Gold Savings Schemes

Gold Savings Schemes – What are the Top Gold Investment Schemes?

Gold Savings Schemes: India is one of the most influential consumers of gold in the world. Between the years 2019 and 2020, people saw a 2.6% rise in gold prices in the last quarter of the financial year. Gold prices went to a record price of Rs. 41,124 per 10 grams. Due to the combined effect of surging global demand and the decreasing value of the rupee, gold prices hiked further to Rs. 44,315 per 10 grams. The pandemic has also inflated the prices of everything, including gold. Though the value of the rupee is variable according to the economic situation, gold prices remain almost constant.

There are many precious metals, but people place gold in high regard as an investment. It is because it has high liquidity and inflation-beating capability. People in India prefer gold investments to any other.  With the gold schemes, people can buy not only jewelry but also coins, bars, etc.

Since gold’s value can withstand any major economic upturn, investors consider it to be the primary haven in times of ups and downs. However, since it has substantial pricing, getting hold of large quantities of precious metal is financially challenging. If people want more of it, they get into the gold saving schemes. These schemes are dependent since only the most reliable jewelers offer these. These schemes help you to gain more significant amounts of it simply and affordably.

What is a Gold Saving Scheme?

A gold saving scheme acts as a recurring bank deposit. Just like you keep on depositing money at the end of each month or quarter and get a large sum at the end of the period, you keep investing, and at the end, you get a huge chunk of gold.

Jewelers also provide a bonus to the total sum that you deposited to cover up for the interest deficit you should get to keep your money for a certain period. Typically, the jewellers can offer to pay the last installment as an incentive or provide a discount on the previous installment.

For example, if you chose to invest in a gold savings scheme where you deposit Rs. 6000 per month, then as per the plan’s rules, you will need to make ten total deposits to get a 90% discount on the last installment, i.e. the 10th installment.

Hence, you will have to pay Rs. 60600 or [(6000 X 10) + (6000 X 10%) and you can enjoy a discount of Rs. 5400 at the end. At the last deposit of the tenure, you can purchase gold worth Rs. 66000 while paying for only Rs. 60600. Hence, you can get a significant benefit of a recurring deposit plan while also remaining fixed to your ultimate goal of depositing money and purchasing gold.

What are the Top Gold Investment Schemes?

There are many gold investment schemes available in the market. It is prudent to know about the organisation or the jeweller before signing the checks. Due to the high prices, buying gold in one go can hit your pockets very hard. These schemes are there to help you do the same without having to invest too much at once. We have listed the most popular ones below.

Jos Alukkas Easy Buy Gold Purchase Plan

It is an online gold saving scheme you can avail yourself of. Any individual person who wishes to subscribe to the plan will need to enroll in the project and play the installments online through online payment methods. The investment amount can range from Rs. 1000 to Rs. 1 Lakh as per your choice. Again, the subscriber will need to pay 12 monthly schemes.

After they have completed all the 12 installments, they can get the scheme promotion discount or the incentive for the plan. The scheme promotion discount will be 90% on one month’s installment at the end. It gets added to the aggregate deposits. Hence, they can purchase more for less.

The scheme lasts for 360 days in total. Individuals who want to enroll in it need to purchase the gold either online from the official Jos Alukkas website or offline from their showrooms after 30 days from the payment of their last installment. They need to buy the gold in either method but within 364 days from the date of joining. The subscribers can get the scheme and purchase 22k pure gold items using their matured amount.


  • The subscriber will get more for the price they deposit.
  • Since it is a trusted organisation, there is no fear of getting robbed.

Tanishq Golden Harvest Scheme

The Tanishq Golden Harvest Scheme is one of the best gold buying and saving schemes in India. People can start investing in the plan for as low as Rs. 2000 per month and in multiples of Rs. 1000. They must also note that once they have chosen the installment amount they wish to pay per month, they cannot change it during its course.

Furthermore, potential investors only need to pay their monthly installments for ten months. After that, the scheme will start maturing, and they can reap the benefits. After maturity, Tanishq will add a discount of 75% of one month’s installment. However, if a subscriber wants to withdraw their deposit after 300 days or ten months after the beginning of the investment, then they will be eligible for a discount ranging from 55% to 75%.

