CA Inter Audit MCQ Chapter Wise Pdf

CA Inter Audit MCQ Chapter Wise Pdf – Audit MCQ CA Inter

Are you curious about clearing CA Inter Auditing & Assurance Exam on the first attempt? This, this CA Inter Audit MCQ PDF might help you. Prepare all the topics by referring chapter wise CA Inter Auditing Objective Questions. Download the MCQ questions of CA Inter Audit for free of cost using the quick links given here.

All the answers to the multiple-choice questions are given by the subject experts. Students can click on the links and begin the exam preparation.

CA Inter Audit MCQ Pdf – CA Inter Auditing and Assurance MCQ Chapter Wise

CA Inter Auditing Chapter Wise MCQ includes questions from all important concepts such as Audit Strategy, Audit Planning and Audit Programme, Nature, Audit Report, Audit Documentation and Audit Evidence, Risk Assessment and Internal Control, Fraud and Responsibilities of the Auditor, Audit in an Automated Environment, Audit Sampling, Audit of Items of Financial Statements, and so on.

Access the chapter-wise Inter CA Auditing MCQ using the quick links listed here. All you need to do is tap on the links and download them.

CA Inter Auditing and Assurance MCQ

Download CA Inter Study Material PDF here. The study material is also given as per the latest syllabus provided by ICAI. We are advising students to prepare by taking the help of notes and study material to score best marks easily.

Importance of CA Inter Audit MCQ

There are a lot of benefits to having the previous multiple-choice questions. For your reference, we have given some of them about solving CA Inter Auditing Objective Type Questions. They are along the lines:

  • CA Inter Audit Multiple Choice Questions and Answers provided helps you to expand your thinking ability as well as subject knowledge.
  • Auditing MCQs also helps to test the preparation level and learning capabilities.
  • The diverse Opportunities and Engaging Activities given make it easy for a student to learn the auditing paper in a fun way.
  • Auditing and Assurance CA Inter MCQs are prepared by subject experts according to the latest syllabus.
  • Enhances your speed and accuracy in the final exams thereby helping you to attain better scores.

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FAQs on CA Inter Auditing & Assurance Objective Questions

1. Is there MCQ in CA Inter Audit?

Yes, there is MCQ in the CA Inter Audit paper. The exam will have 4 papers with 30 marks for multiple choice questions out of 100 marks.

2. Which papers have MCQ in CA Intermediate?

Paper 2, Paper 4, Paper 6, and Paper 7 are the papers from which you will get the MCQ questions in the CA Intermediate exam.

3. Is audit difficult in CA Inter?

Yes, auditing is recognised as the most difficult subject in CA inter. It is the most complicated subject as students cannot study this on their own.

4. How to score 60 in the CA Inter audit?

To score more than 60 in the CA Inter Auditing exam, follow these lines:

  • Do not replace keywords: You can write answers in your won style but the keywords should not be replaced.
  • Quote section and SA Number: ICAI asks you to write the SA number and quote section number.
  • End your answer with an appropriate conclusion: Always give a conclusion to your answers.
  • Proper Presentation: Writing the correct answer is not sufficient because presentation also plays a major role in scoring the best marks.
  • Support your reading with charts: Consider doing revisions with support charts or short notes.
  • Revision: It is important for completing the course.
  • Consider PM and RTP: Go through the proper study materials, and practice manuals provided by ICAI.
  • Practice MTP: Try to solve MTP or previous papers.
  • Zeroinfy: Check the exam pattern from zeroinfy and follow it.


Hoping that the details enclosed here regarding CA Inter Audit MCQ PDF Download are helpful for us. Students can download the CA Inter Audit Chapter Wise Multiple Choice Questions for free and prepare well. Get in touch with our site to know more related articles.

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