How Can an Employee Verify PAN in UAN Website

How Can an Employee Verify PAN in UAN Website

How can an Employee Verify PAN in UAN Website: As per the Universal Account Number (UAN) on the Employee’s Provident Fund (EPF) website, verified KYC, such as Aadhaar, PAN which are digitally approved, will be considered for availing any services if you log in to the UAN website with your UAN and password and see PAN Unverified with a Verify button, as shown in the image below. This article talks about why EPFO needs PAN details, verifying PAN at the UAN website, and checking the status update of the PAN verification. It also gives a general overview of KYC for EPF.

There are a lot of instances where the PAN Verification process has failed. Petitions have been filed for this purpose on the petition.

On checking KYC by clicking Manage->KYC and check your Digitally Approved KYC, then in the Online Verification Status column, the PAN would appear as Unverified, as shown in the image below.

Why Does EPFO Require PAN?

PAN is needed by EPFO for deducting tax if you have contributed less than five years to the EPF organisation.

  • If the employee withdraws the EPF balance before completing 5 years of service, the EPF balance is taxable. For calculating the period of 5 years of service, service doesn’t need to be continued with the same employer, but it looks for the entire year of contribution to EPF.
  • TDS on EPF will be deducted if withdrawal is more than Rs 50,000. In Jun 2016, the limit was raised Rs 30,000 from Rs 50,000.
  • The rate of TDS: TDS will be deducted at 10 % provided PAN is submitted. Otherwise, TDS is removed at the rate of 34.608 % if PAN is not advanced.
  • There are certain anomalies to the reduction of TDS on EPF by EPFO.
  • TDS is deducted in case of transfer of PF from one account to another PF account

If the employee submits form 15G or Form 15H, then TDS is not deducted, which declares that their income would not be taxable after receiving the accumulated PF balance. Form 15H is offered by senior citizens (above 60yrs of age), and Form 15G is being provided by those below the age of 60 yrs.

For calculating the period of 5 years of service, service doesn’t need to be continued with the same employer. He may have worked in different organisations. But whenever a person changes the job, he must get the PF balance in the previous company transferred to the new company PF Account.

Example: If a person worked for 4 years in XYZ and 2 years in ABC and changing the job, he has transferred the PF balance of XYZ ltd to ABC. Then the total period of service would be 6 yrs. So, if he withdraws the accumulated PF balance, then it will not be taxable.

How to Verify PAN at UAN Website for Employees?

Note: Please try this on your desktop or Mobile in Desktop Mode, preferably in Chrome.

Note: If your Aadhaar is not uploaded and the name is different in UAN and Aadhaar, please use Modify Basic Details to make the modifications. This has to be done before uploading PAN, as shown in the image below and explained in the article e-KYC Portal of EPF Link UAN with Aadhaar without Employer.

PAN Already Uploaded Use Verify

  • If your employer has added the PAN, you will see the Verify button on Member Profile.
  • Go to your Main page by clicking Home in the Menu, and you would see the Verify button.
  • Click on Verify button in your Member Profile. You would see a message box saying Verifying.
  • Then a window will pop up saying PAN Verification is successful, as shown in the image below.
  • If you now check your KYC by clicking Manage->KYC, then you will notice that Online Verification Status for PAN now shows Verified by ITD (or income tax department), as shown in the image below.

PAN Not Uploaded, Upload PAN Document in Manage KYC

If your employer has not uploaded PAN, then when you upload PAN, Verification is done. Then your PAN Verification may Pass or Fail, as shown in the image below.

Workarounds after PAN Verification Failure

The workarounds after PAN Verification Failure is to match your name, gender details on the UAN site with that of the department of Income Tax.

After logging into the income tax website and go to Profile->Pan Details, you will find the Gender as shown in the image below.

Mismatch of Name Details in UAN website and PAN

  • Get the Name, Gender updated in PAN
  • The online method for Correcting PAN
  • Visit NSDL Online by going to
  • Select the ‘ PAN correction’ option from the ‘application type’ drop-down and fill out your details.
  • Offline method
  • To make corrections in the PAN offline, re-issuance, or surrender, an individual needs to submit the PAN correction form with the nearest NSDL collection centre and file a letter with the jurisdictional Assessing Officer.
  • Click here to download the form. The fields in this form are similar to the online form.
  • Get the Name, Gender Updated on the UAN website.
  • Submit the Joint declaration. Changing the personal details in the EPF account should be done jointly by you and your employer. There is a prescribed format for this application. The sample form of the correction in EPF details is shown in the image below.
  • If names and gender match and you cannot understand the reason, submit the request through the EPF grievance website. Our article How to register EPF complaint at EPF Grievance website online explains it in detail.


KYC stands for know your customer. If you have your KYC details in your UAN and approved by your employer, then dependency on the employer goes away. Then To withdraw or take a loan from EPF, you can directly approach EPFO.  Our article Online EPF Withdrawal: How to do Full or Partial EPF Withdrawal Online explains it in detail.

After logging on to UAN Website (, you can click Manage->KYC to see or add your details. You can add elements like PAN, Aadhar, and Passport for KYC. To add KYC, you can upload the document and related information.

Minimum you should have the following documents approved for KYC.

  • Bank Details
  • Aadhaar

Mandatory if you make a withdrawal before five years of EPF contribution as TDS is deducted.

Add the document’s details, Document Number, the name as registered, and the expiry date for passport and IFSC code for the bank and other details.

Click on the Save button.

After that, the documents will appear in the pending KYC section, and it will need the employers’ approval for the KYC details.

Petition at for Failure of PAN Verification and others

Many people who have KYC approved for PAN and Aadhaar are facing the problem of PAN verification failure. After asking EPFO on Twitter multiple times, we started a petition asking the following.

  • Is PAN Verification necessary if one has worked for more than five years?
  • How does PAN verification in UAN works?
  • Once the PAN Verification fails, how does one find out why the PAN verification failed?
  • Once one knows the problem, how to get it verified?

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