Salary of MLA in India

Salary of MLA in India – Salary of MLA’s of All States

Salary of MLA in India: In this article about the pay and perks of Indian MLA, we will talk about the salaries of MLAs. The State decides the Salaries of MLA. There is a wide variation across state assemblies in the salaries of MLA. A Delhi MLA with other allowances earns a salary of Rs.12000 per month.

While Karnataka MLAs earn approx Rs 95 000 per month, and MLA in Maharashtra earn Rs.75000. Other than State allotted salary, MLAs also get similar facilities like MPs – daily allowance, provisions for accommodation, constituency allowance, office expenses allowance, travel, etc. As is the case with salaries, these allowances also vary across states. This article is all about the Salary of MLA of different states.

Salary of an MLA in Delhi

By a whopping 40 percent hike, the basic monthly salary for the MLAs and ministers of Delhi is all set to go up; besides, a significant hike will be observed in a slew of allowances. To effect the increase considering the rising cost of living with the assembly today approving a bill.

The Delhi government will send the invoice to the Centre. If it is supported, then the basic salaries of legislators will increase from the current Rs 12,000 to Rs 50,000, and approximately Rs 2.1 lakh as against the existing Rs 88,000 of their overall monthly package. As per the new stipulations of the bill, the basic salary of a minister, which is currently Rs 20,000, will be Rs 80,000. If the Centre approves this Bill, then the salaries of Delhi legislators will be amongst the highest in the country. Overall the hike intended is two-and-a-half fold.

Salary of an MLA in Himachal Pradesh

The monthly salary of MLAs has also been hiked from Rs 20,000 to Rs 30,000 as per the Indian Express article of 2013; besides, the monthly office allowance has been doubled from Rs 5000 to Rs 10,000, and the constituency allowance increase from Rs 35,000 per month to Rs 60,000. With this hike, the monthly take-home salary of MLAs of Himachal Pradesh will be Rs 1.15 lakh now ( which was earlier Rs 70,000).

According to the bill, while the proposed salary of the chief minister has been from Rs 39, 000 to Rs 65,000, there will an increase from Rs 36,000 to Rs 50, 000 in the salary of the cabinet ministers.

A hiked in the salary from Rs 33,000 to Rs 48,000 of the minister of State and that from Rs 32,000 to Rs 45,000 per month for the deputy minister.

A hike will be seen in the salary of speakers and deputy speakers of Vidhan Sabha. While the speaker’s salary gets a hike to Rs 50,000, previously Rs 36,000, the deputy speakers will get Rs 45,000 (earlier Rs 33,000).

A bill to increase salaries from Rs 23,000 to Rs 40,000 for Chief Parliamentary Secretaries (CPS) and from Rs 22,000 to Rs 35,000 per month was also moved for that of Parliamentary Secretary (PS).

The pension of former MLAs was also hiked from Rs 18,000 to Rs 22,000 per month by the state government.

The telephone allowances have also been doubled for MLAs, ministers, and speakers. Rs 20,000 is allocated, which was earlier Rs 10,000 as the allowances for the telephone of ministers, speaker, and deputy speaker have also been doubled, besides making a provision for a sumptuary allowance for each minister of Rs 30,000 per month.

MLAs can also get telephone calls up to Rs 15000 per month in comparison to the earlier limit of Rs 10,000.

Salary of an MLA in Karantaka

Moved by Chief Minister Siddaramaiah, the Karnataka Legislature Salaries, Pensions and Allowances (Amendment) Bill, March 2015 through voice vote were passed in the assembly.

The salary of MLAs will hike up from Rs 20,000 to Rs 25,000 per month. There is a considerable increase in other allowances, including house rent and conveyance.

The monthly salaries of the Chairman of the Legislative Council and the Speaker will be Rs 50,000 with a sumptuary allowance of Rs 3 lakh each.

The increase in salaries, allowance, and pension of the legislators will require an additional expenditure of Rs 44 crore per annum. But the hike in salaries and allowances of ministers will count as an added burden of Rs 3.50 crore per year on the government bursary.

The passing of the Karnataka Ministers Salaries and Allowances (Amendment and Second Amendment) Bill, 2011 paved the way for inflating the salaries of MLAs by an average of 73 percent to over Rs 95,000 per month. Until now, the MLAs were paid a salary of around Rs 51,000 per month approximately, and an extra Rs 3,000 for the ministers in the cabinet drew.

In addition to this bill, the members will be allowed to travel and dearness allowances, wages for their personal staff, constituency maintenance allowance, and among others. Apart from the other allowances and salary, the parliament members as against 500 litres per month paid till now will also be entitled to 750 litres of petrol.

Salary of an MLA in Jharkhand

The hike made in salary and pension of MLAs and former MLAs in the State of Jharkhand in December 2007 made Jharkhand one of the best paymasters in the nation.

After the successful pass of the amendment, apart from enjoying several other facilities, an MLA in Jharkhand began drawing Rs. 49,333 per month as against Rs. 28000 drawn by MLAs of Chattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh and an MLA of Meghalaya draws close to Rs 23,600. This structure of salary continues to prevail in Jharkhand.

Salary of an MLA in Maharashtra

An increase of the legislators’ salary ministers’ salary from Rs 29,000 to Rs 67,000 and from Rs 44,000 to Rs 75,000 resulted due to the bill passed in Dec 2010 resulted. However, in a sporadic case, the bill was given an effect of retrospect. The rise was effected from April 2010 though the Bill was passed in December 2010.

Salary of an MLA in Tamilnadu

MLA in Tamilnadu draws a salary of Rs 55,000 per month. Their salary was last revised in Sep 2011.

For details, one can refer to the document Salary, Allowances and

Other facilities are available to the Legislative Members of the Tamil Nadu Assembly.

