Madhyanchal Gramin Bank Personal Loan @ 14.75% – 16.75% | Interest Rates, Purpose, Features, Benefits, Reasons and Services

Madhyanchal Gramin Bank Personal Loan @ 14.75% – 16.75% | Interest Rates, Purpose, Features, Benefits, Reasons and Services

Madhyanchal Gramin Bank Personal Loan: Wherever a person gets good facilities, then his mind gets focused on the same. And when it comes to banking or personal loan-related facilities, we are in great need of such facilities. Well, Today we will explain to you about Madhyanchal Gramin Bank where along with facilities of banking, many schemes are also available to you. Here you will know some of the important points related to Madhyanchal Gramin Bank Personal Loan, which will benefit you. So, If you are also thinking of taking a loan from Madhyanchal Gramin Bank, you should read this blog completely.

Want to compare Madhyanchal Gramin Bank Personal Loan with other bank personal loans for lowest interest rates and extra offerings? Just keep an eye on our Complete Guide on Personal Loan & choose the suitable bank to apply for the loan.

Madhyanchal Gramin Bank

About Madhyanchal Gramin Bank

Madhyanchal Gramin Bank is a well renowned and established Bank in India. This is a regional rural bank that is under the finance minister’s ownership, GOI. Madhya Bharat Bank, Rewa Sidhi Gramin Bank, and Sharda Gramin Bank were merged to form this bank in central India in Madhya Pradesh.

This bank has many categories for proposal loans, private loans, and many other types of loans. This bank has made very good contributions in a variety of categories. People know this bank for its great work and its business system. Madhyanchal Gramin Bank offers its clients several financial services, including NEFT, IMPS, net banking.

RTGS Pradhan Mantri Jandhan Yojana, Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana, saving deposit, recurring deposit, personal loans, and Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana, etc.

See the below-given chart for more information:

Owner of this regional rural bank
  • Government of India (50%)
  • State Bank of India (35%)
  • Government of Madhya Pradesh(15)
Headquarters Sagar, MP
Type of Bank Regional rural
Found in 1 November 2021

Madhyanchal Gramin Bank Personal Loan Interest Rates

As we know that loan Interest can vary. According to the 19 November 2021 update, Madhyanchal Gramin Bank’s Loan Interest rate is 14.75% – 16.75%.

There is 60 EMIs maximum for a personal loan which starts from 12 EMIs.

Madhyanchal Gramin Bank Personal Loan Purpose

Borrowers apply for personal loans for their needs such as a trip abroad, house renovation, marriage purposes, existing loan repayment, credit card bill payment, and other emergencies.

Madhyanchal Gramin Bank Personal Loan Reasons

  • Affordable loan services with verities: For the different needs of customers. Madhyanchal Gramin Bank offers a variety of personal loans, and apart from that, this regional rural bank offers personal loans at a very competitive and affordable interest rate.
  • Professional working team: Well behaved, well trained and professional team with experience employees for any personalized service
  • Flexibility: Madhyanchal Gramin Bank offers flexibility in repayment with its many options to its borrowers.
  • 24/7 banking service available: Twenty-four hours customer care service is available in Madhyanchal Gramin Bank who is constantly available for your service.

Madhyanchal Gramin Bank Personal Loan Benefits and Features

  • Simple disbursal: Madhyanchal Gramin Bank is always available for you with super fast and quick loan application processing. They believe in providing their borrowers/customers with the best Banking service with the easy disbursal of personal loans.
  • No guarantor required: No guarantor is required here. You also don’t need to submit confidential papers. Madhyanchal Gramin Bank offers fully collateral-free loans.
  • Easy application process: If we talk about the application process of this bank, then it is very simple. You have to go there with your two recent photos in passport size. Your work will be done very easily with only basic documents.
  • Maximum loan amount: There is no maximum loan limit here, which is good for a borrower. For more details related to the personal loan Interest rate, you must visit this bank.
  • Quick loan approval: Your bank loan will be approved immediately after a few days of applying to your bank. So you don’t need to worry about this issue because you will immediately get all the financial services here.
  • Straightforward documentation process: No maximum documentation is needed. Madhyanchal Gramin Bank doesn’t only have an attractive personal loan but also has special discounts and schemes for large companies’ employees.