For example, if you invest Rs. Four thousand per month in the Tanishq Gold Harvest Scheme and decide to withdraw the aggregate deposit on the 301st day or after ten months, you will be eligible for a 55% discount. Thus, the total value of your redemption will be at Rs. 40,000 + (4000 X 55%) = Rs. 42,200.


  • There are more benefits you can get. For instance, the individuals with this scheme can club their redemption value with any other ongoing Tanishq offer and compound their benefits.
  • In this manner, individuals can purchase up to 22k pure gold or 18k diamond jewellery with the redemption value at the end that is ultimately more than they paid.
  • You can buy the gold from any of their outlets across India.
  • If you move to another state, your account will move with you.
  • You can also enroll in the program online and club the benefits with other offers.
  • Anybody above 18 years can join in the systematic purchase with the first installment amount of Rs. 1000, Rs. 2000, or Rs. 5000.
  • If you miss paying the installment for one month, you can pay it in the following month as well.

Malabar Gold and Diamond Smart Buy Plan

Malabar Gold and Diamond Smart Buy Plan is also a profitable gold scheme available in the market. With this scheme, individuals can purchase both out-of-stock and in-stock items of jewellery at discounted rates. The out-of-stock pieces will be manufactured and delivered specially to the subscriber at a future date they select.


  • The few advantages of the scheme are that it offers free maintenance of gold for their lifetime.
  • They also get a year’s insurance for free.
  • They also get the gold buyback guarantee, meaning that they can sell their gold back and get the entire sum.
  • Individuals will only get BIS Hallmarked 916 Gold under this scheme only. Hence, quality will never be an issue.

However, individuals will need to make the payment upfront in advance to get the Smart Buy Option. It is different than the other schemes in this regard. They shall also obtain the pieces of jewellery that do not need resizing. If they want to buy items they have to customise, they will have to pay extra since it will go under the Smart Buy and Customise option.

GRT Golden Eleven Flexi Plan

It is another monthly gold scheme. After enrolling, the customer can select a specific amount as their monthly advance payment starting from as low as Rs. 500. There are schemes that require the investors to pay for 11 months of advance payments. After making the advance deposit for the last month’s payment, they can buy jewellery except for special items without giving any Value addition or VA charges.


  • They can either opt for the value-based scheme or the gold weight-based option.

The customer must buy the pieces of jewellery within the 12th month from the enrollment date. If they do not, then the company might refund the total advance amount without any benefit to their registered bank account. Furthermore, if they do not make the advance payment for a month, their plan will get cancelled automatically from that month.

GRT Jewellers Golden Seed Plan

It is another gold scheme by GRT jewellers. In this plan, for each monthly installment, your account gets credited with the gold of the current rates. Hence, you can directly buy grams of gold each month at the existing rates instead of buying them at the end of the term when it matures. It helps to protect your investment from fluctuating gold values. It is similar to the regular one in terms of the monthly installments, apart from the fact that you do not get to buy gold only at the end.

The minimum monthly installment starts from Rs. One thousand onwards and in multiples of Rs. 1000 only. The GRT Jewellers Golden Seed plan though has a more extended period of maturity that is 15 months. You can get plain jewellery with no wastage up to 18% and without any making charges. You can also get diamond, platinum, emerald, or ethnic pieces from the plan and the making charges will be applicable. If you do not wish to buy jewellery, you can get the gold coins of 22k or 24k with the accumulated amount.


  • Your plan is protected from the fluctuation in gold prices.
  • You can make the payment by COD, Money order, or by cheques as well. It would help if you paid it before the 10th of each month.
  • Even if you miss an installment, your scheme remains valid, only the maturation date gets postponed accordingly.

If you wish to discontinue before the end of the term, you can buy items for the installment amount you accrued. You will lose the benefits of the gold weight accumulation and the no wastage option or the no-making charges option.

