CA Foundation BCK MCQ Questions PDF | Business and Commercial Knowledge MCQs Pdf

CA Foundation BCK MCQ Questions: CA is the toughest exam in India. And scoring good marks in chartered accounts is very tough. You cannot get a good score if you don’t have good preparation. If you are one who applied for the CA foundation exam and trying to study well then this article works for you. You can download CA Foundation BCK MCQ Questions PDF, and study materials notes chapter-wise easily here and all these are taken from the ICAI website.

If you look into this article, we have provided you with detailed information on MCQs Chapter wise, And chapter-wise study materials of BCK CA foundation along with some tips, weightage of marks, etc. Start scrolling and start reading!!!

BCK CA Foundation MCQ Questions PDF | CA Foundation Business and Commercial Knowledge MCQs PDF

When it comes to studying CA Foundation it is mandatory to score good marks to promote to the next level. For scoring good marks you need the best preparation plan. Practicing makes the person ordinary to extraordinary. To make everything easy for you we have provided you with PDFs, study materials, notes, and MCQs along with answers. And these MCAs and study materials all are provided with the content taken by ICAI.

Try to spend more time practicing MCQs chapter-wise as we have more weightage. Look into the below sections to download the PDF chapter-wise.

CA Foundation BCK MCQ Questions and Answers | Business and Commercial Knowledge MCQ PDF

Here if you see below we have given MCQ questions along with answers in PDF for BCK CA foundation. Practicing MCQs more is a very good thing as it has high weightage in the paper. Even you can check the below chapter-wise weightage score. All these are provided for you by taking the ICAI website as a reference. So happily download the MCQs, practice, and score good marks.

CA Foundation BCK Notes Pdf Study Material | CA Foundation BCK Chapter Wise Questions

Below we have provided you with chapter-wise BCK CA foundation PDF study material that can be downloaded free of charge. And all this information was taken from the ICAI official website, which we have provided here to help you with easy access.

Because not all of us know the process to download study material from the official website even if you know the process there may be times when servers may be low. Even checkout below as we will provide you with the simple steps to download study material from the ICAI. By downloading these notes you can learn easily and can score well in the exams.

As we all know that practice makes a man perfect, it is hundred percent helpful in CA. As we have provided you with all the study materials, MCQs, and PDFs, by reading them you don’t know how much knowledge you gained. So, here we have provided you with previous years’ question papers, once after complete your study, just take a test with these question papers. So that you will where you are lacking and what you need to prepare more.

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Business Correspondence and Reporting BCK CA Foundation Chapter Wise Weightage

Business Economics and Business and Commercial knowledge is the last subject in the CA foundation and it was included to help students apply the concept of BCK to simple problems. Check the table below to know the BCK CA Foundation Chapter wise weightage and the marks distribution. By knowing this it will be very easy for the student to prepare well for their exam and get good scores.

Chapter Name May 2018 November
May 2019 November
CA Foundation Economics MCQ with Answers (60 Marks)
1. Nature and Scope of Economics 10 10 10 10 11
2. Theory of Demand and Supply 16 12 15 8 9
3. Theory of Production and Cost 19 5 8 20 11
4. Meaning and Type of Market 13 23 16 16 17
5. Business Cycles 2 10 11 12 12
CA Foundation BCK MCQ Questions and Answers (40 Marks)
6. Introduction to Business and BCK 10 7 7 9 8
7. Business Environment 4 8 7 2 4
8. Business Organisation 9 5 7 2 5
9. Government Policies for Business Growth 4 5 7 5 7
10. Organizations Facilitating Business 6 5 6 2 6
11. Common Business Terminologies 7 10 7 14 10
Total Marks 100 100 100 100 100

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How To Prepare CA Foundation BCK MCQ?

To score good marks in the CA foundation BCK MCQ questions we are providing you with some tips and tricks to follow. Because MCQs has negative marking you need to prepare well. By following these preparation tips it will be very easy to study and score good marks.

  • Once the exam date, was released you need to check the syllabus, exam pattern, weightage of marks for each chapter everything you should check. And download all the study materials that you need.
  • After that prepare a timetable, to study according to the weightage, it may be MCAQs and notes.
  • Once after studying, practice MCQs more and more.
  • Even take model question papers and practice.
  • Concentrate on the chapters in which you have the highest weightage.

FAQs on CA Foundation BCK MCQ Questions PDF

1. Is there any negative marking in the CA foundation BCK exams?

Yes, CA foundation BCK exams have negative markings for objective papers. 1/4th mark will be deducted for every wrong answer. So practicing MCQs is very important.

2. Can I change my selected medium or study?

Yes, definitely you can change the medium of study in your exam, and it can be done when ICAI opens the correction window.

3. How many attempts are available to clear the CA foundation exam?

CA foundation students will get 6 attempts to clear the exams.

4. How many chapters are available in BCK CA foundation?

In BCK CA foundation subject we have 6 chapters.

Key Outcomes

We trust that the information provided above on CA Foundation BCK MCQ Questions PDF free download is very helpful to score good marks in your exam. And you can happily study the notes provided by us without any hesitation as the total notes were prepared by taking the official website ICAI as a reference. If you have any doubts, please comment to us below.

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