Besides the above points, there are also many benefits such as no required security system and the facility of several options for repayment of the loan.

Madhyanchal Gramin Bank Personal Loan Services

Variety in personal loans available: 

Madhyanchal Gramin Bank offers a wide range of services of personal loans. This bank believes in customers’ satisfaction and wiring their trust. Some of the loan and banking services of Madhyanchal Gramin are-

  • Personal loan
  • Rural Banking
  • NRI Services
  • SME
  • Debit Card, Credit Card
  • Saving Account, Current Account, Banking, and UPI services.
  • Corporate Banking

Offline and online service available:

With a customer firm base, this leading public-sector bank proved their clients with quick baking services. Employees of Madhyanchal Gramin Bank are very skilled, prompt, and qualified to assist you and answer your doubts. You can get both offline and online facilities to apply for a personal loan.

For Madhyanchal Gramin Bank Personal Loan, documents that you are required

  • Filled loan application
  • Passport-sized photos
  • Identity proofs such as Voter ID card, Driving license, passport, Aadhar card, etc.
  • A salary slip with all deductions forms and details and a current salary certificate is a must (for salaried borrowers).
  • Tax returns of two previous financial years’ income tax returns (not for salaried borrowers).
  • Come with a full bank account statement, telephone or mobile bill, recent electricity bill, credit card statement, and the last is lease agreement of the existing house.
  • Also, an applicant should have his Bank Pass Book with the last six months’ entries.

Madhyanchal Gramin Bank Personal Loan Eligibility

  • Borrowers’ minimum age is 21to 60 years.
  • If you are a metropolitan city borrower, then your monthly salary should be a minimum of 18,000 rs, and the minimum salary should be 12,000 rs if you are a non-metropolitan city borrower.
  • The borrowers should have work experience of above three years. The borrower should receive the salary in their account every month.
  • Borrowers should have the first history of credit to apply for a personal loan.

Eligibility for a personal loan for self-employed petitioner 

  • Borrowers are required to be 25 years old for applying online/offline for a personal loan.
  • You should file ITR, and it should be for the last three years.
  • Self-employed applicants should have a good credit score with no debt amount.
  • An applicant should have a minimum annual income of at least 2.5 lakhs rs.
  • If you have your own business, that business should be running continuously for at least three or above three years.

Types of Personal Loan Offered By Madhyanchal Gramin Bank

Home renovation loan of Madhyanchal Gramin Bank 

Whether you are a new or existing customer of this bank, you can get the best facilities within days after the processing. With some basic documentation and a simple process, you are ready to apply for this loan.

Who doesn’t like to decorate and renovate the house?. If you are also thinking of taking a loan for home renovation, then no one can be better than this bank. There are many facilities available to you in this bank, along with low interest.

Holiday loans of Madhyanchal Gramin Bank 

With the 11.25 % p.a (onwards), the Madhyanchal Gramin Bank Holiday Loan is the best option. With this loan, travel wherever you want to travel and make your dreams come true.

Fresher funding of Madhyanchal Gramin Bank 

If you have just recently graduated and want to start your small business, you can also take a loan from this bank. You will receive the amount under Fresher Funding.

NRI Personal Loan of Madhyanchal Gramin Bank 

For the emergency fund, if you live in another country or want to move there to complete your higher education or for a job, you can apply for an NRI personal loan.

Conclusion on Madhyanchal Gramin Bank Personal Loan

As you have seen in all the above points, this bank provides us with a personal loan facility. Applying for a loan in this bank is very easy. Simultaneously, you are provided with both offline and online facilities. After connecting with this bank, you will never realize that you have chosen the wrong bank for a personal loan. So after knowing their features, benefits, and their types, now you must have come to know how fine this bank is to apply for a personal loan.

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