed of the owned property
  2. Occupancy certificate that was received to you from the builder before moving in the house.
  3. Copy of the building that the architect draws
  4. A draft or cheque in the name of the GHMC commissioner.

There are some allotted places where you can pay the GHMC Hyderabad property tax, they are-

  1. GHMC bill collectors office
  2. 72 MeeSeva centres in the GHMC Boundary
  3. Citizen service centre in 19 circles
  4. Any branch of State Bank of Hyderabad.

Ways to pay GHMC tax online

The easiest way to pay the tax nowadays is online. Paying tax online is hassle-free and requires less time and effort as the technology improves and makes it more convenient. Here is a process is given below by which the property owner can pay the tax online.

  1. Open the computer, type GHMC tax payment and log in to the website.
  2. Go to the online payment section that you will find under the property tax option.
  3. To get hold of the right amount and the property tax dues, click on ‘know property tax dues’ and feel the PTIN.
  4. A page will appear with detailed interests, areas or adjustments with the property tax amount.
  5. You can now select the mode of online transaction you want to show a debit card, credit card or online wallets like net banking.
  6. You can generate a receipt of your payment and take out a copy of that using your PTIN. But if you have earlier paid offline, that receipt cannot be generated through an online process.

How to make PTIN and pay tax

Generating the PTIN, the property tax identification number is the most important number that every owner must possess. The pin is different based on the type of property the people owns; GHMC gives the specific digit identification number for properties, a ten-digit identification number for new properties and a 14 digit PTIN for old properties.

  • To generate a pin in the offline mode, the property owner has to give documents like the sale deed, property papers and occupancy certificate to the commissioner. After the physical verification of the property, the legal documents and the owner, a PTIN of the house number will be issued by the authority.
  • To generate a pin online by going to the ‘Online self-assessment scheme’ by GHMC. Then, go to the online services of the page and mention all the details like locality, occupancy, building permission and others as asked. After all the documents are given, the officials will verify the property and issue a PTIN.

If for any reason, the owner forgets the PTIN, it can be reverted by logging into the official website, going to the enquiry section and searching for the PTIN option. once you enter all the details of the property-related queries, you can get your PTIN

Exceptions of paying the GHMC property tax

The GHMC property tax has to be paid by active property or not; few areas can be granted a special concession or exemptions.

  1. Educational institutions that are built and registered in the state government records do not have to pay tax.
  2. Property Owner who has an annual income of fewer than five lacs.
  3. Worship places under Government registration are exempted from the tax.
  4. Properties owned by military personnel or former military personnel do not have to pay tax.
  5. Any property owned by a charitable organisation is not required to pay tax.
  6. Owners of a vacant property with no settlement get a 50% concession.
  7. Owners residing at a place with annual rent less than rupees 600 are exempted from the tax payment.

There are a few requirements and steps that must be kept in mind by the property owners so that they do not miss the tax payments.

Firstly, the last date for the half-yearly GHMC property tax payment is deducted as 31st July and 15th October every year, failing which can result in a penalty.

Secondly, if you fail to complete the payment that the taxpayer has to give a penalty of 2% per month on the amount and in case of delay beyond the GHMC property tax due date.

To conclude, we can say that the payment of property taxes is important both for the upliftment and your property papers.

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