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Freedom 251 – Specifications, How to Book and Concerns and The Most Significant Ponzi Scheme Of The Decade?

Freedom 251: In a country where smartphones are priced at Rs. Seven thousand are regarded as the essential volume generators; imagine the uproar if an Rs. 251 smartphone is published.

Freedom 251 had sparked a massive hysteria in the region, considering the low price of Rs 251.

The Ringing Bell Freedom 251 is by far the most affordable Smartphone on the market. Its actual implementation and architecture are remarkable, and the pre-installed software is also convenient. The phone’s price point makes it a very attractive product.

The Ringing Bell Freedom 251 cellphone was formally introduced to the public in New Delhi at an event attended by Dr. Murli Manohar Joshi, who is a Member of the Parliament hailing from BJP.

The concepts of Digital India, Ability India, and Make in India were given a ton of significance at the launch event, as were the phone’s potential future usage cases to encourage people who live in rural and semi-urban locations.

Benefits of Purchasing the Smartphone

  • Low-cost phone
  • Excellent setup
  • Expandable Memory as per the needs
  • Apps that come pre-installed, all of which are useful

Drawbacks to Buying the Smartphone

  • The inadequate quality front-facing camera
  • Bog standard battery backup

Complete Detailed Parameters of the Smartphone Freedom 251 by the Ringing Bells

Basic Parameters of the device

  • Ringing Bells is the name of the company that makes the phone.
  • The model’s name is Freedom 251.
  • This one was launched in February 2016 and housed a touchscreen, as do most smartphones on the marketplace.
  • The phone provides an average battery life of about 1450 mAh. It also has a removable lithium-ion battery that has an hour of talk time on the scale.

Specifications for Display 

  • The Freedom 251 has a 4.00-inch screen and an IPS LCD monitor.
  • The handset has a touchscreen with a screen resolution of 540 x 960 pixels and a pixel density of 275ppi.

Specification details for the hardware of the phone

  • The Freedom 251 is backed by a 1.3GHz quad-core processor, which is supported by1GB of RAM.
  • The handset has up to 8GB of internal capacity.
  • It has expandable storage with a microSD card with a maximum capacity of 32GB

Image quality

  • The phone has a 3.2-megapixel camera on the back with autofocus, a LED flash, and image stabilization capabilities.
  • The front monitor has a remarkably low resolution of around 0.3 megapixels. Nevertheless, the customer can use it for video calls with acceptable performance.

Software Development

  • The operating system on the Freedom 251 is Android 5.1 Lollipop.


  • It has Wi-Fi connectivity, which ensures high-quality web browsing.
  • Even though it lacks GPS, it also has some Bluetooth functionality.
  • It also lacks a USB OTG jack.
  • The device uses 3.5mm headphones and other electronic devices with the same connector, and it does have an FM radio.
  • The Freedom 251 has two SIM card slots and operates on a 3G network.
  • That being said, in India, it does not support 4G/LTE or 4G. (Band 40).
  • You can improve your internet experience by connecting to Wi-Fi hotspots in your city.
  • Allows one to use their internet access on a laptop that has been Wi-Fi internet.

Sensors Included Inside The Device

The Freedom 251 lacks the following sensors:

  • compass and magnetometer.
  • Accelerometer
  • Light sensor for the environment
  • Barometer and Gyroscope
  • Temperature detector

The Proximity sensor is the only sensor on the handset.

Special Features

  • The Freedom 251 smartphone comes pre-installed with many typical applications of daily use, including Women Safety, Swachh Bharat, and Fisherman, to name a few
  • A default one-year warranty will back the handset.
  • “This warranty of the Product lasts for 12 months for the central server, six months for battery and charger, and three months for earphones beginning from the date of purchase,” based on the current company’s website.

Background History of Ringing Bells

Ringing Bells Pvt. Ltd., was founded in 2015 and is centered in Noida, offers the Freedom 251 smartphone. Three cell phones and one power bank are for sale on the ringing bell website, and every one of them is now out of stock.

Ringing Bells has released numerous other smartphones, including the Smart 101, Master, and 4U cell phones and a 5600mAH power bank called Kiwi.

Some media organizations tested the Freedom 251 smartphone, which Ringing Bells sent, and reported that perhaps the manufacturer sent them Adcom devices with white paint over the iPhone-like device’s emblem.

Aspects to Consider Prior to Ordering the Freedom 251

  • A common hypothesis in nature is when something appears to be too perfect; to be honest, it probably is.
  • Ringing Bells is an inexperienced company with no record of success in appliances, so it’s impossible to determine the final product’s output, including after service, at this time.
  • Your unit might take up to four months to process, as per the company website.
  • The website seems to have no refund policy. However, it does mention that a one-year guarantee supports your Freedom 251 device.

Freedom 251- A Scam

Freedom 251 is a hoax! The least expensive mobile scheme is spinning out to be another decade’s greatest con.

However, only a few days after ‘Freedom 251′ hit the market, and it had become completely obvious that the product was solely a principle instead of just an operating device.

Despite the fact that Ringing Bells “launched” the device with much pomp and circumstance on February 17, 2016, the organization had not produced even a single unit of the Smartphone to be sold on the day before the internet marketing began.

The finished product is a questionable redesigned blatant copy

The Hindustan Times examined a prototype device of the Freedom 251 and discovered that it is a fraudulent, renamed money-making scam of a smartphone sold by Adcom, a Delhi-based producer and exporter of gadgets and electronic goods. And Adcom’s Marketing Executive mentioned, “We have no idea why our product has been used on the Freedom 251.”

