Draft Memorandum Association Society

Draft Memorandum Association Society | Definition, AIM, Objects, Admission Fee and Termination


In these ‘Rules and Regulations’ unless there is something offensive in the title or context.

  1. Public means “Organization enrolled beneath the Public Registration Act, 1860”.
  2. Governing body means the governing body/executive committee or the executive committee
  3. General body means: – the general body of
  4. Member of the executive council means: – a member of the executive council
  5. Member means: – general body member
  6. Defender means: – Manager

Registered Office

The registered office of the Society shall remain in the Name of the State and is currently the full address of the Society.

What is the area of Operation for the Registered Office?

It operates all over India.

Main AIM and Objects of Draft Memorandum Association Society

The aims and objects established by the Memorandum Association Society are as follows: –

  • Promoting education, including special education and skills development especially for children, women, the elderly, and various disability development projects;
  • Ensuring environmental sustainability, environmental equity, plant and animal protection, animal welfare, agricultural agriculture, conservation of natural resources, and maintaining soil, air, and water quality;
  • Protection of national, arts, and cultural heritage including the restoration of historic buildings and artifacts; to establish public libraries; to promote and develop traditional arts and crafts.

All events, incomes, earnings, movable or immovable properties will be used in a lot of functions and will be used for the continuous purpose of the development of objectives and purposes. No money can be paid or transferred, directly or differently by distribution, bonus, benefits, or in any way to members of the public and period or over the person. No members of the public will have any personal claims in any personal property organization or public property or benefits for any period of membership.

The names, addresses, functions, and appointments of the current members of the Governing Body are the directors of the Society as required by section 2 of the Societies Registration Act, 1860.

Desirous Person

We the subscribers below wish to form an Association called “NAME OF THE PUBLIC” Public address under the Public Registration Act, 1860, as applicable in the Name of State, following this Memorandum of Association.


Membership of the Society is open to any person who has reached the age of majority and fulfills the terms and conditions of the Association but is subject to the endorsement of the Governing Body of the Society.

There are three types of membership:

  • Founder Life Member: The signatories to the Association’s Memorandum as aspirants and members of the First Governing Body shall be called the Living Members of the Founders of the Organization and will jointly be called Members of the Founding Board of Health.
  • Life Members: All adults who have reached the age of maturity and who meet the terms and conditions of the Association may apply to the Secretary on the prescribed form to become a member of the Association and the Society may register such a person on payment of entrance fees, as a member of the Society. Such a request shall be made by the Secretary in consultation with the President before the Governing Body. The Governing Body approves or disapproves of the request.
  • Honorary Members: The Governing Body may register any person as an Honorable Member for a term of one year only. This may be extended if in if someone else deems the Governing Body appropriate.

Note: If the membership is not approved by the Governing Body the reason for the thief in thief in / applicant concerned.

Admission Fee and Subscription

Admission and registration fees will be as low;

  1. Admission fee: Rs. ____.
  2. Annual Registration monthly fee. ____

Membership fees / annual subscription fees may be adjusted by the Society’s Governing Body where necessary.

Refusal for Membership

The Governing Body may disqualify any person from membership as long as the reasons for the refusal are passed on to the individual/applicant.

Membership Withdrawal

Any member may resign from membership in his or her desire to do so in writing to the Secretary-General / Secretary.

Termination of Membership or Cessation of Membership

The Governing Body of the Association shall have the power to terminate the members (s) of the above membership on the following grounds:

  1. By him/her
  2. When he fails to pay his debts
  3. If a member fails to pay the payment on time and continuously for 3 (three) months from the date of payment, however, a reminder (oral / written) notice will be given first by the Governing Body / any person authorized to pay the registration fee before terminating his or her membership. court.
  4. If a member acts contrary to the objectives of the Association or disregards the Rules and Regulations or decisions of the Governing Body
  5. When a member submits his or her tenders
  6. If you are found to be involved in any public disputes
  7. If convicted by any court of a criminal offense
  8. If he is convicted by the Governing Body of using propaganda against the purposes and objects of
  9. If a member fails to attend three consecutive meetings without obtaining appropriate relations with the Association.


  1. The reason for termination/termination of membership of the Association shall be notified to the member concerned in writing.
  2. A member who is expelled from membership of the Association shall not be entitled to enjoy the ‘Rights and Rights’ referred to in section 8 of these Rules.

Re-Admission and Appeal

Each completed member will have the right to appeal to the Governing Body for approval and a decision of the Governing Body will be final.

Rights and Privileges of the Governing Members.

Every Member shall have the following rights and privileges of the Society;

  1. Have one vote for each meeting
  2. To vote in the election of the Governing Body and to hold office on the Governing Body if any
  3. Each member, spouse, dependent children, parents, and the guest can use the facilities provided by the PUBLIC to pay the fee/fee as set by the Governing Body
  4. Participating in Seminars, Meetings, Speeches, Discussions, Conferences, cultural and/or religious activities, visits, and other official COMMUNITY gatherings if you wish to by the Church
  5. You have the right to collect an Identity Card after depositing the prescribed amount (set by the Governing Body).

