Best Income Tax Software for CA

Best Income Tax Software for CA | Top 5 Tax Software In India For Free

Best Income Tax Software for CA: Companies and individuals use income tax software to prepare profit and loss statements and income files for the company and individual tax returns. The income tax software handles all compliance issues. Also using the income tax software will help CAs or individuals to calculate the taxes on a real-time basis and file the income tax returns in less time. One of the advantages of using income tax software is that it notifies if any information is updated wrongly in the tool.

With a handful of Income Tax Softwares available online, one will have to carefully choose the software on which Chattered Accountants can rely. Thus to help you with that, on this page we have provided a hand-picked list of India’s Best Income Tax Software along with the features. Read on to find more.

Top 5 Income Tax Software in India for CA

  1. Clear Tax
  2. Extax
  3. CompuTax Software
  4. H&R Block
  5. Saral Tax Office

The top 5 income tax software in India along with the features are discussed below:

Clear Tax

ClearTax is software that assists you in keeping track of your tax and company reporting requirements. It is one of the top income tax software in India, and it includes a GST solution (Goods and Services Tax). This software product’s service allows you to save money on taxes by using various investment tactics.

Features or Clear Tax

  • In just a few minutes, you may e-file your tax returns.
  • This programme automatically adjusts the advance tax paid.
  • You can save time by e-filing your income tax return.
  • You can file for up to three people from the same account.
  • Cleartax chooses the appropriate ITR form for you.

Website Link: Click Here


Eztax is an online platform that assists businesses and individuals with tax planning, preparation, and savings. It simplifies the process of filing income tax returns. Both a mobile app and a web browser are available for this programme.

Features of Extax

  • You can take a picture of your Form-16 and upload it.
  • It reads Form-16 in image or PDF format automatically.
  • Eztax reduces your income tax by optimising your salary, capital gains, property, and other factors.
  • It includes a detailed Salary Survey.
  • A secure document manager is included in this income tax filing software solution.
  • It contains a tax optimizer to help you get the most out of your investment.
  • It assists you in obtaining the highest GST credit.
Price – Rs. 30 per filing
Website Link – Click Here

CompuTax Software

CompuTax is a popular software among Chartered Accountants since it simplifies the process of preparing and filing tax returns. CompuTax can also assist you to generate Balance Sheets and Profit & Loss Accounts in accordance with new Schedule VI, as well as numerous audit reports.

Features of CompuTax

  • PAN verification is simple since all data, such as PAN, TAN, NSC information, MAT credits, and so on, is automatically transferred.
  • TDS returns can be filed with little effort because all data connected to TDS returns is transferred, including advance tax, TCS, self-assessment tax from 26 AS, and so on.
  • It will handle deductions, set off losses, clubbing, carry forward losses, and so on, in addition to tax computation.

You could say it’s a comprehensive solution for Chartered Accountants, allowing them to automate their processes and reduce manual work.

Price – Rs. 4500 per year
Website Link – Click Here

H&R Block

H&R Block is an online tax preparation service. Experts provide the service, ensuring optimal tax savings. You can use this company’s services to acquire a consultation for the previous year.

Features of H&R Block:

  • It protects your papers with 128-bit SSL encryption.
  • H&R Block makes it simple to deal with tax complexities.
  • It allows customers to save time by allowing them to e-file their tax returns.
  • Users will be able to seek help with their tax returns after they have completed them.
  • It is one of the top online tax filing services in India because it provides real-time tax calculations.

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Saral Tax Office

Saral tax office software will fully automate the process of preparing returns and calculating taxes. It also has the option of submitting an ITR. It can be said that it will automate all tax-related tasks, reducing manual labour to a bare minimum.

Features of Saral Tax Office:

  • Calculation of all types of exemptions from perquisites
  • Taxation calculation
  • Calculation of all types of exemptions and allowances
  • Depreciation calculation
  • NSC interest calculation
  • Calculating capital gains using indexation, STT, and other factors
  • Calculation of special rate taxes and rebates
  • Calculation of gratuity, arrears, and relief, among other things
  • Presumptive incomes, partnership earnings, and a slew of other options are available.

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FAQ’s on Best Income Tax Software for CA

Question 1.
Which software is used by CA?

Apart from the above mentioned IT software for CAs, one of the software which is widely used is Tally. Tally is an accounting programme that is widely used. Getting a good handle on it will be quite beneficial to CA professionals.

Question 2.
Which is the best income tax software in India?

According to the sources, the best income tax return software for chartered accountants has been awarded to income tax return software – “Winman”.

Question 3.
Do I need a CA to file ITR?

It is not required to have your returns prepared by a CA or agency. If you understand all of the basic regulations and processes, you can submit all of your tax returns on your own.

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