The phone that is reportedly being rebranded (without their consent) is the Adcom A400, which was released prior to the Freedom 251—as a result, Ringing Bells maybe now simply selling the existing stock at a cheaper profit.

The most ironic component is that a whitener replaces Adcom’s branding. Hardly any legitimate smartphone supplier or dealer would do such a thing. Never, ever!

Adcom, on the other hand, sells the renamed Smartphone for Rs 4000. How is a business venture planning to rebrand it and market it for Rs 251?

This is indeed a huge warning sign for a fraudulent alarm.

Lies And deceit

According to the predictive analytics on their homepage, this Smartphone will come pre-loaded with a wide range of applications like Swachh Bharat, Women Safety App, Facebook, WhatsApp, and plenty of others. That being said, there was no such application on the evaluation system.

Furthermore, the device purchased by HT differs significantly from the handset seen on their website and in full-page newspaper advertisements.

In reality, the icons and browser appear to be identical duplications of the iOS icons and Safari browser.

Pricing that is unreasonable or impossible to achieve

Mobile Industry Association the Indian Cellular Association (ICA) communicated to Telecom Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad, recommending that he investigate the incident. No manufacturer can sell such a smartphone for less than Rs 2700, even after accounting for all concession criteria.

“For your understanding, the bill of material (BOM) value for a commodity like this and when sourced from the poorest supply chain costs approximately USD 40 (Rs 2,700),” said ICA President.

Assuming that this Smartphone has a 4-inch touchscreen, a Qualcomm 1.3-GHz quad-core processor, and 1 GB of RAM, the expense of each feature alone would have been much more than Rs 251.

Not Government Ratified

Ringing Bell, the holding company behind the compelling bid, isn’t really recognized under the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), which suggests they are not authorized to distribute any commodity in India.

This is a significant warning sign, signaling that it is a hoax. Even so, there is no handle mentioned on their official site; the copy they have written highlighting the features and benefits is all unimpressive, and the Tweets they are posting are downright obnoxious.

The owner has indeed been convicted.

In 2017, Goel intended to sell ‘Freedom 251′ smartphones for Rs 251, advertising them as the most affordable mobile available on the market. Additionally, mobile delivery did not work according to the plan, and Goel was arrested in 2017 for fraud.

In 2018, he was detained in an extortion event. After the owner of Ghaziabad-based Ayam Enterprises filed an FIR claiming that Ringing Bells “swindled” it of Rs. 16 lakh, Indian police detained Goel. Ringing Bells’ customer support agent, Cyfuture, has also accused the company of fraud and repossession of payments.

The website has currently expired and has been offered for sale off by GoDaddy. The current owner revamped it into a Tech blog on March 24, 2019.

Ringing Bells challenges to have already delivered 5,000 Freedom 251 units by July 9, 2016 and claims to be supplying another 65,000 units to clients.

It is not really a ‘Make in India’ initiative.

Though the company initially claimed that Freedom 251 was a part of the Make in India campaign, proper investigation and actual time product subsequently proved this statement to be completely misleading.

Ringing Bells has received requests and money for the first 30,000 smartphones.

These smartphones, nonetheless, are also not made in India. In truth, the company may not even have finished devices on deck.

Furthermore, since there is no production unit in India, Ringing Bells will produce the remaining units of the Smartphone outside of the region.

There is little assurance about where to get a full refund

Thirty thousand people paid for the Freedom 251 mobile directly up to the close of the registration deadline. Even then, if the units shipped to them are not appropriate, the consumers will inevitably return the product and apply for a refund.

Nevertheless, there are no specific rules for receiving a rebate for disappointing elements in the project.

The Akash tablet’s resemblance to the Freedom 251

Freedom 251 is similar to the Aakash Tablet. Accordingly, what was the final result of the Aakash Tablet?

The Government of India encouraged Aakash, an Android-based tablet, to link 25,000 colleges and 400 universities in an e-learning initiative. DataWind, a British-Canadian agency, created it.

On October 5, 2011, the concerned authorities finally opened the Aakash tablet in New Delhi. Aakash’s consumer version was advertised as UbiSlate 7. On November 11, 2012, the Aakash 2, named UbiSlate 7C initially, was officially confirmed. The official site of the Akash tablet company was

The Aakash tablet was one of the year’s most significant errors of judgment. Rather than just a home-grown computer that could provide more considerable support to students, we received a tablet with an undependable touchpad and latency and one that was so poor that most applications wouldn’t operate correctly.

The worst-case scenario was that it required to be entirely updated after just a few hours of perceived usefulness.

The concept was moved to IIT Bombay in April 2012. Consequently, it was announced in mid-2013 that the Department of Electronics and IT would proceed with this now.

The New Controversy of The Owner of Ringing Bells

The owner of Ringing Bells, Mohit Goel, has been accused of defrauding dry fruit merchants in a recent controversy.

Noida Authorities caught the Freedom 251 perpetrator in the Rs 200-crore racket.

Dubai Dry Fruits and Spices Hub is the branding of his startup company.

According to the police, Goel would purchase dried fruits at higher-than-average prices from merchants through India. In comparison, he would make prompt payments in an attempt to acquire their respect and confidence and trust.

Subsequently, however, he would put bulk orders and make a 40% advance payment through bank transfers or other modes of online payment.

The rest he would settle for post-dated paychecks, which would potentially get rejected at the bank.

According to the police, Goel and his coworkers started a business from Gurugram in 2017. Later on, they terminated and shifted to Noida in 2019.

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