EPF Claim and Refund and Other Bank Problems

EPF Refund and Bank Account Problems: EPFO or Employee Provident Fund is a retirement benefits policy for everyone who gets a salary. The Employee Provident Fund Organisation of India or EPFO maintains it for everyone. During the work tenure of an employee, they contribute twelve percent of their salary into their EPF account.

For specific reasons, if someone applies for the EPF withdrawal, they must provide their bank details such as their name, account number and IFSC code. If they make a mistake in writing these pieces of information, then the withdrawal money will not go through the EPF account and into the other account. If such a mishap occurs, they need to file a reauthorisation letter to the Regional EPFO office.

In another situation, if the bank account is closed and the cheque is not received, then you will follow a procedure. The person who has made the mistake of writing of wrong account number in their details will return the cheque. Next, they will get the receipt of the cheque from the banker of the Provident Fund office and write about the mistake to a member and employer and request them to give the correct details to the bank, i.e., a/c number and address.

If they learn about their mistake before returning their cheque, they can write to the Provident Fund office through the help of their former employer and mention their present address and bank account number.

In another scenario, if the bank account is closed or the bank details don’t match due to some name mismatch or even if the numbers or digits don’t concur, then there is no need to resubmit the withdrawal application. If it happens, then they can fill the reauthorisation form to correct the error.

PF Reauthorisation Form

  • People need the reauthorisation if there are some incorrect bank details with the UAN number.
  • Firstly, you have to check the bank details in the UAN portal.
  • Then you can find the mistake in the bank details.
  • Apply for KYC with correct details.
  • Please do not apply for withdrawal again. If you do so, then the EPFO will reject it.
  • The amount will get returned to the EPFO due to the wrong bank details.
  • After filling the reauthorisation form, you can submit it to the regional PF office.

How To Fill Reauthorisation Form

  • Firstly, fill in the regional PF office address that belongs to you at the upper left side of the column.
  • In the subject section, you can select the claim that you had submitted earlier but was returned. If you had applied for an advance claim, you could choose the advance option and cross out the other options.
  • Next, fill in the UAN number in the bottom blank are of the subject section.
  • You will see that later in the description, there is the first line where you can select the claim you submitted as in the subject section you selected.
  • In the first line of the description, you can then fill the UAN details, such as the UAN number.
  • In the second line, you can select the NEFT option and fill in the amount that got approved before. For the amount, check claim status in the member passbook portal, review the claim status and fill in the exact amount.
  • In the third line, you can fill your claim settlement date, which is also your claim dispatch date. You can get this information at the claim status in the member passbook portal as well. Then again, you have to select the claim you had applied.
  • In the fourth line, you can fill the claim return date that you can see in the remark section of your claim status.
  • Finally, in the description, you have to select NEFT in the fifth line and mention the exact previously approved amount.

How to Correct Bank and Contact Details in PF Reauthorisation Form

  • You can mention your name in the form below the description in the bank detail section.
  • Then, mention the correct bank account number.
  • Below this information, you can mention the correct details such as the bank name, IFSC code, and branch name with the pin code.
  • You can mention the correct bank account number here.
  • Below this, you mention the bank name, IFSC code and the pin code.
  • There is a permanent address section below where you give the details, contact number, and pin code.
  • There is the signature section below the bank details where you can take your company’s authorised person’s signature or the signature of the bank manager.
  • Lastly, you have to sign below the signature section of the permanent address and mention your Father’s or Husband’s or Wife’s name below that.
  • After you have filled in all these particularities, then your form is ready. You now have to attach the cancelled check of the bank details and mention it and submit it at the regional PF office you belong to.

How to Get the Details of Your Regional EPFO Office

  • If you need to get the regional EPFO office’s details, you can visit them and get the information. You will require the documents such as Payslip, a letter from the employer and your identity proof such as your Aadhaar card, to the EPFO office.
  • If you wish to get the details online, then you can go to the site www.epfindia.gov.in.
  • Click on the Our services option and go to Employers.
  • Click on the Establishment search.
  • Enter the Captcha
  • Click on search
  • Click on view details
  • You will get the establishment details with the name of the Regional EPFO office and their address.

We hope these instructions could help you. People have different experiences with such form fill-ups and submissions. Though it is a hassle, it is a necessity. Kindly visit the EPFO office to learn more about the timings and other specifics of the refiling and correction process.

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