Coimbatore Property Tax Calculator, How To Pay Offline and Online, Water Tax

Coimbatore Property Tax | Calculator, How To Pay Offline and Online?, Water Tax

Coimbatore Property Tax: The Coimbatore City Municipal Corporation (CCMC), the civic organisation that oversees the city of Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu, relies heavily on property tax. The CCMC offers a variety of services to its people through its official website, including a straightforward property tax payment method.

Property owners must pay the local body the property tax, whether they own a residential or commercial property. The corporation collects the tax twice a year, on a half-yearly basis. The many facets of Coimbatore property tax payment are discussed in this article.

This article guides you about the Coimbatore Property Tax assessment number, Coimbatore Corporation Water Tax online payment methods, and how to find out the Coimbatore property tax due date.

Coimbatore Property Tax Online

Property tax

The residents of Coimbatore now have access to both online and physical services. However, if the option is available, we advocate paying all forms of taxes online. We also provide a simple method of making a payment online. The Coimbatore City Municipal Corporation covers an area of around 246.75 km2 (95.27 sq mi). What is the name of the large area in Tamil Nadu? You can, however, pay your House Tax online by following the steps below.

Water tax

Water is a requirement of life, thus paying the Coimbatore City Municipal Corporation water fee on time is critical. The official web has a payment option for CCMC water bills. To pay your owing Water Tax online, use the direct link provided below. After property tax, water tax is one of the most important sources of revenue for CCMC. As a result, you should pay your water tax as soon as feasible. You may pay your water bill by going to the official website of the Coimbatore City Municipal Corporation.

Property Tax Calculator

Coimbatore City Municipal Corporation (CCMC) Property Tax Payment Guide – Every year, owners of residential properties in Coimbatore must pay House Tax to the Coimbatore City Municipal Corporation (CCMC). Property tax money are used by the municipality to support important civic infrastructure and services.

Citizens can utilise the CCMC portal’s online tax calculator to calculate their property taxes. The property tax rate is determined by a number of criteria, including the property’s location, age, and kind. It’s crucial to figure out the plinth area (PA), which is the entire built-up area that includes covered spaces like balconies and garages, for tax purposes.

If the property is self-occupied, the current market rent per square foot for similar properties in the region is evaluated before the property tax is calculated. If the property is rented, the monthly rental value (MRV) mentioned in the rental agreement must be taken into account.

The following are the many factors used to compute property tax in Coimbatore:

  • Area of the building’s plinth
  • Building areas that have been approved and those that have not been approved
  • Monthly Rental Value/Rent per square foot (MRV)
  • Whether it’s a household or business structure,
  • Utilization of the structure (per sq ft)
  • Location of the property
  • The property’s age
  • Ward of the Municipality
  • Per-square-foot rate
  • Depreciation

The rate per square foot (decided by the zone in which the property is located) and depreciation are calculated using data from the CCMC website.

How to pay property tax online

If you own a home in the city, you may pay your house tax by following the steps below:

Step 1: Go to the website of the CCMC. Scroll down to the Online Tax Payment option and click on ‘Pay Your Tax Online.’

Step 2: You will be taken to the appropriate district’s online site in Tamil Nadu,

You may pay your Coimbatore property tax online by clicking the ‘Quick Payment’ tab on the front page. Select ‘Property Tax’ from the drop-down menu.

On the following page, fill in the relevant information, such as the assessment number and the previous assessment number, to continue.

Step 3: Log in to the website with your registered cellphone number or email address and password if you are a registered user. If you are a first-time visitor to the site, click on ‘New User Registration.’ Complete the form and click the ‘Submit’ button.

Step 4: After logging into the website, select the ‘Make Payment’ option from the drop-down menu.

Step 5: On the next screen, fill in information such as the assessment number and the previous assessment number. To learn more about the property, go to ‘Search.’

Step 6: Double-check the information. Select ‘Submit’ from the drop-down menu.

Step 7: On the next screen, fill out the captcha and click ‘Confirm.’

Step 8: Select your desired payment gateway choice on the payment screen, such as net banking, credit card, debit card, or UPI. To continue, click ‘Make Payment.’

Step 9: The transaction will be confirmed, and the receipt number will be shown on the website. Take a photo of the receipt or print it off for future reference.

How to pay property tax offline

Citizens in Coimbatore can pay their property taxes in person at the Coimbatore City Municipal Corporation’s office. They can also make payments at e-Seva centres and licenced banks. The property tax invoice for the payment period will be sent to the property owners.

They must complete the self-assessment form and make payment at the appropriate counter.

How to change the name in property tax online

Citizens can apply for name changes on their property taxes using the CCMC site. An application, along with the necessary documentation, must be sent to the corporation. Application forms are available at the ward offices’ information centres.

Documents Required for Property Tax Name Change

  • The essential ownership documentation
  • In the case that the former owner dies, a legal heirship certificate is issued.
  • In the case that the prior owner passes away, a death certificate will be issued.
  • a copy of the most recent tax payment receipt

Takeaways from this article

  • What is the procedure for obtaining a copy of the Coimbatore Property Tax Receipt?

As described in this post, the Coimbatore Property Tax receipt may be obtained after making an online payment on the CCMC official webpage. The receipt is available for download and printing.

  • What is the deadline for paying property taxes in Coimbatore?

Property tax payments in Coimbatore are typically due on March 31 and September 31 of each year.

The city of Coimbatore has a population of 1,050,721 people, and everyone needs to leave their lives in a comfortable manner. As a result, individuals must pay taxes each year since the government will charge them more money if they do not pay by the due date.

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