Central Bank of India Personal Loan | Eligibility, EMI Calculator, Elements, Factors, Documents Required

Central Bank of India Personal Loan: A personal loan can be an amazing option if you need a quick influx of money to pay for vital costs. The interest rates for personal loans are more commonly decreased than those of credit cards, particularly if you have a superb credit score. Hence personal loans are a great option for anyone who wants a bit of extra money for whatever reason.

The central bank of India is very famous and is trusted all over the nation. If you are applying for a personal loan, you can even see the EMI on the Central bank of India EMI calculator. The Central bank of India’s loan interest rate is also quite affordable. The Central bank personal loan eligibility criteria are also quite easy. Hence, feel free to choose the central bank of India as your preferred bank when it comes to Personal Loans.

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Central Bank of India

Central Bank of India Overview

The central bank of India gives private loans to meet your prices along with marriages, maintenance of houses, etc. The borrower will provide installments in opposition to the loan taken. If you are willing to use the important banks for a personal loan, you will be glad to know that this is easy to apply.

The manner is straightforward, easy, and rapid, and lots of choices are available, however, it’s far more important to recognize approximately the criteria, Documentation.

Central Bank of India Features

When you are thinking about applying for personal loans, one of the most necessary consents is the interest rate. The Central bank of India has an easy scheme for its Rate of interest.


(REPO RATE 4.00%)

  • Low category: REPO + 5.85% + 0.00% = 9.85%
  • Medium category: REPO + 5.855 + 0.200% = 10.05

The central bank of India also has a separate fee for Documentation which is,

  • Loan up to 2 lakh is Rs.270 +GST
  • Loan more than 2 lakh is Rs.450 + GST

Central Bank of India Personal Loan Eligibility Criteria

To be qualified for a personal loan in a Central bank in India, the following criteria must be met.

The candidate must be

  • Permanent Railway Employees (1-year work experience)
  • Government institutions (1-year work experience)
  • Central and State Government schools (1-year work experience)
  • Hospitals (1-year work experience)
  • Municipal institutions (1-year work experience)
  • Permanent employees of Multinational or Indian companies ( 3 years of work service)

Central Bank of India Personal Loan Features

The main purpose of the central bank personal loan is to help the candidates in their personal and domestic needs. They charge processing fees for personal loans, which is only 1.00% of the loan amount. The repayment structure is so divided that the total loan amount will have to be repaid in installments of 48 months.

Types of Personal Loan offered by the Central Bank of India

The types of personal loans offered by the Central Bank Of India are only one known as the Cent Personal Loan.

Takeaways from the Article

  • The main takeaways from this article are,
  • The name of the personal loan of the central bank of India is Cent Personal loan.
  • A processing fee of 1.00% is charged.
  • The loan package consists of repayment within 48 installments
  • They also have a small amount of documentation fees, which is a loan more than 2 lakh is Rs.450 + GST and loan up to 2 lakh is Rs.270 +GST.

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