EPFO Nomination

EPF Nomination: Form, Online EPF Nominee Update Process

EPF Nomination: Any individual who registers under EPF will have to provide the nominee details. This is because, if the registered employee passes away due to some or the other reason, then the EPF amount will be credited to the nominee. However, if the employee fails to declare the nominee details, then the EPF fund in the employee’s account will remain unclaimed. 

So it is important for EPF members to provide his/her nominee details to settle the funds in a seamless manner in absence of the individual. It is the responsibility of the employer to collect the details of the Employee nominee before creating the membership in the EPFO portal. It is to be noted that the nominee is considered only as trustee of PF funds but cannot claim ownership of the funds. In this article, we will provide you all the necessary information regarding the EPFO Nomination Form, what are the rules of EPF nomination, and how to update existing nominee details. Read on to find out more. 

When EPF Nominee is Declared?

  1. Every EPF member will have to declare the nominee in order to transfer the funds in case of account holders’ premature death. When a person joins for a job, then the employer is responsible to declare the employee nominee details. 
  2. Usually, the HR department team is responsible to collect the details of the employee. The employee will have to fill the EPF Nomination Form: Form 2 and Form 11 which is nothing but the self-declaration form stating if the new employee has EPF/EPS member account earlier.
  3. Also, employees have the option to opt out of the EPF through Form 11.  
  4. The officials of the EPFO portal have provided a provision where a member can update or change their nomination a number of times.
  5. It is to be noted that, every time when EPF member updates his or her nomination, the earlier declared nominee will be canceled. 

  Who Can Be The Nominee in EPF?

It is important for one to know about the Pension Nominee Rules, before declaring the nominee. The EPFO has set certain rules for declaring a nominee which is given below:

  1. Male members who are married can choose their Wife, Children, dependant parents, his dead son’s widow, son’s grandchildren as their nominee.
  2. Whereas married female members can choose their dependent parents, husband, children, Mother in Law, Father in Law, her dead son’s widow, son’s grandchildren as their nominee.
  3. Unmarried EPF members can nominate their family members or members other than family. However, if the unmarried members get married, then the earlier nominee will be canceled.  

EPF Nomination Rules

Nomination is nothing but the process of declaring a person to take care of assets if the prosper or member is deceased. So the EPFO has set certain rules which every EPF member should be aware of. The list of rules and regulations set by EPFO officials for EPF Nomination are given below:

  1. Any EPF member can represent multiple nominees by specifying the percentage. So that if the person is deceased, then the EPF funds will be distributed based on the percentage specified. 
  2. Any employee cannot nominate the person out of the family if he/she has a family.
  3. It is to be perceived that EPF members cannot nominate his/her brother as a nominee in the EPF account.  
  4. If the EPF member gets married, then the earlier nominee would be declared invalid. So it is important for EPF members to declare a new nominee after getting married.
  5. If the EPF member doesn’t have family, then he/she can nominate any person as their nominee. However, this nominee becomes invalid, if the EPF member acquires family.
  6. If the EPF member is nominating a minor as their nominee, then the guardian of the minor should belong to the employee’s family member.
  7. If the employee has nominated more than 2 nominees and if any of the nominees dies before the employee dies, then the employee will have to update their nominee details online.
  8. Any employee has the right to update their nominee as many times as needed.  

How Do I Fill Out a Nomination and Declaration Form?

Form No 2 is the common EPF Nomination Form for declaring a nominee under EPF or pension scheme. There are namely two parts in EPF Form 2 Revised: Part A & Part B. The employees will have to fill out the nominee name, percentage of share, relationship with the employee, and date of birth.

  1. EPF Form 2 Revised Part A: Here the employee will have to fill out the nominee details who is eligible to receive the EPF funds after his/her death.
  2. EPF Form 2 Revised Part B: Here the employee will have to fill out the nominee details who are eligible to receive the Pension Scheme funds after the death of the employee.  

EPF Form 2 Revised Download Word Format {LINK}


Earlier the employees were supposed to submit Form 2 to the employer to update the nominee details which was not a feasible solution. Thus to overcome this, the officials have initiated the EPFO E-Nomination, where the employee can change their nominee details online by simply logging into the EPFO Portal.

How can I update my EPF e-nomination?

The steps to change or update EPF ENomination online are given below:

  • 1st Step: Visit the official website of EPFO Portal.
  • 2nd Step: Login with the help of your UAN Number and Password.
  • 3rd Step: Click on the Manage Tab and select “E-Nomination”.
  • 4th Step: A list of details about the employee such as “UAN No, Name, DOB, Father/Spouse Name, Gender, Marital Status” will be displayed on the screen. 
  • 5th Step: The details which are displayed on the screen are auto-filled with the help of information provided by your company. Any EPF member will be able to edit only the Present and Current addresses.

EPF Nomination


  • 6th Step: Now to update the nominee, if your marital status is not provided then you will be not able to update the nominee details. You will have to contact your employer to update the same.
  • 7th Step: If your marital status is updated, then you can simply click on the “Save” button.
  • 8th Step: Now a new page will open. Click yes for the question Having family?.

epf nominee details

  • 9th Step: Now you will be able to select the nominee details and percentage of share you would like to provide.
  • 10th Step: Just click on “e-sign” and will receive an OTP to the mobile number which is linked to your Aadhar card. 
  • 11th Step: Enter the OTP and click on validate. On approval of your OTP, your EPFO e nominee will be updated. 

FAQs On EPF Nomination 

The frequently asked questions on EPF Nomination are given below:

Q. How to check nominee name in EPF?
A. Any EPF member can simply log in to the EPFO Portal and under the click on Manage Tab, select the E-Nomination. Once you click on the E-Nomination, your nominee details will be displayed on the screen.

Q. What is E Nomination in EPF?
EPF E-Nomination is an initiative by the EPFO officials where the employee themselves can visit the EPFO portal to update or change their nominee details.

Q. How to approve E nomination in EPF by Employer?
A. While updating the E Nomination in your EPFO portal, the details will be automatically updated in the EPFO database. So you don’t have to get the approval of your employer to update your nominees. However, you can take the printout of your updated nominees and submit the same to your employer for their reference. 

Now that you are provided with all the necessary information about EPFO Nomination and we hope this article is helpful to you. If you have any queries on this page or in general about EPF Nomination Process, ping us through the comment section below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.