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2 UAN Numbers: How To Merge Two UAN EPF Accounts Online?

2 UAN Numbers: The full form of UAN is Universal Account Number. As the name suggests, UAN is a 12 digit number allocated to EPFO members for a lifetime to track their PF accounts. The main objective of the UAN number is to provide all the information about Provident Fund in one place irrespective of the organization he/she works. Any EPF member must have only one UAN number whose all EPF accounts are linked to it. Having two UAN numbers is against the EPFO rules. Thus, any employee with 2 UAN numbers will have to merge them to one of the UAN numbers. The steps to deactivate two UAN Numbers and merge them into one single UAN number online have been discussed in detail in this post. Read on to find out more about how to combine 2 UAN numbers online.

Reasons Why Two UAN Numbers Allotted For Same Person

In recent times, many people have witnessed the allotment of 2 UAN numbers to one single person. The reasons why 2 UAN numbers are allotted to one person are given below:

  1. Not Disclosing the Previous UAN Number: It is quite common for one employee to switch multiple jobs. So whenever an employee joins a new company, he/she should disclose his/her UAN and EPF Member ID number to the employer. Failing to provide this information to the employer will make an employer create a new UAN Number under UAN Registration. If an employer creates a new UAN number, then the employee will end up having 2 UAN numbers.
  2. Failed To Update Date of Exit by the Previous Employer: The previous employer will have to mention the date of exit in the ECR – Electronic Challan and Return. If the employer fails to provide this information, then the new organization allocates a new UAN to the employee.

What Happens If You Have 2 UAN Numbers?

Any EPF member must not have 2 active UAN numbers and having 2 UAN numbers that are active is against the rules of EPFO. According to EPFO, any person should have only one UAN number throughout his lifetime. That is, any member who has an account under EPF must have only a UAN number whose all EPF accounts are linked to it.  Any member having 2 UAN numbers will end up in a problematic situation. Thus it is important to deactivate 1 UAN number and merge the old UAN number to the new UAN number.

How Can I Deactivate My 2 UAN Number?

There are two methods, where one can deactivate and merge them into one UAN Number online. Let’s first go through Method 1 followed by Method 2.

Method 1 To Deactivate 2 UAN Numbers

  1. Once you come to know that you have 2 UAN numbers, immediately report the issue to your employer or EPFO officials.
  2. If you are reporting to the EPFO officials, you can simply write an email to uanepf@epfindia.gov.in.
  3. While writing the email to EPFO officials, you will have to mention your current UAN number and previous UAN number.
  4. Once the mail is sent to the EPFO officials, the EPFO will scrutinize your mail.
  5. Soon after scrutinizing the mail, the previous UAN will be blocked and the current UAN number will be kept active.
  6. Once your old UAN number is blocked, you will have to submit a claim of transfer to the EPF accounts linked with the blocked UAN to the new UAN account.

The above-listed process is time taking and the resolution rate is quite low when compared to Method 2.  Thus members looking for a faster solution can opt for Method 2, where he/she can merge 2 UAN numbers easily in online.

Method 2 To Merge Two UAN Numbers

  1. Employees who end up having two UAN numbers will have to request EPFO officials for the transfer of the EPF amount from the old UAN number to the new UAN number.
  2. Soon after sending the request, the EPFO officials will identify the duplicate UAN number.
  3. Once the identification process is completed, the Old UAN number from where EPF funds are transferred will get deactivated.
  4. Soon after the deactivation of Old UAN number, the old EPF account will be linked to the new UAN number account.
  5. The officials of EPFO will notify the same to the EPF members by sending an SMS.
  6. However, if officials find that the new UAN number is not activated by the EPF member, then he/she will be sent a request to activate the new UAN.
  7. In case if the EPF member has to receive some EPF arrears from their old employer, then the new UAN Number will be auto-populated in the ECR. Once this process is completed, the EPF arrears will be affixed to the EPF account which is linked to the new UAN number.

2 UAN Numbers: How To Transfer EPF Online?

Any EPF member will be able to transfer their EPF funds online from old employer to new employer through e-SEWA portal. Check our article on How To Transfer EPF Account Online to know the detailed process about EPF Transfer online.

FAQs on 2 UAN Numbers

The frequently asked questions on two UAN numbers are given below:

Q. Unfortunately, I got 2 UAN numbers on the same PAN number. What should I do?
A. If you have two UAN Numbers, then you must immediately report to your current employer or also can write a mail to EPFO official to the email ID – uanepf@epfindia.gov.in mentioning your old UAN number and new UAN number.

Q. What happens if you have two UAN numbers?
A. According to the EPFO officials, any EPF member should have only one UAN number throughout his lifetime. If he/she has 2 UAN numbers then they will end up in a problematic situation while withdrawing funds or online EPF transfer. So if any EPF member has 2 UAN numbers, then they will have to report the issue to EPFO officials.

Q. Can I have 2 UAN numbers for same person?
A. No, no EPF member cannot have two active UAN numbers at the same time.

Now that you are provided with all the necessary information about two UAN numbers and we hope this detailed article is helpful to you. If you have any queries about two UAN numbers, ping us through the comment box below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.