How to Get Clients for your CA Practice

How to Get Clients for your CA Practice?

How to Get Clients for your CA Practice: Needless to say, the professional credibility of a Chartered Accountant (CA) is often measured and evaluated by the number of clients they are working with. Even though CA, as a profession, is a high-paid career option, many aspects must be taken care of by an individual to get hold of more clients, especially those looking to hire chartered accountants and even willing to pay generously for the services.

To begin with, CAs must start realizing that in this digital age, many companies and individuals are looking for chartered accountants online, which pinpoints to the fact that CA professionals have to strengthen their presence online.

However, as a code of manner, chartered accountants are usually refrained from advertising their expertise and even clients as an unwritten code, whereby making it slightly trickier for them to get hold of a respected clientele from a digital channel.

However, in the upcoming sections, we shall look at a few things that every Chartered Accountant must and should do for increasing active clients.

Add in Partners along with this Convert Standalone Practice into a Full-Fledged Firm

Needless to say, clients usually hire accountants associated with an esteemed CA firm. Hence, for a CA to get hold of more clients, he or she must to expand his standalone practice. However, the firm looks excellent only if partners are working together in unison.

In the case of Chartered Accountancy, it is often difficult to add in professionals as everyone else is looking to create their own identity too.

One way to approach this would be to prepare a dedicated revenue-sharing structure that looks helpful to all the interested parties.

However, each aspect has to be separated based on the workload shared, contributed capital and even the well-founded work experience. Another profitable way of approaching this would be creating a profit-sharing model on the basis of clientele and deliverables.

Group The Clients

All your clients are not going to be equal. It is always suggested to group the clients on the basis of certain factors such as revenue, profitability, positive exposure, effectiveness, great connections, etc.

In short, one needs to find their ideal clients before they start running after the clients. It is not essential that one need to consider only financial aspects when building their clients.

There might be clients who are less profitable but might help one in creating a firm reputation. It is always better to look for clients in the area of one’s specialty. One can prepare a list of contacts from which they can ask for work.

One can contact their principals too. They will offer work if they are impressed by one’s work during their internship.

Concentrate on the Online Portals as well as Social Platforms

For a Chartered Accountant, it eventually comes down to the existing structure of fee and the eagerness of the clients to pay a desired amount of money. However, since there is a lot of pre-existing competition around, CAs have to upgrade their expertise by learning about the new tricks of the trade.

In addition to this, it is essential to demonstrate their knowledge in the form of relevant articles over online professional platform aggregators. In addition to this, having a decent social following also comes in handy in generating awareness.

The next 20 years are all about marketplaces and on-demand services. We are talking about a globally internet-connected workforce and how CAs and other business professionals adapt to technology. These digital platforms will determine how the Legal & Tax Industry provides the next million or billion.

Furthermore, Accounting and Legal Process outsourcing is a massive industry in the subcontinent, given the cheap workforce price.

Hence, strong digital marketplaces will offer CAs exposure to international business opportunities as well. Many online platforms empower digital age CAs, Accountants, Lawyers, and other business experts with business development and tools to manage their business.

Make Great Alliances With The Qualified And Trusted Professionals

The clients might be in connection with many other different firms for various services such as legal representation, investment advice, recruitments, technology, etc.

If one starts helping them with these services by providing referrals, they will get attracted to them. When one builds new alliances with trusted professionals, they can refer their clients to them, and in the same way, one can get new clients with these referrals.

Nowadays, people don’t have much time, so they want their services to get handled under one roof. When on starts helping their clients in saving their time, they might stay connected longer with them.

At the beginning-quality work to the client, they will like to shift the entire work to them and keep it under one CA. This way, one can open the doors of continuous income for themselves.

Moreover, one can do the meetings with their seniors in the CA profession; they could guide them in the right way to success or might introduce them further with some new clients.

Provide your contact numbers to these professionals so that they will contact you whenever they have some great work opportunities for you.

Create a Niche Market is Better

Many Chartered Accountants fail to carve out a niche arena and spend hours communicating with clients with diverse requirements. While networking is a highly potent tool when talking about getting a lot of customers, CAs need to realize that exploring into every micro area of work isn’t something that is expected to pay dividends.

Rather, a CA working on a specific niche is much better placed when it comes to getting recommendations, even from professionals about different sectors. For instance, if a CA specializes in bookkeeping services, they must start promoting this niche in order to get more clients instead of concentrating on various specializations.

Practice Effective Networking

Networking is highly effective and gives one positive result if one knows how to make the most out of the situation. Networking events are the most effective way of increasing one’s clients in today’s modern digital age.

It will offer excellent opportunities to meet new prospects. If networking is done right, one’s business growth is inevitable. The essential thing is one must be completely prepared before attending the networking events.

One needs to have complete knowledge about the other attendees before they go there. One can arrange the attendees’ list. Think about the advantages that one can provide to such clients.

Try to meet well-established people in such events and follow up on these meetings after the event. One can even contact government officials and visit the offices frequently. It will help in maintaining a good relationship with them, and one can open the doors for getting long-term business from them.

Be Dedicated to Your Work and Keep Yourself Updated

A dedicated Chartered Accountant (CA) needs to be more than ready to put in the hard work. Firstly, they must look to learn new things every day, which can be something on the lines of elaborate taxation and company agreement or something as simple as bookkeeping services.

Therefore, each piece of knowledge is essential when it comes to attracting their clients and making it easier for them to look for chartered accountants (CAs) online and even across offline platforms.

Nothing compares to knowledge when it comes to getting a hold of a more extensive clientele. Hence, Chartered Accountants (CAs) who are looking to get more clients to need to make arrangements to update the existing knowledge that they have sets precisely for staying relevant.

For someone looking forward to hiring chartered accountants, upgraded knowledge serves as a necessary criterion. With that being said, CAs that having upgraded skill sets must also make them public in order to reach a broader audience base.

Strong Professionalism and Ethics

With repeated financial mismanagement news in large and small organizations and repeated breaches of ethical codes, CA’s are under regulatory watch now more than ever. Upholding solid moral values is a must-have attribute for all the CAs.

They need to keep them up-to-date on new developments in the Accounting sphere, especially when it comes to ethical codes and standards. So, they must routinely track websites of think tanks and regulatory bodies to enroll in workshops for this sphere.

Adherence to the ICAS saying ‘Quaere Verum’, which implies ‘seek the truth’, has to be a must for all the CAs.


It goes without mentioning that a CA is a supreme commander when it comes to the handling of the client’s Tax & Accounting needs.

However, as the competition increases with each passing day, it has become even more critical for the upcoming and even existing CAs to follow the mentioned strategies to expand their existing client base and stay relevant.

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