What are the Duties of Members?

All members of the Association must: –

  1. Maintain a pledge of allegiance and loyalty to the Organization and/or to it
  2. Select a Governing Body for
  3. Attend General Body meetings regularly.
  4. Provide the necessary information to the Association relating to any matter required to be known by the Association.
  5. Non-participation in activities that discriminate against the Objectives and Objectives and/or Rules and Regulations of the Organization.

What are General Bodies?

  1. The Constitution of the General Body: All members of the Association shall form the ‘NORMAL BODY’ of the Association.
  2. Meetings
    1. General Body meetings shall be held at least once
    2. An emergency meeting of the General Assembly may be held at any time as required by the Authority
  3. Meeting Place: The time, date, and location of the meeting will be determined by the Governing Body and will be notified to all members of the Society’s list of notices within 15 days and the emergency meeting may be called a three-day notice.
  4. Quorum: The quorum for meetings of the General Body shall be 2/3 of the members on the list of the Association. If no quorum is required for any meeting, the meeting shall be adjourned for several days as determined by the members present and no quorum shall be required for the meeting to be reconvened after the adjournment. However, the meeting cannot be postponed for more than 7 days.
  5. Business to be done: Subsequent business meetings may be held at General Body meetings, as provided by the Governing Body.
    1. To elect the President, the Secretary, the Treasurer, and the members of the Governing Body.
    2. Adopting annual plans and policies
    3. To approve the annual PUBLIC budget.
    4. To discuss and decide on all other matters, matters and issues directly and/or and/or indirectly with the

What are Governing Body?

The administration and management of the affairs of the Organization or the administration and oversight of the activities of the Organization and all its assets of any kind or nature shall be in the hands of the Governing Body.

  1. Strength: The powers of the Governing Body (including office bearers and members of the administration) shall not be less than 7 (seven) and shall not exceed 21 (twenty-one).
  2. Composition: The composition of the Governing Body will be as follows: –
  3. Term: The term of any Governing Body shall be three years.
  4.  Notice: A detailed 15-day notice will be required at a meeting of the Governing Body compiling an agenda that sets out the date, time, place, and type of business that will be discussed at the Governing Body meeting.
  5. Quorum: The quorum for each meeting of the Governing Body shall be 2/3 of the total power of the Governing Body (including office bearers and senior members) If no quorum is required for any meeting, the meeting shall be adjourned for several days as determined by the members present and no quorum shall be required for the meeting to be reconvened after the adjournment. However, the meeting cannot be postponed for more than 7 days.
  6. Meetings: Meetings of the Governing Body will be held once every three months (or at a time when the Governing Body of the Society may decide from time to time).
  7. Emergency Meetings: An Emergency Meeting of the Governing Body may be called by 24-hour notice but the same number must be 2/3 of the total power of the Governing Body of the Organization.
  8. Meeting Place: The time, date, and venue of the meeting will be determined by the Secretary-General / Secretary in consultation with the President and will be communicated to all members of the Governing Body by notice within seven days.
  9. Filling Vacancies: If there is a vacancy the President in consultation with the Secretary-General / Secretary may fill the vacancies (s) by the appointment of members of the Association for the remainder of the term of the Governing Body.
  10. Duties and Functions of the Governing Body
    1. The Governing Body is responsible for the administration and management of public affairs. The Governing Body is authorized to appoint any member to oversee any matter/activity/institution or public property.
    2. All decisions shall be made by a majority vote of office bearers and senior members
    3. Any person/persons, member/members, member/members, or office bearer/office bearers (authorized by the Governing Body) shall enter into all agreements and contracts and sign bonds and receipts or legal documents
    4. The Governing Body shall have all the powers, such as the public power specified in the Memorandum of the Organization and these By-Laws &
    5. The Governing Body will also have the following powers;
      1. To prepare programs and programs to promote the goals and objectives of the community.
      2. Acceptance of keeping and keeping funds/assets moving or not moving with the same administration
      3. Appoint, manage and eliminate employees who may be required to effectively and efficiently manage public affairs. The Governing Body will appoint an Electoral Officer to complete the election process.
      4. Financial planning, if required by the Bank, banks, institutions (or/or) Each following the relevant terms and conditions and the Governing Body as a whole is responsible for repaying it.
      5. Publishing books and disseminating a public outreach program, which is concerned with promoting/achieving the goals and objectives of
      6. Accepting donations, charities, grants, grants, etc. For members, the community, other organizations, agencies, and government. and/or Semi Govt. Doors. To appoint a steering committee of any public school or to nominate any committee or subcommittee of any member of the public or above.

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