CA Foundation Accounts Notes Study Material | CA Foundation Accounts Chapter Wise Questions

CA Foundation Accounts Notes Study Material | CA Foundation Accounts Chapter Wise Questions

CA Foundation Accounts Study Material: Aspirants that are applying for the ICAI CA Foundation exam, will be studying different types of books and different types of model papers to get a good score. Institute of Chartered Accountants of India also provides some study materials, and PDF downloads of CA Foundation Accounts 2023 to help the students in their exams. You can simply go through them by downloading them free of cost. Even the applicants will get a hard copy of study materials to their address from the ICAI through couriers.

If you cannot able to see the study materials on the website or in case if you didn’t get the courier, you can check out our article, as we have provided the notes of CA Foundation Accounts same taken from the ICAI website. Follow the article, even you can learn more other information along with recommendation books.

ICAI CA Foundation Accounts Study Material Notes | Accounts CA Foundation Notes

ICAI has released the study material of CA foundation accounts 2023, for the students who applied for the ICAI CA Foundation exam. In that study material, we will have complete information on the topic. These study materials are nothing but the books Organised by ICAI. You can download these study materials from the official website of ICAI. Even you can check out below study materials for your reference and all of these are taken from the official website.

ICAI Accounts Study Material for CA Foundation | CA Foundation Accounts Notes Study Material

ICAI assists students to study well by providing subject-specific study materials. If you are unable to find the study material PDF on the official website you can check it out here below. As you can see below, we have provided you the ICAI Accounts study material of the CA foundation that was taken from the official website. Even we have provided you with some test papers.

Once you have completed all the syllabus that was provided above, you can take a test by looking at the below question papers and know how much you have prepared well.

CA Foundation Accounts Chapter Wise Weightage Syllabus: Principles and Practicing of Accounting

Knowing the CA Foundation Accounts Chapter Wise Syllabus Weightage for the students who are going to write this exam is essential. Because by knowing this they can prepare well with the chapters that have the highest weightage. Check out the below Chapter Wise Weightage for Accounts 2023 to crack your exam easily.

CA Foundation Accounts Book Pdf Chapter Name May
1. Meaning and scope of Accounting 4
2. Accounting Concepts, Principles and Con­ventions 4 2 2
3. Accounting Standards
4. Accounting Policies
5. Accounting as a Measurement discipline-Val­uation Principles, Accounting estimates
6. Capital and Revenue Expenditure 2 2 2 2 2
7. Contingent Assets and Contingent Liabilities 4 4
8. Accounting Process (Journal, Ledger, Trial Balance, Cash Book, Subsidiary Books) Basics of interpretation 7 4
9. Bank Reconciliation Statement 10 10 10 10 10
10. Bills of Exchange 5 2 10
11. Rectification of Errors 16 10 6 10 7
12. Inventory Valuation 5 5 10
13. Depreciation 6 10 4 5
14. Sale on approval basis 5 5 5
15. Final Accounts 20 11 10 15 15
16. Consignment Accounting 10 12 2 10 7
17. Partnership 12 15 12 12 12
18. Average Due Date 5 5 5 5 5
19. Account Current 7 5 2 5 5
20. Not for Profit Organisation 12 10 10 10
21. Shares 12 10 10 15 12
22. Debentures 5 5 5
23. Financial Statement of Companies 2

Best Books That are Recommended by ICAI For CA Foundation Accounts

Look into the books for CA Foundation Accounts that are recommended below taken from ICAI.

  • Company Accounts – CA K Saravanan
  • Partnership Accounts(Admission, Retirements, and Death) – CA K Saravanan
  • Account Current  – CA K Saravanan
  • Sale or Return Basis – CA K Saravanan
  • Non profit organisation – CA K Saravanan
  • Consignment  – CA K Saravanan
  • Bills of Exchange – CA K Saravanan
  • Theory(Including Capital and Revenue expenditure and receipts) – CA K Saravanan

FAQs on CA Foundation Accounts Study Material

1. How to prepare for the CA foundation accounts Exam?

Below are some of the points to consider for preparing for the CA foundation accounts exam.

  • Prepare a timetable.
  • Prepare notes while studying that will help you to revise.
  • Command over the calculator.
  • Focus on Weightage chapters.

2. Is ICAI study material enough to pass CA foundation accounts?

Yes, ICAI study material is enough to pass the CA foundation accounts exam. And if you want you can also revise many other recommended books to get a good score.

3. Can I complete the study material for CA foundations in 1 month?

Yes, you can complete the study material for CA foundations in 1 month but it will be very hectic and even you can’t remember well. So make a timetable to get time to revise 3 times at least.

4. Are CA foundation accounts exams easy?

Yes, the CA foundation accounts exam is easy if you study thoroughly from study materials, recommended books, test papers, and revision.

Key Upshots

Our team is hoping that the data that was disclosed above on CA Foundation Accounts Study Material helped you a lot in preparing for the exam to get a good score. Not only this article we have all other papers on CA at our website. Follow the website and comment with your suggestions below, definetly we will work on it. Share with your friends and help them to score good marks.

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