CAMS and Karvy Registrars & transfer Process

CAMS & KARVY | Registrar and Transfer Agent, Mutual Funds

CAMS and Karvy: In today’s era, mutual fund investment is increasing by springs and limits, with a propensity to generate high returns. Due to the number of investors, the transactions in mutual fund companies are increasing from day to day. And to maintain this investor’s data, the officials outscore their back-end transactions to companies called registrars and transfers (R&T Agents). These RTAs are responsible for the enormous customer data and are solely responsible for keeping records on behalf of the mutual fund companies for all transactions. In this article, let’s understand what are RTAs & their role, and what is CAMS and Karvy. Read on to find out more about Cam’s online statement Karvy, How To Get Mutual Fund Statement From Karvy, How To Get Consolidated Mutual Fund Statement From Karvy, How To Download Mutual Fund Statement From Karvy?.

What are Registrar And Transfer Agents Mutual Funds?

RTAs Full Form: The full form of RTA is Registrar and Transfer Agents. Basically, investors in mutual funds undertake numerous transactions such as purchasing and selling mutual funds, changing funds, redeeming mutual funds, or updating their personal data (e.g., contact details, email id). Any changes made by investors must be recorded accurately for future communication processes. And thus to record all the data and activities process by the investor, the officials of mutual funds ask the RTAs to undertake this data and ensure them that they are maintaining this data in relation to such back-end transactions.

What is the Role of Registrar and Transfer Agent?

The main role of Registrars and Transfer Agents is to provide investors with service information relating to Mutual Funds, such as Maturity dates, Unit details, monthly Mutual Fund performance, and all other investor-friendly information in one place.

Also, the Registrar and Transfer Agents doesn’t only provide service to investors but also provides service to other stakeholders involved in mutual funds such as distributors and mutual fund companies.

What is CAMS & Karvy?

CAMS and Karvy are some of the most popular Registrar and Transfer agents that are widely used in India. Also, Computer Age Management Services in short CAMS and Karvy are the most leading companies which provide services to investors on behalf of mutual fund organizations.

First, let’s understand what is CAMS and then go through the Karvy registrar & transfer process.


CAMS – Computer Age Management Services

CAMS Full Form: The full form of CAMS is Computer Age Management Service. CAMS is an Indian mutual fund transfer agency based in Chennai, Tamil Nadu which was found in the year of 1988. NSE Strategic Investment Corporation (a subsidiary of NSE Ltd), HDFC Bank Group, and Acsys are the three shareholders of CAMS.

With over 300 Customer Service Centers across India, CAMS has a large network (CSCs). All of these Customer Service Centers are in real-time communication with one another. CAMS is a prominent RTA intermediary that provides back-end services to Mutual Fund Companies, Private Equity, and Venture Capital Fund Companies, KYC Registration Agencies (KRA), and their investors.

To ease the work of CAMS investors and clients, they have also launched an online portal and mobile application which allows them to complete their transactions without visiting a customer service center or contacting a distributor.

What are the Services offered by CAMS?

Right from account creation to regulatory, CAMS offers a variety of services to its stakeholders. The list of services offered by CAMS are given below:

CAMS Account Creation Services

  • Creation and verification of the investor
  • Activation of an investor account with full access to all information
  • Scanning and archiving of investor documents

CAMS Transaction Processing Services

  • Formal customer acceptance of any or all transactions
  • Forms verification
  • Processing of Transactions
  • Settlement of Financial Transactions
  • Payment to Intermediaries Commission or Fees Payment to Intermediaries Reconciliation with the bank regarding money received and confirmation to the customer
  • Balancing all orders and deliverables

CAMS Customer Services

  • Maintenance of customer data
  • Whitelabel website to access all the customer services at one window
  • Call center services

CAMS Data Recording & Regulatory Services

  • Maintenance of customer data
  • Maintenance of customer transactions
  • Reporting suspicious transactions of money



The Karvy Group is a global corporation based in Hyderabad, India, that was founded in 1983. Karvy is India’s largest Registrar and Transfer Agent, with approximately 500 blue-chip firms as clients and over 70 billion accounts under management.

Karvy is a leading provider of integrated financial services. It is a member of the following three stock exchange companies:

  1. National stock exchange
  2. Bombay stock exchange
  3. Hyderabad stock exchange

What are the Services Offered by Karvy?

Since its beginnings, Karvy has been a customer-focused services firm. It provides a single-window platform for all of its customers’ financial needs. Most of the clients of Karvy are investors from Corporate and retail customers.

Stockbroking, registrar and transfer agent, depository participant, distribution of financial products, wealth management, personal financial advice services, market research, and other services are all provided by the Karvy Group.

Mutual Funds Registrars CAMS & Karvy

In order to keep up with the global competition, Indian markets are freeing up to digitization and finding ways to make themselves available to their customers 24/7. And these mobile applications and online web space are proving to be the greatest solutions for businesses.

Both CAMS and Karvy, being major Registrars and Transfer Agents in India, place a strong emphasis on their clients. Both firms have always placed a high priority on customer service and happiness. Both CAMS and Karvy have an Online Portal and a Mobile App whose primary goal is to provide services to their clients at the touch of a button.

Karvy CAMS
Web Portal Address
Mobile App Name KarvyOnline Trade MyCams
Download At Google Play, Apple App Store, and Windows Phone Google Play, Apple App Store

What are the Features of MyCams App?

  1. It’s a one-time registration process
  2. The investor has access to all statements about his investments, including all consolidated Account Statements for all CAMS-managed funds.
  3. All service-related forms can be downloaded from myCams by the investor.
  4. The one-stop site where investors can learn about all of their investments by just inputting their PAN card number.
  5. Customer care service is available 24/7, and they may chat with an expert at any time as per their convenience.
  6. Interoperability across desktop and mobile versions, i.e. if you register on the website, you can log in using the same user id (investor email id) and password on your mobile device.
  7. The investor may manage his investment account and conduct a variety of transactions such as viewing Portfolio Valuation Statements, SIP Status, Changes in Dividend Payment Options, and so on.
  8. The investor can do operations such as Purchase, Redemption, Switch, and monitor all transactions related to his investments through myCams.

What are the Features of the Karvy Online Trade App?

  1. With a single registration using an email address and a password, you may access your account from both the desktop and the mobile app.
  2. There are advanced charts available for the performance of an investor’s portfolio.
  3. Portfolio tracking for investors
  4. Money transfer that is safe and secure
  5. Market Watch Online Trading allows you to buy and sell stocks, as well as cancel and alter orders, on the BSE and NSE while you’re on the road.
  6. Instant access to your existing investment holdings as well as the status of your application.
  7. Users will be able to consult with an expert who is well-versed in the industry’s trends to clarify users doubts.

FAQ’s on R&T Agent for Mutual Funds CAMS, Karvy

Question 1.
Is Karvy a good broker?

Karvy is India’s most prominent stockbroking firm. It excels at providing a wide range of high-quality financial products and services to all of its consumers.

Question 2.
Are Karvy and CAMS are same?

No, Karvy and CAMS are two different registrar and transfer agents offering services to investors who are investing in mutual funds.

Question 3.
What is the difference between a registrar and a transfer agent?

The transfer agent is in charge of mutual fund share purchases and redemptions, while the registrar is in charge of keeping records.