Rs 8000 allotted as Basic salary,

Rs 7000 allotted as Compensatory allowance

Up to 5000 allotted as telephone allowance,

Rs 10,000 allocated as Constituency Allowance

Rs 2,500 allocated as Postal Allowance

Rs 2,500 allocated as Consolidated Allowance

Rs 20,000 allocated as Vehicle Allowance

Summing up all of the provided allowances, to a figure of Rs 55,000 per month as their monthly salary.

The hike was also made in the Salary of ministers and speakers, resulting in their monthly payments raising from Rs 27,500 to Rs 32,000.

A revised salary of Rs 31,500 will now be taken home by the Deputy Speaker, Opposition Leader, and Government Chief.

Salary of an MLA in Uttar Pradesh

In March 2015, amendments were made for an introductory hike in salary from Rs 8000 to 10000 by the UP state legislature (Members emoluments & pension Act 1950). The allowance for the constituency members was raised from Rs 22,000 to Rs 30,000 per month, while the secretary allowance hiked from Rs 10,000 per month to Rs 15,000 per month.

Similarly, an increased from Rs 10,000 per month to Rs 20,000 per month was done for the medical allowance. Constituency allowance was hiked up to 30000, up to 18000 for medical allowance, allowance of 15000 for the state secretary. The free railway coupon was raised up to Rs 3,25,000. The other allowances that got hiked were daily allowance from Rs 750 day to Rs 1,000 for Assembly Session, from Rs 400 to Rs 800 daily day for Public Contact Allowance when the assembly is not in session. Ref: a monthly hike of Rs 40,000 is given to the UP legislators.

Salary of an MLA in Jammu & Kashmir

The last hike in the salary of MLA’s of Jammu and Kashmir was conducted in March 2011. With the passing of the bill, the MLA’s received Rs 80,300 as salary per month, which includes telephone allowance of Rs 7300 and conveyance allowance of Rs 22000. In comparison, an MP from J&K gets a salary of Rs 50,000 per month.

The Chief Minister’s salary was hiked to Rs 90,000 per month, which was previously Rs 45,000, while that of cabinet ministers was raised to Rs 85,000 than the previous Rs 40000 per month.

The salary of MLCs, MLAs, and Ministers of Jammu and Kashmir was increased from Rs 40,300 to Rs 80,300 per month for ministers. The Speaker’s salary will be Rs 90,000 per month. The monthly pension of the former legislators and ministers from the existing Rs 12,500 to Rs 25,000 was also raised, including other allowances. The enhanced salary structure was implemented retrospectively for the MLAs and others with effect from September 1, 2009.

Personal aviation insurance of Rs one lakh was drawn to entitled for every minister in the state, and the government has been entitled to pay this premium. For an MP, Rs 20,000 has been decided as a monthly pension. Still, every member who has served as a member of the constituent assembly, legislative assembly, or legislative council in JK would be qualified for the pension of Rs 23,000 a month.

Salary of West Bengal MLA’s

A West Bengal MLA draws a monthly payment of around Rs 12,000 (including compensation and constituency allowances) & other allowance of around Rs 20000, which sums up to only Rs 42000. The last revision of the payment of salary was made by the government in Sep 2011. In comparison, MLAs in Jharkhand and those in Assam draw around four times and six times higher than their Bengal counterparts, respectively.

Daily allowances of MLAs were hiked to Rs 1,000, which was previously Rs 750, and ministers would also now get a daily sitting fee of Rs 1,000.

The members for attending meetings of various House committees also get a raised allowance of Rs 1,000, which was earlier Rs 750.

For traveling within the state, MLA’s are provided with coupons. If they are required to travel outside the state, the expense is limited up to Rs 50,000 per annum. Medical expenses are refunded, provided the treatment is done within the state. The speaker’s permission is a must for any treatment made outside the state.

In comparison to Jharkhand, an MLA draws Rs 49,333 per month. This includes constituency, telephone, stationery, and medical allowances. As many as five times, the salary of MLAs in Jharkhand has been revised from 2000-2010.

Salary of an MLA in Assam

To increase the monthly salary of the Chief Minister, Assembly Speaker, Deputy Speaker, ministers, and MLAs by 33-50%, three bills have been in the Assembly by Assam. While a hike of ₹1.64 lakh from ₹1.07 lakh can be observed in the salary and allowance of the Chief Minister, an increase of 33.3% to ₹80,000 will be seen in the salaries of MLAs. The decision will be applicable from the month of April 2021.

Rs.60,000- allotted as Salary

Rs. 10000- allocated as Constituency Allowance of MLA’s.

Rs. 5000- allocated as Contingency Allowance of MLA’s.

Rs. 5000- allocated as Secretarial Allowance of MLA’s.

Rs. 3000- allotted as Telephone charges against the Govt. telephone installed at Hostel Residence at Dispur of MLA’s.

Rs. 2500- allotted as Telephone charge installed at the Members residence in his/ her home Constituency of MLA’s.

Rs.1500 per day allotted as sitting allowances during the period of the Committee Meetings and Assembly Session of MLA’s.

Rs.2000 per day shall be entitled to daily allowance provided that the attendance of Members is required at a place which is outside the State.

Rs. 1500 per day is provided as a daily allowance when the MLA needs to attendant the Sessions of the Assembly of MLA’s.

Summing up all of the provided allowances, to a figure of Rs 60,000 per month as their monthly salary.

Salary of an MLA in Meghalaya, Orissa, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh

MLAs in Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh are paid Rs 28,000, while in Meghalaya, the amount is nearly Rs 23,600. In Orissa, an MLA draws close to Rs 20,000 per month. They are provided allowances for journals, books, periodicals, and also for consumption of power.

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