Indusind Bank Personal Loan | Features, How To Apply?, Documents Required and Eligibility Criteria

Indusind Bank Personal Loan | Features, How To Apply?, Documents Required and Eligibility Criteria

Indusind Bank Personal Loan: Customers of IndusInd Bank benefit from IndusInd bank personal loan rate of interest, expedited processing, and low documentation requirements required as IndusInd bank loan details. Having an IndusInd account enables the bank to easily get your financial history and to give you personalised solutions that are tailored to your specific demands and capacity to repay without causing you any inconvenience.

The article deals with various aspects of Indusind Bank, especially the features about IndusInd bank personal loan eligibility, a guide IndusInd bank personal loan apply online and much more.

Want to compare IndusInd Bank Personal Loan with other bank personal loans for lowest interest rates and extra offerings? Just keep an eye on our Complete Guide on Personal Loan & choose the suitable bank to apply for the loan.

Indusind Bank

The IndusInd Bank Overview

IndusInd Bank Limited is a Mumbai-based new-generation[a] Indian bank (Maharashtra). Commercial, transactional, and electronic banking goods and services are available from the bank. Manmohan Singh, the then-Union Finance Minister, launched IndusInd Bank in April 1994. In India, IndusInd Bank is the first of the new generation of private banks.

IndusInd Bank Personal Loan Features

  1. Loan terms can be customised.
  2. You may apply for a personal loan with IndusInd Bank with little physical documents, rapid loan processing, and prompt disbursement of loan proceeds to your bank account.
  3. Utilize a doorstep service to assist with loan-related transactions.
  4. Rates that are competitive
  5. There are no collateral or guarantors.
  6. Eliminate high-interest debt by using the ‘Balance Transfer Option.’
  7. Flexible payment options include electronic funds transfer (ECS) from any bank or account debit from IndusInd Bank.

How to Apply for a Personal Loan in the IndusInd Bank?

Visitors can begin by accessing the Personal Loan section from the home page. They will then be directed via a series of straightforward questions to a final results page that displays all available loans from various suppliers, including IndusInd Bank.

Following that, visitors may compare loans or begin the application procedure. Between steps, if visitors feel uneasy at any stage, they can call customer service for support and information on current promotions.

Indusind Bank Personal Loan Eligibility Criteria

IndusInd defines three categories of loan takers – Salaried, Self-Employed individual and Self-employed professional.

For salaried employees

Salaried workers, as defined by IndusInd Bank, include chartered accountants, physicians, select private and public sector employees, public sector union and central government employees, and government state and local government employees.

  • Available to specified workers between the ages of 21 and 60.
  • A monthly net income of at least Rs 25,000 is required.
  • Two years of experience in general and one year at the current firm are required.
  • Individuals renting housing must have lived in their current residence for a minimum of one year.

For self-employed Professionals

IndusInd defines self-employed professionals as architects, self-employed physicians and certified public accountants, engineers, corporate secretaries, and MBA consultants.

  • Candidates must be between the ages of 25 and 65.
  • Annual net income should exceed Rs. 4.8 lakhs.
  • Four years of post-qualification experience is required.

For self-employed individuals

Individuals who are self-employed may be partners, directors, or single proprietors in enterprises providing services, trade, or manufacturing.

  • Applicants must be within the ages of 25 and 65.
  • Net income of at least Rs 4.8 lakhs
  • A minimum of five years of experience following the completion of the required qualification.

Indusind Bank Personal Loan Documents Required

  1. Application form signed and accompanied by a photograph
  2. A photo-copy of your voter ID card, passport, or driver’s licence
  3. Bank statement from the last three months/6 bank passbook from the previous six months
  4. Documentation required for salaried candidates is as follows:
    1. Latest payslip
    2. The most recent Form 16 salary certificate.
  5. Self-employed candidates must provide the following documentation:
    1. Most recent bank statement,
    2. Most recent ITR or Form 16

Reasons for Rejection of Indusind Bank Personal Loan

  • Poor Credit Score: A credit score is a measurement of a person’s creditworthiness. A good credit score is based on your ability to repay a loan without defaulting. For a lender to determine the risk of default, a credit score is critical. Many personal loan applications are turned down by lenders due to weak credit scores. A person with a credit score of less than 750 may have trouble getting a personal loan.
  • Higher Size of Existing Debt: Lenders may reject your loan application if you have taken a lot of loans and your loan-to-net-income ratio is more than 40%.
  • Higher Loan Enquiries: An inquiry is when a lender requests your credit report from the credit bureaus when you apply for credit. Such inquiries are classified as hard inquiries by the credit bureau, and they will appear on your credit report. Even if it is available, you should not make too many inquiries.

Indusind Bank Personal Loan Features

  • Personal can be availed by individuals above the age of 21 years.
  • Their interest rate can be 10.49% (minimum), 31.50% (maximum) and 15.57% (mean).
  • The personal loan amount can be between Rs. 50,000 to 15 lacs.
  • The processing fee for the loan is 2.5%

Types of Personal Loan Offered by the IndusInd Bank

Residents with a steady income can apply for a home loan from IndusInd Bank. IndusInd has made its loan available to both self-employed workers and company owners. Individuals who are retired are also able to qualify for a house loan. A house loan can be used for a variety of reasons, including:

  • To build or buy a house or apartment.
  • To purchase residences constructed by government entities.
  • Obtaining an apartment with the aim of renting it.
  • To find a place for the applicant to live as a renter.
  • To buy a parcel of land on which to build a house.
  • Renovations, repairs, and additions are all things that need to be done.
  • Obtaining a second home.

Myths about the IndusInd Personal Loan

  • Pre-payment of Personal Loan always attracts Penalty: Prepayment of a Personal Loan does not necessarily result in a penalty. It is up to the lenders to impose any prepayment penalties. It has been observed that many lenders do not impose any prepayment penalties.
  • Personal Loan at Lowest Interest Rate is the Best: It is not true that the best Personal Loan is the one with the lowest interest rate. There are other significant factors to consider when choosing the best lender for a personal loan. Processing fees, qualifying amounts, loan payback terms, service difficulties, and other loan terms are examples of these components.
  • Hike in Interest Rate increases EMIs of Personal Loan: In addition to the lowest interest rate, you must examine all of these factors. Loans with a fixed rate of interest would be unaffected by an increase in interest rates. If you don’t want your EMIs to rise, you may also extend the term on a variable rate loan.

Conclusion on Indusind Bank Personal Loan

The loan money can be used for any personal financial need, such as wedding expenses, home renovations, medical expenses, consumer durable purchases, and so on. IndusInd Bank, on the other hand, provides a variety of personal loan schemes, such as Laptop/PC Finance, Consumer Loan, and so on, to satisfy the needs of individual applicants.

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