FAQ's on UAN Number and Change of Job

FAQ’s on UAN Number and Change of Job

FAQ’s on UAN Number and Change of Job: An employee gets allotted to a Universal Account Number or UAN if his/her employer makes the EPFO contribution. Many people have different doubts regarding UAN, which are not cleared till now. People find all this stuff confusing and hard to process, which is why they need a proper explanation on UAN. However, to ease the individual’s doubts, the officials of EPFO has designed the UAN Helpdesk Portal which can be accessed from the official website of EPFO. Also, in this article, we have tried to answer some of the frequently asked questions on UAN in the simplest way possible.

In this article, we also have included certain points on how the UAN gets affected when an employee decides to change a job.

What is a UAN Number?

UAN is known as the Universal Account Number. It is a 12-digit number that has been allotted to an employee who has been contributing some part of his/her salary to EPF. This Universal Number is considered to be a big step towards shifting the EPF services into online mode. This will make the EPF services more user-friendly and less complex. One must know that the Universal Account Number allotted to an employee remains the same throughout his/her lifetime. It doesn’t change when one decides to change his/her job.

What is the Importance of UAN Number?

Once an employee has been allotted his/her UAN number, then he/she can get a lot of information just by entering the UAN number. Let’s discuss some of the benefits that an employee gets after registration of UAN in the UAN Member e-sewa portal:

  • One can download his/her updated EPF passbook. The passbook will give details regarding the balance in the EPF account by breaking it into Employee Contribution (ER) and Employee Contribution (EE). Deductions to the Employee Pension Scheme are also mentioned in the EPF passbook.
  • One can link his/her previous PF accounts (before October 2014)  to the UAN number that are not linked.
  • One can upload his/her KYC data.
  • One can change the registered mobile number or the registered email address.
  • According to resources, it is believed that in the future, employees will have the authority to apply for online PF transfer through UAN itself. At present, this is done through two separate processes by using Online Transfer Claim Portal (OTCP).

How is UAN Number Allotted?

  • The EPFO is responsible for allotting employers the UAN numbers of all his/her employees. These are the employees for whom EPF contribution is made by the employer.
  • If an employee doesn’t have a UAN number, then he/she must be in his/her first job, or he/she must have joined the job before January 2014. Before January 2014, the processing of UAN numbers had not been started. The employer is responsible for requesting EPFO for allotting a UAN number for its employees along with the member ID.
  • For employees who already have a UAN number, the employer will request the EPFO for generating new member IDs for them so that it can get linked to the existing UAN number of the employees by submitting form 11.
  • After getting the UAN number, the employer must give it to the employees and demand KYC forms from them.
  • After getting the KYC details, the employer is responsible for updating those details on the EPFO website as soon as possible.
  • An employee can also submit KYC details by uploading the scanned copy of the KYC form to the EPFO website. This is done after UAN registration is finished. However, the employer must verify the KYC details digitally for further approval.

What About KYC and UAN?

KYC is considered to be the acronym of Know Your Customer or Know Your Client. The financial institutions and some regulated companies must collect KYC Forms from their clients in order to get relevant information about them before starting to do business with them. The KYC form is proof of the claims the client had made about himself/herself. This is why while registering for UAN, KYC is needed. There are two ways for doing the KYC of UAN.

  • The employer takes responsibility for requesting KYC documents from his/her employees and uploading them on the EPFO website on their behalf.
  • The employee, himself/, uploads a scanned copy of the KYC document on the website, and the employer approves it. This can be done by going to the profile menu and clicking on Update KYC Information which one can see in the member portal. The uploaded document must be approved by the employer, or else the status of the document will remain pending. One can use the following documents for KYC:
    • National Population Register
    • Permanent Account Number
    • Bank Account Number
    • Passport
    • Driving License
    • Election Card
    • Ration Card

What is a UAN Card?

UAN card is meant for showing the Universal Account Number and other details that are related to the UAN number. Though till now, there is no clear explanation about its usage.

The front side of the UAN Card: It displays the UAN number, name of the employee, his/her father’s/Husband’s name, member ID, Photo and KYC. If the employer has uploaded the KYC document, then it will reflect on the UAN card; it will reflect as YES instead of NO.

The backside of the UAN Card: It displays the latest member ID that has been linked with the UAN along with the helpdesk no and email-id.

Change of Job and UAN Number

When an employee changes his/her job, the Universal Account Number allotted to him/her doesn’t change; it remains the same. The employee must inform the new employer and give the UAN number so that the employer can link it to a new member id. This is executed by filling up the New Form 11, which is considered to be a replacement for Form 11 and Form 13.  In this form, one can find the new circular, which was issued on 2nd January 2015.  The new form has a section where the employee has to fill up the details of the previous employer.

One can download the new Form 11 from the UAN website. Firstly, one needs to log in and then click on selecting forms; after that, he/she needs to click on the Declaration Form. A page will appear where one has to fill up the date of exit of previous employment.

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