Pallavan Grama Bank Personal Loan | Documents Required, Eligibilities and Features

Pallavan Grama Bank Personal Loan | Documents Required, Eligibilities and Features

Pallavan Grama Bank Personal Loan: In today’s time of inflation, it becomes challenging to fulfill everything. It seems like there is no limit to the expenses, and in the meantime, if we have to do some critical work, we need more money. This important work could be anything. Maybe this vital work is related to your marriage or related to studying abroad. Then we think about how to meet all these expenses. Well, there is nothing to worry about because here we will talk about the bank which provides you with all the facilities of personal loan at a low-interest rate.

So let’s consider the following points without any delay. We will cover such essential headings, including Pallavan Grama Bank Personal Loan eligibility, features, benefits, documentation requirements and why Pallavan Grama Bank for a personal loan.

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Pallavan Grama Bank

Pallavan Grama Bank Personal Loan

Pallavan Grama Bank is a regional rural bank in Indian, which was established in 1976 in Tamil Nadu state. The bank has a total of 626 branches, and the Indian Bank sponsors it. This bank was made especially for the upliftment of the rural agriculture sector so that rural areas can also progress and make their recognizance.

What is Pallavan Grama Bank Personal Loan?

To avail of a personal loan from Pallavan Grama Bank, you must have all the qualifications first of all. When you pass the eligibility criteria, then you become eligible to get this loan. Your repaying capability is a must to take a personal loan because for a lender, and it’s a matter of credibility.

Why Pallavan Grama Bank for Personal Loan?

There are many reasons to choose this bank for a personal loan. First comes its low fee charges for processing, and it is because they charge you with no hidden fees. The second reason is its highly competitive interest rate which is a plus point to it. Within two or three minutes, a salaried or self salaried applicant can know the ability as well. Loan disbursal of the amount is also very fast in this bank. Its straightforward documentation process and all-time availability make it one of the best Banks for a personal loan.

Documents Required for Pallavan Grama Bank Personal Loan

As we have told you before, to take a Personal loan from Pallavan Grama Bank, you have to go through a simple documentation process. So let’s see below what documents the borrowers are required for a personal loan.

Proof of residence 

First of all, the borrower’s income and job matter for taking a personal loan from Pallavan Grama Bank.

So as residence proof, you need a passport, Id card, DL, Adhar card, Voter card and ration card.

If someone lives in a rented house, he will have to submit the rental agreement in the bank and the address of the house owner—also the electricity bill in your name. Also, you should have your Bank account statement, recent telephone bill and recent credit card statement.

Documents required for KYC 

A PAN card is a must for a self-employed applicant, and if you are a self-employed applicant, you should have previous three years’ ITR. These were some documents that you are required for your KYC.

Income proof for the salaried and self-employed applicant

If you are a salaried applicant, you should have the last six months’ bank statements and the previous three months’ salary slip. If you’re not a salaried applicant, you should have two previous financial years’ Income Tax returns.

ID proof

For taking a personal loan, you should have your passport, voter card, Government department ID card, adhar card and driving license as identity proof to a bank. A coloured passport size photo for all applicants. It’s a must for all.

Features of Pallavan Grama Bank Personal Loan

User-Friendly access

Whenever you go to this bank to take a loan, you will see an excellent environment. The staff there are very professional and well behaved who are focused on their work. You can connect with the bank and take good advantage of it.

Easy documentation process

There is no need for you to rush here and there for the documentation process, as the bank provides you with all the facilities in one place. In simple words, after contacting this bank, you will not have to deal with any kind of paperwork.

Fast processing of the application

The process starts very soon after you submit your application to the bank. This bank starts the application process very fast as compared to other banks.

Quick loan approval

Along with fast processing, this bank provides a quick loan approval facility, which means it will take very little time to get your loan approved.

The points mentioned above prove that Pallavan Grama Bank is a good option for taking a personal loan.

Eligibilities for Pallavan Grama Bank Personal Loan

For Salaried Employee 

Maximum and minimum age for an applicant 

For Pallavan Grama Bank Personal loan, an applicant’s age should be 21 years which is minimum, and the maximum age should be 60 years.

Your city where you live in

If you live in a metropolitan city and want to take a loan from this bank, your minimum salary should be rs. 18000. Apart from this, if you do not live in a metropolitan city, your minimum salary should be rs.12,000.

The applicant with three years of work experience 

Job experience for the job professionals is about three years, and his salary should be received on his account monthly.

An applicant with a fine credit score

This point should be especially kept in mind while taking a personal loan. It is considered essential to have a good credit score to get a personal loan because this shows the credibility of borrowers.

Self-employed borrower 

  • The maximum age is 60
  • ITR

Self-employed applicants should have ITR of the last three years to avail of a personal loan from Pallavan Grama Bank.

Excellent credit score 

It is considered suitable for a self-employed borrower to not have any loan in his account, which shows a good credit score. Well, having a good credit score means that you are highly eligible to take the loan.

Yearly minimum amount 

If your annual income is around 2.5 lakh rupees, you are considered eligible for this loan in a very high amount. If you have a business, then your business should be running continuously for about 3 or 4 years (Minimum three years), so If you fulfil this condition, you can get a Personal loan quickly.

Apply online or offline

It is effortless to take a personal loan from this bank. You can fill the form offline or online. As offline, you can visit the bank branch and fill the form there. While leaving home, keep all your documents with you and fill the form thoroughly. You will get to see only professional employees there who will support you completely when you go there. Also, you can go to the official website of Bank to fill the form if you like.

Conclusion on Pallavan Grama Bank Personal Loan

We hope that some of the essential points shown by us have given you an idea about which things you should keep in mind while taking a personal loan from Pallavan Grama Bank. Its financial services of saving deposit, fixed deposit, loans, personal loan, RTGS net banking, NEFT, IMPS, Atal Pension Yojana, Pradhan Mantri Jandhan Yojana and Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana are worth praising. Apart from that, after some analysis, it is confirmed that if someone wants to take a loan from this bank, he must go for it.

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