Gitanjali Tamanna Monthly Saving Scheme

Gitanjali is one of the world’s largest leading jewellery brands that includes leading stores such as Gili, Nakshatra, D’Adam’s, Diya, Maya Gold, Parineeta, and much more. Their one shop stop outlets across India provide you with exciting options where you get benefited at the end. The minimum amount begins with Rs. One thousand per month and increases in multiple of Rs. 1000 only. After paying 12 months of installment, you get two months’ worth of installment free on diamond jewellery and one month on gold.

You can purchase only jewellery and not coins or bars in this scheme.


  • You can stand to win surprise gifts each month through a lucky draw they hold
  • You can enroll in their scheme through their outlets only.
  • You will get a passbook which gets updated each month after you pay the money. It ensures easy tracking of the payments and correct entry.
  • You have to make the payments within the 10th of each month by cash or cheque.
  • The maturity date will get postponed only if you miss an instalment, but it will not get cancelled.

Tribbhovandas Bhimji Zaveri Kalpavruksha Plan Super

Tribbhovandas Bhimji Zaveri is a famous company based in Mumbai’s Zaveri Bazaar since 1864. They are a trusted company. You can enrol into their monthly scheme of twelve, fifteen, eighteen, or twenty-four months according to your situation and goals. The minimum amount begins from Rs. 1000 and in multiples of Rs. 500. You can buy 22k gold, diamond or platinum jewellery with cash, money order, or post-dated cheques through this plan. You need to pay each month’s instalment before the 15th.


  • Even if you miss an instalment, your scheme remains valid but gets delayed,
  • You can discontinue it before the end of the scheme and buy pieces for the total amount from the installment only without any benefits; though if you wish to discontinue before the 3rd month, you need to pay Rs. 500 as administrative charges.

Comparison of the Different Schemes

When we compare these schemes it becomes clear that most of them have the same benefits, and it comes down to your personal opinion and trust in each of them. But the difference between them is the percentage benefit you get and the company’s contribution at the last month. Some offer one month, and some offer two. Hence people should carefully consider their benefits and invest.

There are many advantages and disadvantages of all the above schemes. Individuals should ideally duly consider their financial situation and affordability as well as their investment goals before jumping on the gold strategies. Since such a scheme might require a hefty investment each month, people should plan their expenses accordingly in those months where they have to make a deposit.

Disadvantages of the Gold Saving Schemes

Even though all the plans are beneficial for you if you wish to buy jewellery, it might not be as helpful since you have to pay for the making charges on them and they are not always 24k. If the ornaments are not of 24k, you will not get the total price. The price you will acquire when you sell it back to them is devoid of the making charges.

If you are an investor and not a collector of ornaments, it is prudent to invest in gold biscuits, coins or bars since they are always 99.99% pure gold with no making charges. You will always get the entire amount back if you sell it or more if the prices have increased.

Furthermore, if you have some emergency, you cannot get cash if you wish to discontinue the scheme, at the best, you can get some money by selling the pieces you can buy with the partially accumulated money. On top of this, you can only avail of the benefits if you complete the entire term of the installments. You will have to forgo the bonus if you stop in between. If you save the same money every month in a fixed deposit, you can probably get more out of the interest.

Another example of the disadvantage you might face is that if the gold prices increase by the end of the tenure, you will definitely have to pay extra for the change in the price at the end. It sometimes can seem unfair, but it is the policy. Only a few companies offer you with buying gold for a specific amount for each month, but most of them do not. Hence, you should be aware of the risk you might end up facing.

But most of all, the jeweler gets the most advantage out of the schemes. Not only can they sell you their products, but they get a guarantee that you will buy from them only at the end. Furthermore, they get some money each month that they either use as they please to maintain their company or put it into fixed deposits. A majority of the time, people end up buying ornaments for a higher price than the amount they invested. Hence, the business interest of the supplier is sealed.

It is wise to go for the short-term schemes of say 12 months if you wish to enroll in one of them. You can nevermore know when you might need the money for an emergency. Hence, you can always keep aside some and then invest some as per your need but never the majority of what you own.

In conclusion, the gold schemes are good for you if you have a wedding or an event planned and your need gold jewellery. If you are an investor, though, it might not be the most profitable plan in the market. Please check the cancellation or discontinuation policies for each of them before you jump into them to save yourself from disputes in the future.

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