Prathama Bank Personal Loan @ 9.99% | Details, Eligibility Criteria, Documents Required, How To Apply? Loan Types and Status

Prathama Bank Personal Loan: Prathama Bank is a Gramin Bank in India established on 02-10-1975. It has headquartered in Moradabad. Its operational area is in a Total of 20 districts. It is the first Regional Rural Bank of India. Syndicate sponsors it. It was first established on the 2nd of October in 1975. Its new name is Gramin Bank. The government of India owns 50% of the Prathama UP Gramin Bank. Further, you will get to know the process of getting a loan from Prathama bank.

Want to compare Prathama Bank Personal Loan with other bank personal loans for lowest interest rates and extra offerings? Just keep an eye on our Complete Guide on Personal Loan & choose the suitable bank to apply for the loan.

Prathama Bank

Prathama Bank Personal Loan Details

  • To get a personal loan from Prathama Bank, your age should be from 21 to 58 years.
  • In Prathama Bank, the interest rate is 9.99 % annually.
  • The period of tenure in Prathama Bank is from 12 to 60 months.
  • The processing fee for a personal loan in Prathama Bank is from 1% to 2% of the total personal loan amount.
  • The prepayment charges and part payment charges of the personal loans are decided by the bank only.
  • The minimum loan amount is 5000, and the maximum loan amount is up to rupees 10 lacs.

Prathama Bank Personal Loan Eligibility Criteria

  • The CIBIL score should be 750 or above.
  • The IIT requirement is from 21 to 58 years.
  • The minimum income should be from rupees 15000 to rupees 25000.
  • The person should be salaried, self-employed for a pensioner

Prathama Bank Personal Loan Interest Rates and Charges

  • The personal loan interest rate in Prathama Bank is 9.99 % annually.
  • Processing charges of personal loans in Patna bank is 1% to 2%.

Prathama Bank Personal Loan Documentation Required

Identity proof:-

  • Copy of passport
  • Copy of driving license
  • Copy of Aadhar card
  • Copy of voter ID card

Address proof:-

  • Utility bill
  • Permanent residence proof
  • Ration card, statement of bank account, latest credit card statement

Income proof:-

  • Salary slip of last six months
  • Bank statement of past three months

Why Should You Apply for Personal Loans in Prathama Bank with the Help Of A Databank?

  • It is the leading and best help all over India.
  • The processing requires very little documentation.
  • It provides very fast approval.

Calculating EMI Personal Loan on Prathama Bank

To calculate EMI personal loan on Prathama BanTo following requirements are listed below:-

  • Loan amount
  • Interest rate
  • Tenure
  • Put all these values in the EMI calculator and find your monthly EMI.

Processing Time for Personal Loan on Prathama Bank

Following are the features of processing in Prathama Bank of personal loans.

  • Quick processing
  • No paperwork required
  • The processing fee can be varied, and you can be asked about the processing fees details by the bank

Overdraft Facility of Personal Loan by Prathama Bank

Credit office is once an individual overdraft, and you can put an all-out when required. At whatever condition, the ideal point is you have to Reimburse. At present, it is the most credit choice and is advised by everyone and favorite of the individual necessities and fulfills their demands.

Prathama Bank Different Loan Fulfills

Loan of the home

  • Personal loans provided by the pragma banks for houses are listed below:-
  • 21 years is the minimum age requirement
  • 60 years is the maximum age requirement
  • For the home loans, regular income applicants are mandatory
  • You should on more than the required monthly income of the home loan

Given below are the personal loans for the person working in a government sector

Loan of education

  • The bank provides you education loans
  • The amount of the loan should be more than rupees 4 lacs
  • The interest rate that doctor banks provide is 11 % to 13 %

Pensioners personal loan

  • Banks can ask dog customers about the processing charge.
  • The interest rate is very affordable in Prathama Bank.

Balance transfer of personal loan

  • It means that the borrower transferred the amount to another institution.
  • The interest rate is very minimal.
  • Payments have a long tenure.

Personal Loan Top Up in Prathama Bank

There is an additional amount on the existing loan on the Prathama Bank personal loan top-up.

Prathama Bank Personal Loan Status

You can visit the site of the Prathama Bank.

  • Eligibility should be checked.
  • The form should be filled with your information.
  • The managers of the Prathama Bank will contact you.

Prathama Bank Personal Loan Types

Loan of home renovation

For the people who wish to get their homes revamped, Prathama Bank provides a special offer. Through this, the individual can get new settlements or any other kind of development in installments with credit support.

Following given are some of the vital highlights of Prathama Bank:

Prathama Bank renovation home Lowes is as low as 11.25%.

To get their home remodeled, people can get an advanced sum up to rupees 2remodelled. No documentation is required for the home run in the Prathama Bank, which makes the whole process worry-free.

Once the bank offers you the application, you will get your advance credit within the time limit of 72 hours or three days.

Holiday loan

Prathama Bank provides you with a holiday loan that can assist you and organize your fantasy, but there is a minor issue.

Now, what’s the issue?

Prathama Bank and subsidize or scope of one’s individuals related to lodging, booking cost, etc. Following given are the key highlights of the Prathama Bank Holiday loan listed below:-

11.25% per annum is the financial cost starting for a holiday loan.

You can enjoy your holiday without much of the profitable stretch of the measure up to rupees 20 lacs.

Financing is basic and straightforward, and this guarantees minimal documentation and is streamlined.

It is added to your record straightforwardly.

Funding of the fresher

The fresher funding in the Prathama Bank is a special design fresher funding that helps the customer in many ways. For example, for their first work it ongoing aluminum following are the major highlights of the Pra Aluminium funding pressure are given below

1.5 Lakh is the credit sum

The candidate must be at the age of 21 years

Personal loan of NRI

By seeing the necessities of one individual. Prathama Bank has a very good offer according to an individual advance explicitly for NRIs.

The bank offers a very flexible amount of rupees 10 lakh with adaptability and the use of NIRs.

15.49% per annum is the start of a personal loan of NRI.

How Should You Apply for A Personal Loan in Prathama Bank?

There is so much less or little requirement of paper, so there is a very much minimal amount of documentation required in Prathama Bank.

This benefits the one individual to save your time and get your loans As Quick As Possible in Prathama Bank. for a personal loan is very simple following are the steps given below you can follow to apply for the personal loan:-

You can visit the database website, fill the application form, and give you all the information.

You can call yourself from the Prathama Bank to get a personal loan.

The instructor of Prathama Bank will guide you throughout the entire process of personal loan and tell you every detail regarding the personal loan that is applied for the personal loan in Prathama Bank.

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