PAN Card Verification

PAN Card Verification | How To Verify? Types of Online PAN Verification

PAN Card Verification: To retrieve information related to PAN, ‘Know your PAN’ is a service initiated by the Income Tax Department. When one loses their PAN card or needs their PAN number immediately, but the information is unavailable, or when one wants to cross-check their address registered against their PAN, this service is beneficial. In all these situations, ‘Know your PAN’ rescued us, as one can retrieve all the information just by entering their

  • Full name,
  • Registered mobile number, and
  • Date of birth (DOB).

However, with the help of the ‘trial and run’ method, accessing someone’s PAN information has become more accessible. The service started to pose a threat to security and privacy as it was often misused. The Income Tax Department discontinued the ‘Know your PAN’ service to avoid further fraud and misuse of the government service. They instead started a new service known as “Verify your PAN Service,” through which one can verify their PAN credentials.

Verify your PAN

An individual can use this service to cross-check the information related to their PAN, which is saved in the database of the Income Tax department. For the verification of the PAN card online, three options are provided, which are mentioned below:

  1. Click on the link provided below to open the online portal
  2. Once the link opens, a window will appear on the desktop.
  3. The spaces marked with an asterisk need to be filled compulsorily.
  4. Fill in the spaces with the necessary details and then put in the captcha.
  5. After filling in the necessary details, submit the form. The screen will show the PAN’s current status. If the registered information with the database and the PAN is activated, a window will appear on your desktop.
  6. The displayed window will display the message that the PAN is active and the details match the database.

Types of Online PAN Verification

Three types of online verification of PAN are available. They are:

File-Based Verification

  1. Under this PAN verification method, the first one has to log in.
  2. Users can upload a file consisting of a maximum number of 1000 PAN cards here.
  3. Now, the details related to the PAN will appear on the screen.

Screen-Based Verification

  1. Under this PAN verification method first one has to login
  2. A minimum of 5 PAN card details can be given under this method.
  3. Now, the details related to the PAN will appear on the screen.

Software Based Verification

  1. Under this verification method, through a software application, online verification of PAN by a verification site is possible.

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Bulk PAN Verification

There are three different methods through which users can verify PAN details online.

  1. Verification of a single PAN card at a time.
  2. Bulk PAN Verification (for external agencies).
  3. Bulk PAN Verification based on the User Pay model.

Bulk PAN Verification Service for External Agencies

Both government and non-government external agencies are provided with the choice of registering themselves as PAN Verification agencies and verifying several PAN details together. Income Tax India EFiling is a government website that offers the process of PAN verification in bulk.

The process of verifying PANS in bulk is mentioned below:

  1. For Bulk PAN verification, agencies need to register themselves on the website of Income Tax IndiaEFiling.
  2. After registering, open the ‘Bulk PAN Query Page’ and select the ‘upload query.’
  3. Use the XML format to upload the query and then click on Submit.
  4. If the submission is successful, then a token number is generated. Users can use the number to view the PAN details uploaded by the system.

Process of Bulk PAN Verification user Registration

  1. Login to the website of Tax E-filing of the Indian Government.
  2. On the homepage, select the option ‘Register Yourself.’
  3. To select the user type, click on the ‘Bulk PAN Verification User.’
  4. If applicable, provide the agency’s PAN/TAN card details, password details, PAN of the individual, organization’s contact details, and digital signature certificate.
  5. Then click on ‘Submit.’
  6. The applicant must provide an authorization letter signed by the agency head. Once the documents are received successfully, the PAN request evaluation will take place.
  7. An activation link and the User ID details will be sent to the registered email address.
  8. Now, the user can log in with the provided User ID and password to activate their account.

Bulk PAN Verification Based on the User Pay model

This model of bulk PAN Verification can only be used by approved government and non-government agencies. PAN verification utilizing this service can be either File and Screen-based or Software-based, whichever the user prefers.

For this service, the registration fee per annum is Rs.12,000 plus GST at 18%. As registration is valid for only one year, this service must be renewed every year (charges remain the same).

FAQ’s on PAN Card Verification

Question 1.
For performing PAN verification, who are the authorized members?

Certain agencies and organizations, such as central and state government agencies, the Reserve Bank of India or RBI, corporations required to provide Annual Information Return (AIR), etc., are granted permission to be the authorized members to perform PAN verification.

Question 2.
Which individuals or companies are eligible to carry out the online verification of PAN?

Everyone. All individuals and companies are eligible to carry out the online verification of PAN.

Question 3.
How can one know the date of issue for their PAN?

The date of issue for one’s PAN is always provided in a vertical direction on the right side of their photograph.

Question 4.
In the verification process, what does “residential status” stand for?

Here, residential status does not stand for one’s nationality. Anyone can be a resident. For the computation of income, the IT department made this deviation.

Question 5.
Can one send the documents to PAN verification through email?

No. Applicants can not send the documents via email.

Question 6.
For verification of PAN, will one need to pay the initial advance?

Yes. Payment of an initial advance is necessary.

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