G P Parsik Bank Personal Loan | Documents, Eligibility, Features and Reasons

G P Parsik Bank Personal Loan: Taking up personal loans from any bank gives financial security along with some best interest rates that can be beneficial for immediate needs. Personal loans can fulfill requirements of luxury, need, importance and more, and the benefits of taking loans are different on different banks.

GP Parsik bank started working at a village called Kalwa on 21st May 1972 by Shri Gopinath Shivram Patil. The main motive of building this bank was to help everyone who was in need, so even now, the GP Parsik bank account opening form is the easiest and fastest way to start the journey.

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This article will cover GP Parsik Bank Account Number and GP Parsik bank interest rates of loans and accounts that you should know before applying to them, the eligibility criteria, and other necessities. To know more about these, read the blog below:

G P Parsik Bank

About Personal Loan and GP Parsik Bank

A person who is a saviour or an unsecured loan that you borrow from a bank in return will pay back the money to them with a certain interest rate to it. Different banks have different interest rates and services, which differentiates the personal loan.

Personal loans are used to fulfill humans’ uncertain or leisure activities like vacation, medical emergencies, education, house, etc. These kinds of expenses are covered by the bank with flexible interest rates. These kinds of loans require no less security to borrow money and use for basic needs.

GP Parsik gives details of financial services and options to customers like fixed deposits, personal loans, car loans, locker etc. The details of the bank can be easily accessed by you online methods, the net worth of this bank is in Mumbai, and to date, it has 92 branches working successfully.

Documents and Eligibility Criteria

Personal Loan online and offline services are accessible from different banking institutions. The loan amount is granted within the next few hours if the lender is comfortable and confident in your potential to pay back the amount.

GP Parsik Bank, when giving for personal loans, requires certain documents and eligibility criteria that a person has to pass through before getting the loan.

The eligibility criteria for a personal loan

  • The candidate applying has to be from the age group 21-58 years.
  • Should be of sound mind and a job holder or Business so that they are capable of repaying the amount with interest as asked.
  • Up to a minimum of three years of work experience in a present job or profession.
  • Should be an Indian citizen and not a visa holder of any other country.

Documents Required for Personal loan

  • Personal loan Application form signed in proper places
  • Two Photographs prefered current
  • Proof of address currently staying at like aadhar card, ration card.
  • Proof of Id that says he is an Indian citizen like passport, bank etc.
  • Bank passbook updated for last six months.
  • Income certificate or tax return certificate of the Candidate.
  • Documents required for an NRI looking for a personal loan
  • Xerox of the passport of the individual.
  • Visa copy printed
  • Bank statement of an accessible account.
  • Official mail id and contact details
  • Salary proof or certificate of last six months at least.
  • Bank statement NRO/NRE of last six months
  • Identity and address proof of locality and outside, including assets.
  • Recent two passport size photo to fill the form

It needs to be noted that eligibility criteria and documents required differ from candidate to candidate, and you can always check it through an online website.

Features of GP Parsik Personal Loan

The main work of a personal loan is to act as a credit to the customer’s verification and approval process. There are features like payment of the loan, documents of loan, EMI of loan that require special attention and hence for the discussion.

Before going to features, let’s solve the initial need for ways to apply for the loan.

  1. Apply online- you can open the bank website, start filling up the personal information that they are asking for and then ask for the loan type you want. After doing this, upload necessary documents and check the eligibility criteria and then apply for the loan.
  2. Apply offline- for an offline message; you can go to the bank of any branch that is near to your house and then ask about the documents and other things they will be taking. Submit all the required documents and duly fill-up the form with the correct signature to start the process of loan approval.

Personal Loan Details of Repayment and Loan Interest

  • The interest rate is 8.95% onwards.
  • The loan amount that can be taken is up to 50 lakhs.
  • The tenure of the loan is up to 5 years.
  • Processing fee charged from the bank is 0-3% of the loan amount taken plus the GST.
  • For salaried employees, the age requirement is 21-60 years, and for self-employed, it is 22- 55 years.
  • Minimum monthly income has to be 15,000 for salaried individuals and 25,000 for self-employed, with a CIBIL score above 750.
  • The loan amount granted for salaried applicants is 50,000 to 25 lakhs, and for self-employed, 50,000 to 50 lakhs.

Now we know the what’s the purpose of the loans, and we will shift the features of GP parsik Bank personal loan.

  • Maximum loan amount can be sanctioned.
  • Maximum 60 EMIs given to complete the repayment of the loan.
  • The repayment period depends on the credit scores of the account holder.
  • No loan is given if the applicant has a higher quality of existing debt amount.
  • Easy processing of the loan and the application.
  • Interest rates are very competitive and attractive for the candidates.
  • May give special schemes and exemptions for large companies taking loans.
  • No rigid security system is there, so taking the loan is fast.
  • Now let’s focus on ways to repay the loan; the repayment starts from 12 EMIs and extends for the period the first based on the credit score and amount of loan taken.
  • You can pay the loan through a check or cash deposited every month in hand to the bank.
  • If it is a salaried or Business account linked to this Bank, then the bank will cut the amount regularly at the end of the bank upon access.
  • An internet banking solution is recommended through the bank.
  • Through a mobile banking app if the bank you are accessible from has the option available.

Reason to Choose G P Parsik Bank Loan

There are reasons to choose this Bank for getting your loan.

  • Fast approval of loan- GP Parsik Bank has one of the easiest methods to borrow money or take a loan. Simply by building up your credit history, the approval for the sanction of a loan can be speedy.
  • 24/7 work- the phone banking services on the internet have become convenient, search easy to contact customer service executives which specialties can help you with every step even offline and online method.
  • Loan- this Bank provides various individual loans to the customers based on their requirement with attractive interest rates, like business loans, gold loans, housing loans, education loans.

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